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Our trip to California started off badly. I checked our flight status and for the first time travelling I saw something that I never saw before. It said our flight was cancelled because of maintenance on the plane. Scramble time!

I got a little lucky as they hadn’t e-mailed or texted that the flight was cancelled yet. I called United right away to find out if we could find another flight. We were on a non-stop and no others were available to fly that day. When I called they checked and said there were no other flights available, but I had pulled up the flights and saw some going to Denver and Houston before getting to LA. She said she didn’t see any availability. I put her on hold as my wife was calling to tell me that she got a text that the flight was canceled and that she had called United too, but they said no alternatives were available too. Not good. Diarrhea time!

I got back on with the gal I called and she said she found the one with a stop to Houston available. I didn’t know if I should be upset that she didn’t find it initially or ecstatic that she found it available. Book it I said! The plane we were on had over 100 people and the one to Houston was a small plane so we were lucky to get a seat as there were tons of people trying to find alternative flights. When we checked in online we saw that they said it was overbooked and they were offering $100 to take a different flight. Not gonna happen as that would mess up our plans to go the next day. Flying home I can deal with the delay in order to get the cash, but not to start a trip.

We usually drop off our car through a sister-in-laws nearby but because we had to leave earlier we had to park at the airport. Luckily I had a free week pass for an airport parking garage from getting my card punched through many previous stays. We get to Airport Fast Park and she tells me to go to aisle Q. I see plenty of spots open close by and we end up in aisle B. Can’t she see that I was just stressin’?

By the way, the Cleveland Hopkins airport is going through renovations so the shuttle buses are across the way by the parking garage. Get there early as it will take longer to get to where you need to until next year when it is all completed.

We got there early enough to the airport to use a free United Club pass for the United room at the airport. Free drinks, snacks, wifi, and newspapers. I got them for having a United credit card. They are offering 50,000 points now through 6/2 at That’s enough for two free flights! No annual fee the first year, but $95 thereafter. I’ve cancelled the card for these type of deals after one year, but one I continued when I called to cancel and they gave me 12,000 extra miles. Worth it as a free flight is usually twice that many miles.

We had to semi-run to catch our next flight in Houston as the plane got delayed at the gate. I wanted to check out a TV there to see how the Cavs were doing, but we didn’t have time. When we landed in LA someone saw that I was wearing a Cavs shirt and said they were winning by 15 and then another guy said they won. Lots of people there were for the Cavs we found throughout the trip.

I got Entertainment books for Santa Barbara area, LA, and San Diego for $5 each. I got them for that price back in January when they were on sale (via my site) for $5 each after one book for $10 was purchased and with free shipping!

Most of the hotels we stayed at we booked through Prices are even better when they offer additional discounts with promo codes or have them on sale. Best to look early for deals as they will sell out. Plus with ten stays you get a free stay which we used during the trip.

For the car rental I started with They check rates and will rebook you if they go down after you already booked with them. It worked as I started out at around $250 and it went down to $169 total for the week for a full-sized car. I checked around for better deals through Entertainment and other rental car sites and travel agencies, but that was the best deal. Some came close and some for smaller cars gave a better deal, but with a long driving trip I wanted a comfortable boat car.

One thing to note is that in the language of some car rental contracts it states that you have to get gas within so many miles of the rental facility. It was 10 miles with our rental. A scam to get you to pay more if you ask me, but they want to make sure the car comes back full. I even had to show them the receipt when I checked out.


To start off the trip we drove to Solvang. It’s a town that looks like a Dutch town all throughout. Neat little town.

From there we went to the area wineries. Tons in the town of Los Olivos. There are about 20 within walking distance of each other there. Our favorites in the area were Foxen and Zaca Mesa.


The area is where the movie Sideways was filmed. We stopped at Blackjack winery which was featured in the film. We got a bottle of the wine the actors show tasting while they were there.

