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MOST FRUGAL CITIES came out with the list of America’s Most Frugal Cities of 2016 (ranked by printing digital coupons). There were some changes from previous years. D.C. moved to first. delivered more than 2.4 billion digital coupons in 2016. Three cities fell off the list this year completely: Denver, Columbus and Las Vegas. Cleveland was 6th in 2015 and 8th in 2014.

25 Most Frugal Cities:
1) Washington, D.C.
2) Orlando
3) Charlotte
4) Raleigh
5) Dallas
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9) Virginia Beach
10) Atlanta
11) Philadelphia, PA
12) Boston, MA
13) Kansas City, MO
14) Houston, TX
15) New York, NY
16) Indianapolis, IN
17) Providence, RI
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We took a trip to see the Cleveland Indians Spring Training in Arizona and Denver to visit some friends. It was a trip with many firsts. We stayed at our first AirBNB. It was our first time to Arizona for Spring Training. It was also the first time getting carded in a long time.

Our flights were free! My wife signed up for a credit card with Southwest and she received 50,000 points with Southwest for doing so. With Southwest each leg costs a certain amount of points. The whole trip was almost 25,000 points. Usually with these type of deals you have to spend $2,000 or $3,000 within a few months to get the points and that’s about it. An easy way to get free flights. Of course, having too many credit cards can pose an issue with your credit, but as long as your bills are paid on time you should be good. It’s cancelling any credit cards that can ding your credit score, so we don’t usually get rid of them unless they start charging a fee.

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Southwest Airlines Tip #1 – If you find the price of your flight goes down with Southwest you can get a credit. The best thing is that they don’t charge you extra for rebooking under a lower rate. You have a year from the date of your original date of ticket purchase to use the credit. Most airlines will charge $100 to $200 to make a change, so it isn’t worth making a change, but with Southwest it is worth it because they don’t charge a fee.

Southwest tip #2 – The first two bags are free. It’s the only airline that does it. It’s partly why we prefer to fly with them. Plus they don’t charge for carry-on luggage like some low-fare airlines such as Frontier and Spirit.

At the airport one perk that we enjoyed was having passes to the United Club. If you have their credit card or have enough points to get elite status you get access to the Club which offers free newspapers, WiFi, food, and drinks. We get two free passes each per year.

We signed up last year to get the TSA Pre-check. It allows us to get through the faster TSA pre-check line which we don’t have to take off our shoes, put a laptop into a separate bin, or get a ticklish pat-down from the TSA agent. It costs only $85 and is good for 5 years. Well worth it if you travel a lot.

The rental car started off at an expensive rate, around $230 with fees for the four days we would be there. Rates were very high because it was peak season with Spring Training and lots of car were being rented. I used to find the best deal. What’s nice about the site is that they keep checking for the best deal and will rebook you at the better rate with your approval. However; although I didn’t use them in the end they helped me get a better rate.

It happened when they found a better price for me about two weeks before our trip. They found a rate around $180 Total. I then checked to see if I could find an even better rate as they don’t check all the car rental agencies. I knew when the priced dropped for them that it would go down for other car rental agencies. When I checked for other deals I found one for only $106 total with Fox RentaCar! If it wasn’t peak season I’d probably find a deal for around $10 to $15 a day.

Budget, National, Avis, Hertz, & Alamo!

Rental Car tip – With snowbirds taking rental cars down south to Florida and Arizona the car rental agencies now have deals to get the cars back up north. Some you can find for around $8 a day with NO one way fee! See the deals above from Avis, Budget and FoxRentaCar.

Rental Car tip #2 – Take pictures of your car rental before and after your rental. Not because you want everyone to see your fine Corolla you rented so that you can post it on Facebook. It’s so that way if they blame you for any scratches or dents you have proof it wasn’t caused by you. Always be sure to indicate any scratches and dents on the rental form to protect you from getting charged for them.

We ended up with a Prius which was great because for the whole trip I used $10.90 in gas.

When I started looking for hotels in Arizona most of the hotels were $200 or more a night. Reason being, it was peak season with Spring Training going on all across the Phoenix area. I kept looking to find a decent hotel for a good price, but I wasn’t finding much. So I resorted to Plan B. I decided to look to stay in a total stranger’s home!

