I was in a weight loss contest at work. I had those 5 to 10 pounds that I wanted to get rid of, but was harder to get rid of as I get older. The contest was 10 weeks long and it ended the other week.

One of the toughest things about the contest – this year and last year – was that we went on vacations just before the last weigh-in. Last year it was London and Paris. This year it was New York. So while in New York I ate a lot of fish and didn’t go overboard eating or drinking. I walked a ton just like last year. I also bench-pressed strangers. When I got the munchies I’d lick some pigeons. For some reason the pigeons with a smattering of gray patterns on them tasted better. I found reciting the Magna Carta kept my mind off hunger too.

I lost a total of 16.25 pounds. I also went from 15.72% body fat to 11.81%. Apparently I ate me spinach. I ranked 5th overall with a 25% body fat loss. The best was 38.75%. My wife now plays the xylophone on my abs. And she has taken to bouncing quarters off of me because she likes the clink sound it makes. What is amazing is that I did the contest last year and my body fat then was 20.96% and went down to 16.97%. So I started this contest below last year’s measurements, but my weight was almost exactly the same as the previous year. Now I just gotta keep the weight off. I don’t want to do this contest again because I gained all the weight back.

Our team won with the most workouts. One of the team members, my boss, won Mr. Two-a-Days. I won the Chief award – I played the Captain. One guy from another team lost 49 pounds. That’s about losing a 1st grader…I think they would weigh around 49 pounds.

In the end it comes down to eating less, making healthier food choices and excercising more. Simple, but not always easy. With all the tasty freebie food I get it’s easy to snack on it into the night. Five pounds becomes ten becomes twenty in no time. But it was like Lent, giving up food for a period of time like candy, cookies, and anything else that tasted really good.

Being overweight has its own issues from health to social to relationships. It can cost you money through extra food and doctor visits and operations that are weight-related from knee problems to getting rid of that arm gaggle. I noticed how some of my suits got a little tight. They were so tight that one cough and I’d be standing in my socks and underwear.

How many of you out there have asked your spouse, “Do I look fat?” That’s a loaded question and has made liars out of many spouses, but think about it…don’t you want your spouse to be healthy and let them know when their weight might affect their health and thus the family. Answers that might get you in the dog house:
“From the back or the side?”
“Saturated or unsaturated?”
“No, I think you will still only be charged for one airline seat.”

The U.S. has an issue with obesity. Mississippi had the worst obesity rate. Here’s the list of states rates:

Need some help with your weight loss? Try,, and Another great site that tells you how bad some food is to eat and what would make a better choice is Many restaurants are now listing calories and fat in their meals. You’d be amazed how much is in some restaurant meals. At times your better off just licking pigeons.

10) Windshield washer fluid now replaced with lemonade.
9) Robins no longer have to thaw out frozen earthworms over hot mufflers.
8) Package of Crocuses I forgot in my car trunk are now blooming.
7) Potholes now being filled with cypress mulch.
6) Migrating birds scavenging for french fries again at the local McDonalds.
5) Time for my spring bath.
4) The smell of baseball and steriods is in the air.
3) The gray of winter is now replaced by the gray of spring.
2) Local hibernating mammals are awaken by the sound of back-firing lawn mowers.
1) Clocks I forget to move back one hour in the fall are now on the right time.

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