All of the wineries charged for tasting. Anywhere from $10 to $20. Way expensive. One even charged $30! I might as well just roll the dice and just buy a bottle at that price. We found a way to save on tastings though. One was the Entertainment book as there were some coupons in the book for the wineries. The other was to get coupons from the Visitor Center. We scooped up a bunch there. The best was to ask the person pouring the wine if they had any and they did! Mostly two for one deals. For the most part the person pouring will pour you extra tastes, but usually they tell you to pick only a certain amount from the list. Unless the wine was fantastic we poured most of the wine out anyway.

One place we stopped at there was a guy that thought he was all that about wine. He kept his sunglasses on even though we were indoors. Yes, one of those types. He started spouting off about all he knows about wine and all I heard eventually was Mouvedre, Italy, blah, blah, blah. I nicknamed him Douchy McDouchy. Now we go back to another tasting room and we mentioned the guy and it turns out the guy that was pouring for us knew exactly who we were talking about and laughed about it.

We stopped in Santa Barbara and walked the boardwalk and ate at the Fish House which we were told was good by the host parents of the twin brother of our exchange girl, Rita. They live in Santa Barbara. Had the artichoke there. Yes, I know. I should have gotten fish at the Fish House. I just had a taste for artichoke. Now that’s not something I say often enough.

What is odd with our trips is that there is always some natural event that occurs wherever we go. This time a big oil spill hit Santa Barbara. Our plane stopped in Houston and that is also where there were huge floods. There was also someone that got tazed at LAX airport that Mini-Me filmed and posted. Not so much a natural event, but it was odd enough.

Next up was Ojai. I was expecting more of a spiritual, quiet town with quaint shops. Nope and sorta yup. Not much there. We had some great Mexican at a restaurant that I got a for. Spent $7 for around $20 worth of food.

We had a coupon for free beer tasting at a local shop. We asked the locals where to watch the Cavs game. They said there was a sports bar in town, but it closed. However, there was one called the Hub and then they said another one further out. They kept blurting out street names as if we knew where they were. They made it sound like I had to drive miles to get to them. Turns out the Hub was just a short walk away. The place didn’t serve any food. Just drinks. Kinda depressing place as not many people were there for a Friday evening. We got to watch the Cavs win as they had a big screen TV there.


From there we went to Temecula. More wineries…can you tell we like wine. I had called their Visitors Bureau and they sent me coupons via mail. You can also get coupons online online from sites like Asking for coupons at the winery worked there too. The wineries seemed to like to get the coupons from other wineries as they look at it as a referral.

The best we had in the Temecula region was Hart Winery. Great Barbera there. It’s an Italian red varietal wine. I’m getting to sound like Douchy McDouchy now.

The wines were pricey everywhere, much of it due to the drought. We didn’t buy much because they were so expensive. They said the drought has been going on for four years. It was so dry everywhere. They have trees dying and they said that trees store enough water for a year. At least if you wash your car you don’t have to fret about it raining the next day.

Surprisingly, the weather was cool, drizzily, and cloudy through most of the trip. Almost-jacket weather. It was much warmer in Cleveland.

We stopped in San Diego. We stayed in the Little Italy section. Great area. The Gas Lamp District was cool. Lots of restaurants and bars. We used an Entertainment coupon at Royal India which had some great curry food.

We took advantage of happy hours in town. Found lots of great deals. We went to a place called Taste that had half off apps, drinks, and they showed the Cavs game! Plus we used an Entertainment book coupon for a BOGO entrée.

Our last stop was in LA. We stopped at Tony Roma’s that I love. I had an Entertainment coupon for it. We stopped at the one in Encino as the one in Universal City charges $17 just for parking!


From there we stopped in Hollywood. Took some pictures of the stars on the sidewalk. Also pics of Mann’s Chinese Theater and the Church of Scientology there. Looks like they got rid of the campy sign they used to have there. Plenty of weirdos there. I think they like the attention or are trying to be “discovered”.