The site I used was AirBNB. It’s been around awhile and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, so I thought I’d give it a chance. It’s where people put up rooms in their home for a much better price than what you’d find at an area hotel. And boy, did I get a great deal.

When I checked for places to stay I wanted to find someplace with a pool and where the property and owners were rated high. I found one that had both and they were rated 5 out of 5 in all the categories which isn’t always the case. The best part was that it was only $49 a night. You can find stays for around $20 a night, but they may be sketchy. It gets better though.

Before I booked the property I signed up with AirBNB. You have to set up a profile. Part of the reason is that the guests are also rated! Yep, the owner rates you too. That way they know if you’re riff-raff or not.

There is a lot of trust involved. You have access to a person’s home and they may not always be there. They also have access to your room. We had to make sure the front door was locked when we left and came back to the house.

When you first sign up you can get a discount for your first booking. The discount we got was $35 off! In essence, it paid for any taxes and fees making the room just $45 a night. Spectacular deal since the house was very nice. The owners were great too. They didn’t ask if I wanted a creepy massage and I didn’t ask them if they wanted one either. So we both rated each other high.

They have three young daughters so they are renting the room to make ends meet. Very trusting of them to have their kids there with complete strangers. As it was we were always out and about so we didn’t spend much time in the home.

They said they’ve had guests that stay for a month. Seems odd to have guests stay that long. They said they got to know them well enough that they had dinners together. Usually you try to keep out of each others hair.

The bed and pillows were as soft as marshmallows. They may have tasted like them too, but I wasn’t that hungry.


The Cleveland Indians train in Goodyear which is in the Southwest side of Phoenix. It’s not as developed as other areas. There is a big airport next door with planes that are being fixed or gutted and sold for parts.

The Cincinnati Reds also share Goodyear stadium with the Cleveland Indians. They have their own set of practice fields near where the Indians practice.


Sicnarf! (Francis spelled backward – his Father’s name)

Since we hosted a Lake County Captains player, Sicnarf Loopstock, he was able to get us passes to the practice complex. It gave us access to be elbow to elbow with all the players. I’d say there were around 150 players there from all their minor league teams along with the Indians.

I asked our host player, Sicnarf Loopstock if I could pinch hit or pinch run. I figured the coaches there would see some hidden talent in me and ask me to stay. Good thing he gets my sense of humor. He’s got this Santa Claus-like belly laugh and he laughs at pretty much everything I say which is quite normal for most humans.

The one thing that apparently they must train all players to do is to spit … and a lot. I mean a lot. It’s like they are timing their spits to an iambic pentameter. Spit. Count five seconds. Spit. And it’s usually not like a little loogie. It’s a full spray sometimes. I don’t think they need to water the grass on the fields because there is so much spittle being lobbed onto the ground. Yes, gross. If there was a spot of grass growing much better than other areas it may be because the player playing there needs to get tested for performance enhancing drugs.

Travis Hafner was there as a coach. We shook hands with Tom Hamilton, the radio voice of the Tribe. We bumped into Carlos Santana who was getting back from the World Baseball Classic – the international baseball playoffs. U.S. won! Yay!

One thing that can’t be done with the pass is ask players for autographs. They are there to train and they don’t need fans bothering them.





If you do go to Spring Training you can try getting tickets from Groupon. They offer them at a discount for some teams.

We used gift certificates for most of our meals. Most of the deals are $10 off a $20 purchase or $25 off $50. The cost is minimal, usually $2 to $5 for a $25 certificate after using a promo code (I post the codes on my site).


Scottsdale’s Old Town – cool town in Arizona.

We went to Denver to visit friends. Just as in Phoenix we were amazed at how much the homes cost. Homes for the most part cost triple the amount they do in Cleveland. A bungalow you can find in Cleveland costing $150,000 would cost $450,000 in those cities. In desirable areas it’s even worse. A 2 bedroom, 1 bath house can cost around $350,000!

Another big difference is the traffic is bad even during non-rush hour times. A six mile ride downtown can take 35 minutes on a good day.

One reason traffic is better in Cleveland is that when the city had 1 million people the infrastructure was already built for a large population. Now with around 400,000 residents the city can deal with traffic better than cities that grew quickly, mostly in the South and West.

We grabbed some “Scene” magazines in the cities we visited to find some deals and happy hours. We found some coupons for restaurants in them too.


