The snow has melted and revealed all the grit and grime from winter. Sidewalks are full of rubble and castoffs from the road. Each soupy lumpy mix of winter vomit can hold many treasures. Even more exciting for me is that it also reveals any coins and baubles that people dropped and lost in the snow. Might I find a baby’s doll head or safety pin? Perhaps a button or some gold bullion. Or even better…some coins.

Nothing like finding coins that most people don’t want to bend over and pick up. Not me. I scan left to right as I walk down a sidewalk looking for the heads of Lincoln, Washington, or Roosevelt. Before long I find enough coins so that I can buy an Archie comic book. Or maybe The Katzajammer Kids comic or a mood ring or a months worth of groceries.

Should someone want to hunt me down all they have to do is line up some coins on the sidewalk and place a pile of them under a box propped up with a stick tied to a string.

Taking my coins to Coinstar is free if I convert them into gift cards. Otherwise it costs 9.8 cents for every dollar counted. Pshaw I say. I get free coin rolls from a local bank and wrap them up myself and get 100% back.

I also like putting coins in my pockets so that the ching ching sound it makes scares away any bears that might be in the area.

Bending over to pick up a penny is great excercise too. I usually do ten squats with my arms outstretched every time I see one before I pick it up.

So coins, even pennies, have many uses. Next time you see a penny on the floor…think deeply about what that penny can do for you and the quality of your life.

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A couple weeks ago there was a page of coupons for McDonalds with the coupon inserts. Most were BOGO coupons, but don’t miss the one that was for a free small frappe.

We took a Krogers ad to Giant Eagle so they would price match the ham. Kroger was .99/lb. and GE was at $1.19. They said no because Kroger wasn’t a local store. I had a Dave’s Supermarket ad that I printed and they did price match it – they also were priced at .99/lb. Interestingly the Giant Eagle ads in the Columbus area had the hams at 99 cents/lb because the Krogers were local there. And while I was in the Columbus area I found out that Krogers tripled coupons the other week – I just missed it!

Free cone day on April 17th from 12 PM to 8 PM.

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The percentage of workers who said they have less than $10,000 in savings grew to 43% in 2010, from 39% in 2009, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s annual Retirement Confidence Survey. The savings exclude the value of primary homes and defined-benefit pension plans. The percentage of workers who said they saved for retirement fell to 69%, from 75% in 2009.

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All the clothes washer and dishwasher rebates are gone. Still over 3,000 refrigerator rebates available and plenty of water heater rebates. Over 90,000 Energy Star rebates have been claimed. Ohio will cut energy consumption by 11,656,501 kilowatt-hours and 449,755 therms per year and saved 175,652,211 gallons of water per year. Ohio’s rebates were more generous than other states.

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