I did notice plenty of bums in LA and San Diego. The weather there is so much better year-round that you can live outdoors all the time. The cost of living is high, especially housing. A same sized house that costs $200,000 in Cleveland would cost a million in California. The size of your lot would be almost as big as a ketchup packet there too. It’s partly the reason why LA just passed phasing in an increase in their minimum wage to $15 an hour. Hard to afford any housing when you are low income there. A recent study found that there is no state in the U.S. where a full-time, minimum-wage worker can afford to rent a one-bedroom apartment for less than 30% of their paycheck (which is a standard measure of housing affordability).


We went to a Dodgers game afterwards. I’ve been on a mission to get to all the baseball ballparks and that is one I never went to. I never went to San Diego’s ballpark too, but instead of baseball they had the Rolling Stones playing the day we were there.

One thing about western ballparks is that they love to sell garlic fries…stinky garlic fries. They should give a pine tree air freshener with each purchase and a Listirine breath strip.

I wanted to get a scalped ticket, but nobody scalps them there that I found. Parking was steep at $20 which I could’ve got for $10 online, but I would’ve paid and extra $10 for the tickets online for fees that I didn’t at the park.

After we got home I found out I got some more discounts. I use iDine – It gives you a reward when you dine at certain restaurants that belong to their program. All you do is tie in you credit card(s) to them and when you dine at their participating restaurants you get a reward of 5% to 15% of the total bill (includes tip, meals, drinks) that they send in the form of a debit card once you accumulate $25 worth of rewards. You can use coupons on top of getting the rewards too!

One last thing we had to do when we got home was to pay for a toll online. They have some freeways where a it takes a picture of your license plate and you have to go to their web-site to pay the toll. If you don’t within five days of getting back, you pay a violation. If you pay through your car rental, they will charge an administration fee. So don’t ignore the magic picture they take!

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Revlon Nail File – .69 after $2 in-ad coupon wyb 4 and four $1 coupons
Dove 8-12 oz Chocolates – $1.33 after $3 Plenti Points Reward wyb 3 and three $1 coupons
Dial Bar Soap 3 pack – $1.25 after BOGO sale and .50 coupon found at
Noxzema Disposable Razors 3-4 ct – $1.99 after $2 coupon
Loreal True Match Super-Blendable Concealer – $3.39 after 40% off sale and $2 coupon
Swiffer Duster Kit 5 ct – $1.99 after $2 coupon found at

NEW! Plenti Points will start in May to replace the UP Rewards program. It’s a new points program replacing the UP Rewards program. Not much different than Walgreen’s Balance Rewards program. Read more about the program at

Video Values have also ended.

Starting May 4th, begin earning Plenti points from Plenti partners in-store and online. Partners inlude Macy’s, Hulu, AT&T, Mobil, Nationwide, Direct Energy, and Exxon. Visit to learn more about how Plenti works with each partner.

If you already have a Plenti card, you can finish signing up for Plenti starting May 4th to ensure you get all the benefits of Plenti, including the ability to use points at Rite Aid and certain other Plenti partners.

Look for your welcome email from Plenti on May 4th if you provided an email in-store to finish signing up online, or you can also visit
•You will still earn wellness+ points at Rite Aid on purchases and prescriptions towards savings of up to 20% OFF almost the whole Rite Aid store for a year.
•Now you can also earn Plenti points on things you buy every day at Plenti partners, including Rite Aid, valid for at least two years instead of two weeks
•200 Plenti points gets you at least $2 in savings at checkout at Rite Aid and certain other Plenti partners
•+UP Rewards will transition to Plenti points.

Join Rite Aid’s Wellness program to get these rewards:
Earn one point for every dollar you spend on non-prescriptions.
Earn 25 points for every prescription you purchase.