Overlooking Golden.

We hiked in Boulder and Golden. Golden is where Coors is headquartered and brewed. Boulder is where Mork from Ork was based. If you don’t know the show you are too young. It was a show with Robin Williams, Pam Dawber and Jonathan Winters in it. Whereas humans are delivered by storks, he was an alien that came from space in an egg. His catchphrase was “Nano Nano”. It meant like “Aloha”, but for aliens.


Denver has tons of restaurants and bars. Lots of hipster areas, including LoDo (Lower Downtown), RiNo (River North), and Highlands. Lots of bikepaths. It’s a very environmental town that is serious about it’s nature and recreation.

Lots of marijuana stores. Yep, the state passed a law to allow marijuana sales. Lots of the street magazines (similar to Scene magazine) had ads for it in the back of them. You could tell by it’s distinctive smell which residents partake in it. Not for me, but to each their own.


Downtown Denver

We stopped at a winery in Boulder. Most of the wineries are in Grand Junction which is on the other side of the mountains from Denver. At the winery the lady doing tastings said something about the couple we were with being with their parents, that being us! Ugh. Yes, the couple we were with were around 30, but man, you just don’t say anything to strangers about their age or weight or even politics. She talked like she was high or drunk or both, so we just shook it off. Funny thing is that we went to another restaurant and they carded us! I felt like a 21 year-old all over again.

One thing very noticeable was the taste of water. In Denver the water tasted very good. In Arizona it tasted like like drool (hmm, I just made a connection as to why).

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Blackberries – $1.50
Dannon Yogurt – .50
Green Peppers or Cucumbers – .50

Big Bus Miami

Sale through Wednesday.
wyb = when you buy
Earn .20 in Fuelperks with every $50 spent on Kohl’s gift cards!
EAdvantage Offer: Pringles 4.9 to 5.96 oz., selected varieties. – 69¢ Limit 1.

Gain Flings 16 ct – .99 wyb 5 and $3/3 coupon

Hormel Rev Wrap, 3 oz – .49 wyb 2 and two $1 coupons found at and Mobisave Reward

Gain Fabric Softener 41 oz, Beads 9.7 oz or Softener Sheets 105 ct – .99 wyb 5 and $3/3 coupon found at

Tide Pods 15 or 20 ct – $1.99 wyb 5 and $3/3 coupon

Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, 10 oz – .79 after .75 coupon found at
Mrs T’s Pierogies 10.5-16 oz – $1 after $1 coupon

Colgate toothpaste 6-6.4 oz – FREE after $1 coupon found at and Mobisave Reward

Noosa Yogurt 8 oz – .90 after .55 coupon found at

Gillette Premium Deodorant 2.6-6 oz – $2 after $2 coupon found at

Eight O Clock Coffee 10-12 oz – $2.84 after $1 coupon

Carrs Crackers 4.25-13. oz – $1.50 after $1 coupon

Swiffer Duster Kits select – $2.49 wyb 5 and five $1 coupons found at

Land O Lakes Butter Quarters 1 lb – $2.89

Each week get a deal, incuding freebies, through their eAdvantage program. Sometimes they also offer a eAdvantage deal only good at GetGo gas stations. Register at

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Starkist Tuna can – .59
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Barilla Pasta – .80 after $1/4 coupon
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Oranges – 8 lb – $4.99
Baby Carrots – .99
Scuni Products – BOGO

GUM Toothbrush 2 pack – .49 after $1/2 coupon
REACH toothbrush – .99

Sure or Brut Deodorant – .50 after $1 coupon
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All-Inclusive Sandals Resorts - For Two People In Love

Sale through Saturday.
Limits of 2 or more on some deals.
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THey a clearancing items up to 75% off.
Seniors save 20% on Wed, 4/5 from 10 am to 2 pm
Trident Gum Single Pack – .12 PROFIT wyb 4 and after $1.59/3 coupon and Ibotta Reward

Sally Hansen Extreme Nail Polish – .25 PROFIT wyb 2 and after $5 Plenti Points Reward

Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo or Conditioner 12.5 oz – .50 after $2 Plenti Points Reward wyb 2 and two $2 coupons

Gillette CustomPlus3 Disposable Razors 4 ct – $2.99 after $3 coupon PLUS spend $30 on select PG items and get $10 Plenti Points Reward

