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Labor Day is here and much has changed with the labor landscape.

IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, plans to raise the minimum wage in all of its U.S. stores by using MIT’s Living Wage Calculator, which estimates the base pay needed to survive in a particular city. So what Ikea did may have a domino effect on other retailers as it pressures them to pay better than poverty-like wages. There have been many strikes by workers at McDonald’s stores about increasing their pay to $15 an hour, so this may be the start of some changes to the lowest paid workers.

At Ikea the average store minimum wage will increase by 17% to $10.76 per hour on Jan. 1, 2015. Employees at each of the 38 stores will have a different base salary depending on the cost of living in the city they’re in, ranging from $9-$13 per hour. The current federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.

Some states have been increasing their minimum wage as the federal government inaction on the minimum wage has deepened the struggles of the poorest paid workers. Massachusetts is raising the minimum wage to the highest of any U.S. state, $11 per hour, by 2017.

Many cities have also increased their minimum wage. Seattle raised their minimum wage to $15 an hour. Many other cities have followed suite.

So this means everything will cost more if we have to pay workers more? It depends. Many minimum-waged paid workers are already getting higher wages, so the standards won’t have that much effect in some areas. Businesses may also not have to raise prices because those same workers will be spending more at their stores thus offsetting any increases in wages.

In some areas there will be businesses that say they can’t afford paying workers more. Perhaps, but could it be more about keeping costs down to improve profits or increase select compensation and bonuses or increase shareholder value or maintain the lifestyle of the owner? Many businesses still think they can pay workers very little because the economy hasn’t improved enough where jobs are plentiful, especially well-paying jobs. But will that attitude change as unemployment goes down and profits increase to pre-Great Recession levels? Will the lower to middle class workers see the same gains that upper echolon workers have made?

Manufacturing jobs are reshoring (coming back to the U.S. from other countries) because wages are increasing in China and elsewhere. It’s evidenced by unit labor costs for all industries increasing 2.3 percent since the recession while unit labor costs for manufacturing decreased 6.2 percent. In 2006, China’s unit labor cost was $17.10 (calculated as a proxy, Effective Wage) less than the U.S. It’s expected to shrink to $9.20 in 2014 and $6.90 in 2015. So since worker’s wages have stagnated in the U.S. there is more of an advantage to keep manufacturing jobs in the U.S., if not reshoring them. With the high cost of transportation it makes even more sense. Energy costs have been decreasing in the U.S. with the shale boom, so that is attractive to businesses too.

Some say businesses will have to cut workers to make up the difference. Perhaps. But why not reign in the huge increases given to the top wage-earners instead? Too little has been given to the lowest paid workers while the ones that need it least have been given huge compensation increases. Many low wage workers now have to work two jobs just to make ends meet. To show how out of touch some companies are to their workers, McDonalds published a McResource showing how to budget working at jobs like McDonalds which stated to work two jobs, but also what to tip a personal fitness trainer or au pair on top of not including any costs for heat.

Wages typically went up as the percentage of productivity did. Not anymore. If real hourly compensation kept up with productivity, wages for low and middle-class jobs would be more than double now! Yes, double. From 1948 until about the 1970s productivity and real hourly wages increased about the same percentage. Even though productivity doubled since the 70’s, real hourly compensation stagnated to virtually no gain.

Stocks have increased in value to record levels as companies put their efforts into increasing shareholder value. Even though companies sit on record profits, many companies instead have reduced benefits for workers and minimized wage increases. Although some employees have a 401K that increased value of stocks will benefit, most of those making low wages don’t have enough to invest in their 401K, if at all, because they are struggling to survive on low wages. During the recession many workers dipped into their 401K and now have to build their 401K back up.

Will some of these businesses not have enough workers to cover the work needed if they cut workers? I see more and more ‘now hiring’ signs all over the place for retailers and restaurants. The supply of workers has dipped with students going back to school. Supply and demand will only dictate that businesses will have to pay more to keep workers, albeit good ones. The number of job openings is the highest since early 2000 at almost 4.7 million job openings, so even the numbers show there is a change in the air.

I hear about there being many skilled jobs with not enough workers, including trucking and machinists. I also hear that those same jobs don’t pay enough. I asked one machinist that said he lost his job why he hadn’t found a new one since I always see tons of machinist jobs available. He said yes there are openings, but that’s if you want to get paid $10 an hour. So when companies say they can’t find skilled workers, is it because they are only willing to pay just above the minimum wage? Apparently, supply and demand has yet to work its way through the wage structure.

Same goes for H1B Visas, where Visas are offered to foreign workers to supposedly fill in employment gaps. Some companies say they can’t find enough workers for skilled technology jobs so they need to hire foreign workers using allotted H1B Visas. Yet at this time you can find tons of technology workers still looking for jobs. Is the economy so good right now that they can’t find enough workers or is it so bad that there is no need for H1B Visas?

Have you ever been at a store or restaurant that pays minimum wage where the workers have bad attitudes? Does it have to do with companies doing their best to pay their workers as little as possible? When workers don’t feel appreciated, especially in their paycheck, it just feeds a bad attitude. When workers feel that hard work won’t be rewarded with a promotion or increased pay they will not be engaged with their work.

On the other hand many jobs could be lost with an increase in the minimum wage. Studies have shown otherwise. Other studies have shown that there will be jobs lost. If that is the case, nobody wants to see jobs lost. But if these same jobs qualify for government assistance because they are so low paying, then the system is not equitable.

If wages increase, some management will be under pressure to keep labor costs down and meet cost performance levels so they will trim workers, but as Wal-mart and other stores have seen that could backfire. Wal-mart is rated the worst again this year by the American Customer Satisfaction Index and part of it is because they don’t have enough workers to stock shelves and check out customers. Their sales have taken a hit because of it all.

To get around health care changes, some businesses want to push workers to part-time work. That may well backfire too if not enough workers are available to operate a store as there will be more workers working multiple jobs with multiple schedules. Once one company offers just a bit more, that worker will cut back working for the other business that doesn’t pay them as well, if work for them at all.

What happens to all the lowest paid workers with the new higher minimum wage once it gets adopted? New workers may get paid as much as workers that have been there five to ten years or more. With corporate profits at records levels there is no better reason to share that wealth with the lowest paid workers. Stockholders are important, but so are the workers. With the baby boomer generation retiring the labor market will be at a crossroads where possibly workers will recover their lost income.

Proverbs 14:31
Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.

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Caribbean Hotel

Sale through Wednesday.
Located next to Gale’s Garden Center in Willoughby Hills.
Bananas – 29 cents/lb
Corn – 12/$3
Home Grown Zucchini and Yellow Squash .89 lb
Home Grown Red Leaf and Green Leaf Living Lettuce .99 per bunch
Frees Stone Peaches and Nectarines .99 lb
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7 FOR $26.50 UNDIES
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