Member Benefits Level Status:
Plus – up tp 249
Bronze – 250 points
Silver – 500 points
Gold – 1000 points

Members-only sale pricing.
Load, manage and redeem coupons with Load2Card.
Register Rewards on qualifying purchases.
24/7 exclusive access to a pharmacist at 1-800-RITE-AID or
Upromise® Participation.
10% off Rite Aid Brand every day for a year and a 10% off shopping pass with Bronze status.
10% off the entire store for a year with Silver status.
Free health and wellness reward at 500 points with Silver status.
20% off the entire store for a year with Gold status.
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Save 30% on online orders $50+ with promo code 555378 at! Offer only valid through 6/3, some exclusions apply.

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May Deals:
FREE Beach Bag Cooler with purchase of 6 Ion Hair Color, 3 full size Ion Hair Care or 1 Ion full size Styling Tool
Save $1 Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Hair Color
Sale $9.95 Gelish Mini Soak-Off Top It Off Gel .3 oz.
Sale $17.95 Gelish Mini Soak-Off Foundation Gel .3 oz.
Sale $44.95 Gelish Basix Kit
Sale $23.95 Gelish On The Go Mini LED Light
FREE Leopard Zip Around Case with purchase of $14.99 or more of Retinol Skin Care. Limited Quantities
FREE Leopard Zip Around Case with purchase of $14.99 or more of derma e Skin Care. Limited Quantities
FREE Leopard Zip Around Case with purchase of $14.99 or more of Beyond Belief Skin Care. Limited Quantities
FREE Leopard Zip Around Case with purchase of $14.99 or more of Demactin-TS Skin Care. Limited Quantities
Buy 1 get 1 FREE Real Color Cosmetics up to $10.99 value
FREE Femme Couture Eye Makeup Remover when you buy any 2 Femme Couture Cosmetics up to $6.39 value
Sale $8.99 ea Femme Couture Get Luminous 2.2 oz
Buy 2 get 1 FREE Ardell Lash & Brow Products
Save $3 when you buys 2 select Silk Elements items
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FREE GVP Travel Iron with purchase of any GVP full size Styling Tool
Save $5 on 2 Simply GiGi or GiGi slow Grow Wax Products
Sale $32.99 GVP full size Dryers
Save $20 on GVP Flat Irons
Buy 1 get 1 50% off Beyond the Zone Hair Care or Hair Color
Sale $25.99 Plugged-In Curling Wand
Sale $25.99 Plugged-In Titanium Curling Iron
Save $3 when you buy 2 SheaMoisture Natural Hair Care
Save $3 when you buy 2 Jane Carter Solution Natural Hair Care
Save $3 when you buy 2 Beautiful Textures Natural Hair Care
Save $3 when you buy 2 My DNA Natural Hair Care
Save $3 when you buy 2 Curls Unleashed Natural Hair Care
Save $2 on As I Am Natural Hair care
Buy 2 get 1 FREE Eden BodyWorks Hair Care
Sale $49.99 One ‘n Only Argan Heat Dryer or Flat Iron
Buy 1 get 1 50% off Mystic Divine Hair Care
FREE BeLissPRO Travel Styling Tool with purchase of any BeLissPRO full size Styling Tool (excludes Curl Genius)
Sale 2 for $11 So Gorgeous Volumizing Hair Care
FREE Tool Science Electric Brush with purchase of any Tools Science full size Styling Tool
Sale 2 for $11 GVP Shampoo, Conditioner, or Styling Products
Save $10 on Helen of Troy or Hot Shot Tools Dryers
2 for $8 FingerPaints Nail Color and Treatments
2 for $11 China Glaze Nail Lacquer
2 for $11 Orly Nail Lacquer
FREE Making Waves Tote with purchase of $14.99 or more of Heel To Toe Pedicure Treatments or Implements 2 – 8 oz.
FREE Making Waves Tote with purchase of $14.99 or more of Zero to Sexy Products 2 – 8 oz.
FREE Making Waves Tote with purchase of $14.99 or more of Tanwise Tanning Products 2 – 8 oz.
FREE Wrist Wallet with purchase of 2 FingerPaints
Buy 2, get 1 FREE DCNL Hair Accessories
Buy 2 get 1 FREE Hask Repairing Treatments
Buy 1 get 1 50% off Ion Brushes & Combs
Save $5 on Ion Curling Tools
FREEE Jilbere by Conair Nano Silver Dryer w/ purchase of any Nano Silver Flat Iron
Save $13 Wahl Peanut Clipper/Trimmer
Buy 1 get 1 FREE Caribbean Gold Suncreen – 30 or 50 SPF Lotion or Spray