Irish Spring Body Wash 18 oz – .99 after $2 in-ad coupon and $1 coupon

Puffs Plus facial tissue cube – .74 after .25 coupon found at PLUS spend $30 on select PG items and get $10 Plenti Points Reward

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor – $4.99 after $3 coupon PLUS spend $30 on select PG items and get $10 Plenti Points Reward

Schick Xtreme 3 Disposable Razors 4 ct – $2.24 after $8 Plenti Points Reward wyb 4 and two $5/2 coupons found at

Old Spice Deodorant 3.25 oz – $2 after two $1 coupons PLUS spend $30 on select PG items and get $10 Plenti Points Reward

Pepcid 25 ct – $6.99 after $2 in-ad coupon and $3 coupon found at PLUS spend $30 on select Johnson & Johnson products and get $10 Plenti Points Reward

Poise Pads 27-66 ct – $3.99 after $3 coupon and $5 Ibotta Reward

Bounty Basic Paper Towels single roll – .74 after .25 coupon found at PLUS spend $30 on select PG items and get $10 Plenti Points Reward

Centrum 130 ct, Silver 65-80 ct, Gummies 70 ct or Liquid 8 oz or Vitamints 60 ct – $2.99 after $4 coupon found at

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Irish Spring Bar Soap 6 pack – $1.49 after $2 in-ad coupon and .50 coupon

Softsoap Body Wash 15 oz – $1.24 after $2 in-ad coupon and .75 coupon found at

Bengay 2 oz – $3.87 wyb 2 and two $1 coupons found at PLUS spend $30 on select Johnson & Johnson products and get $10 Plenti Points Reward

Neosporin .5 oz – $3.87 wyb 2 and two $1 coupons found at PLUS spend $30 on select Johnson & Johnson products and get $10 Plenti Points Reward

Degree Dry Protection 2.7 oz Deodorant – $1.34 wyb 2 and after $2 Plenti Points Reward two .50 coupons

Plenti Points is a savings program that allows you to earn points from Plenti partners in-store and online. Partners include Macy’s, Hulu, AT&T, Mobil, Nationwide, Direct Energy, and Exxon. Visit to learn more about how Plenti works with each partner. It’s mot much different than Walgreen’s Balance Rewards program. Read more about the program at

Through wellness+ with Plenti, customers can use one card and earn two kinds of points. Sign up at
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•Members will be able to earn Plenti points whenever they make qualifying purchases at Rite Aid and other Plenti partners. Plenti points can be used for up to two years at Rite Aid and at certain other Plenti partners.

Members with 0 – 499 points will be Bronze status and earn (1) 10% off one-time shopping pass with every 100 wellness+ points earned until they reach 499 points. With 500 wellness+ points, members earn Silver status and qualify for 10% off nearly the entire Rite Aid store for a year. And with 1,000 wellness+ points, members earn Gold status and qualify for 20% off nearly the entire Rite Aid store for a year.

Wellness+ points are points earned toward Bronze, Silver and Gold status discounts exclusively at Rite Aid. Members can earn one wellness+ point for one dollar spent on eligible front-end purchases and up to 25 wellness+ points for every eligible prescription.

In addition to exclusive members-only sale pricing and earning points toward savings of up to 20% storewide, wellness+ with Plenti members will enjoy the following wellness+ benefits:
•24/7 access to a Rite Aid Pharmacist
•Exclusive money-saving offers and information by email.
•The option to load coupons direct to card.
•Members will continue to earn: •1 wellness+ point for one dollar spent on eligible purchases they make at Rite Aid when they scan their new Plenti card at the register.
•25 wellness+ points for every non-government funded prescription purchased when using your Plenti card
•And 1 wellness+ point for every dollar spent on copays (not to exceed 25 points per prescription) for government-funded prescriptions.

Wellness+ points will continue to reset at the end of each year, but all earned Silver and Gold status discounts remain active through the end of the next calendar year.