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5/21-6/4 – WISH WEEKEND! Donate $5 to Make-A-Wish in stores and Receive a 10% Off Shopping Pass from 6/5-6/6
Save 40% on all Reconditioned Hoover Vacuums
Save 40-80% on all Small Kitchen Appliances
Save Up To 70-75% On Mattresses at Sears Outlet.
Save 50-55% On Cooktops at Sears Outlet!
45-50% Off Bottom Freezer And French Door Refrigerators at Sears Outlet!

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Sale through Saturday.
Brother P-Touch PTH100 Labeler – $9.99 after $25 easy rebate

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Sale through Wednesday.
Located next to Gale’s Garden Center in Willoughby Hills.
Bananas – 29 cents/lb
Strawberries – $1.50
Pineapple – $1.50
Red Peppers – .99/lb

BIG Deals on Living Healthy at Walgreens

NEW! Get 10 points per $1 on almost everything in store and online with their Balance Rewards program.

Sale through Saturday.
wyb = when you buy
Stride Gum 14 ct, Trident Gum 18 ct, – .06 after 2000 Balance Rewards Points wyb 9 and three $1/3 coupons
Garnier Hair Care 10.2-13 oz or select Stylers – .75 after 3,000 Balance Rewards Points wyb 3 and three $1 coupons
Swedish Fish or Sour Patch Kids 14 oz – .88 after 1000 Balance Rewards Points wyb 2 and $1/2 coupon
Scope Mouthwash 16-16.9 oz – .99 after $1 Register Reward and $1 coupon
Energizer Eco Advanced AA or AAA Batteries 6 ct – $2.44 after $3 coupon found at and Walgreens June Savings Book coupon
General Mills Chex Mix, Bugles or Gardettos 5.5-8.75 oz – .63 after 2000 Balance Rewards Points wyb 4 and two .50/2 coupons
Kraft Miracle Whip or Mayo 22-30 oz 0 $1.24 after 1,000 Balance Rewards Points and .50 coupon
Country Time Mix 19 oz, Crystal Light Mix 4 or 10 ct,, or Kool Aid Mix 19 oz – .88 after 1,000 Balance Rewards Points and $1/2 coupon

Photo Deals:

$25 Off Photo Orders of $60+ w/ code PHOTOCOUPON with Coupon Code: PHOTOCOUPON
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Join Balance Rewards to earn points on thousands of items, including every prescription and immunization. Purchase items in-store or online to earn points. Redeem points for dollar rewards that you can get instantly at the checkout.
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Walgreens Reward Program

• Save on sale items with card
• Get 500 points for every prescription and immunization
• Earn points on thousands of items each week
• Get 10 points for every mile when you Walk with Walgreens
• Redeem instantly with as few as 5,000 points

Points System
5,000 – earn $5
10,000 – earn $10
18,000 – earn $20
30,000 – earn $35
40,000 – earn $50

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CLEVELAND Deals from Specials by

Johnny Mathis in Cleveland + $50 eGift Card for $79 (reg. $130.25)
An Entire Year of 2-for-1 & Discount Tee Times at 2,000 Courses Nationwide + $50 Gift Card for $50! (reg. $149)
“The Book of Mormon” in Cleveland + $50 eGift Card for $72 (reg. $120.25)

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Geiger’s – 1020 Euclid Ave
Sur La Table – Crocker Park in October
Mooyah Burger, Fries, and Shakes – Rocky River
Goldhorn Brewery, Cafe 55, The Market – next to Sterle’s on East 55th in Cleveland

Stampers – Fairview Park


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