$3.50 Off 10+ With Code 888308 3/30- 4/3

25% Off $50+ With Code 888663 4/16-4/17

$5 Off $25 With Code 888305 4/24-4/26

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Dole Shredded Lettuce or Cole Slaw Bag – .99

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Lemons, Limes, and Kiwi – 3/.33
Idaho Potatoes and 3 lb Yellow Onions – .99
Hungarian Hot and Sweet Cubanelle Peppers – .99/lb
Zuchinni & Yellow Squash – .99/lb
Honeycrisp Apples – .99/lb
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Irish Spring Body Wash 15 or 18 oz – .67 PROFIT after 5,000 Balance Points Reward wyb 2 and two $1 coupons and Beauty Enthusiast reward

Softsoap Body Wash 15 or 18 oz or Refill – .42 PROFIT after 5,000 Balance Points Reward wyb 2 and two .75 coupons found at and Beauty Enthusiast reward

Irish Spring Soap 6 ct – .17 PROFIT after 5,000 Balance Points Reward wyb 2 and two .50 coupons and Beauty Enthusiast reward

Axe Deodorant – .12 after 5,000 Balance Points Reward wyb 4 and found $1.25 coupons and Beauty Enthusiast reward and Ibotta Reward

Degree Dry Spray 3.8 oz – .32 after 5,000 Balance Points Reward wyb 4 and four $2 coupons and Beauty Enthusiast reward

Zantac Duo Fusion 20 ct – .94 after $4 Walgreens April Savings Booklet coupon and $4 coupon

Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste 5.8 oz – .37 after 5,000 Balance Points Reward and $1 coupon and Beauty Enthusiast reward

Colgate Optic White Rinse 16 oz – .62 after 5,000 Balance Points Reward wyb 2 and two $1 coupons and Beauty Enthusiast reward

Cerave Ointment 2 pk – .81 wyb 2 and two $4 coupons and Everyday and Beauty Enthusiast reward

Rimmel Lip Liner Pencil – .58 after $1.50 coupon and Beauty Enthusiast reward

Dove Mens Deodorant 3 oz – .87 after 5,000 Balance Points Reward wyb 4 and four $1 coupons and Beauty Enthusiast reward

One A Day Vitamins 60 ct – $1.62 wyb 2 and after two $2 coupons and $3/2 Walgreens April Savings Booklet coupon

New Customers: EXTRA 15% Off $50+ w/ code 15WELCOME
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White Oaks Restaurant
Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant

Rubin’s Restaurant / Arabica
Montrose Bar & Grill located inside Holiday Inn
Spats Cafe
Kosta & Vic’s Family Restaurant
Saffron Patch

The Cutting Board

Cafe Tandoor
Firehouse Grille & Pub

Ya Hala Bakery & Grill
Gandalf’s Pub & Restaurant
Bodega Restaurant
Taste Restaurant
Q70 Grille

Becky’s Bistro
Wilson’s Hot Tamales

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The Black Iron Grille – 7291 State Route 43 in Franklin Township
Slyman’s – in the old Red Robin in Beachwood
Gormley’s Pub – 19500 Center Ridge Road, Rocky River
2nd & High Social House – 2123 East Second St in Cleveland
Benny Vino Urban Winery – 834 South County Line Road in Harpersfield
Vineyard Woods – 740 Route 534 – suites and cottages
Burlington Stores – South Euclid at Oakwood Commons – 1960 Warrensville Center Road
Great Clips – West Market Street Station in Akron
PetPeople – West Market Street Station in Akron
Fiona’s Coffee Bar & Bakery – Downtown Willoughby in the old Arabica’s
Bad Tom Smith Brewing’s Taproom – 1836 W. 25th Street in Cleveland
Poison Berry Bakery – 12210 Larchmere Blvd in Cleveland
Gray House Pies – Larchmere Blvd in Cleveland
Rood Food & Pie – 17001 Madison Ave in Lakewood
Big Lots – 6235 Wilson Mills Road in Highland Heights next to Kohls

GameStop – closing up to 190 stores
Dynomite Burgers and Sushi – Uptown in University Circle
FX Fitness – Pine Ridge Plaza Shopping Center at 5880 SOM Center in Willoughby
Payless Shoe Source – allegedly planning to close up to 500 stores and also declare bankruptcy
Ten Thousand Villages – Fair trade store at 12425 Cedar Road in Cleveland Heights
Gamekeepers – Chagrin Falls


Listen at 7:18 AM on Wednesdays to WINT 1330 AM as I go over the deals of the week on the Wake Up Show with Steve and Linda. Also listen simulcast on 101.5 FM! Go to to listen to old podcasts or to listen live.

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