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The average inflation rate since 1980 was 3.34%. Since 1914 it averaged 3.27% and 3.54% since 1950. The average inflation rate for the past year was 3.38%. So the current inflation rate is “normal”. The difference is that once a price goes up it typically doesn’t go down and that is what people are feeling right now after it averaged an 8% climb in 2022. The last time inflation was below zero was in 2009 during the Great Recession when it decreased .4%. In 2015 it came close to that with a .1% increase.

Inflation was much worse in some years when it averaged over 10% for the year. In years 1974, 1979, 1980, and 1981 inflation averaged over 10%. It hasn’t been above 10% since those years. The Feds target rate is 2% inflation, so they always expect prices to rise and they are tinkering with rates now to get it lower than the 3% range it’s in now.

Some good news. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) which tracks the price of goods and services came in lower than expected this past month. It didn’t increase over the previous month and was the lowest monthly reading since July 2022. The Producer Price Index (PPI), also known as wholesale prices declined 0.2% from April to May. Other indicators show the economy slowing, so the Fed is expected to lower interest rates in the coming months, but not as many as expected since the economy is still running hot.

The Fed announced it now only plans one decrease to the interest rate this year rather than the six it planned earlier in the year. The economy is still doing too well and rates won’t go down until it slows down. One sign of the economy doing well is that the labor market added 272,000 jobs last month when 180,000 was expected by economists. Seems counterproductive to try and slow down an economy, but that is what will bring inflation down. The stock market loved the news as it hit near record highs again.

In the meantime, take advantage of the high savings and CD interest rates.

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Megabus, the bus company with fares that started at $1, declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They said they were unable to recover from a decline in ridership brought on by the pandemic. They will sell certain bus lines to an affiliate of Renco Group, as well as its Megabus intellectual property and retail operations. Avalon Transportation has also agreed to buy some Coach assets.

They last offered bus services in 27 locations (was in 280 cities over the years) in the US and Canada and carried more than 38 million passengers every year, according to its website. They haven’t had service in Cleveland for a few years. They started in 2006.

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Some countries are on a Do Not Travel prepared by the US Department of State list are not surprising. Some on Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution are a bit surprising. They include Italy, UK, Sweden, Bahamas, and Spain. In the past I’ve been to two of the Level 4 (Do Not Travel) list and one on Level 3 (Reconsider Travel). Most have issues with crime, political or military unrest, wars, or unstable situations.

Here are the Level 3 & 4 countries:

Level 4: Do Not Travel
Burkina Faso
Burma (Myanmar)
Central African Republic
North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)
South Sudan

Level 3: Reconsider Travel
Democratic Republic of the Congo
El Salvador
New Caledonia
Papua New Guinea
Saudi Arabia
Trinidad and Tobago

Find the current list at:

I’ve read Dear Abby or Ask Amy for decades. I like to see how their responses handle different problems du jour. Sometimes I might get a nugget of wisdom from their column. Plus since the News Herald is so replete of much content I have to get my money’s worth by reading it too. Now Ask Amy (Amy Dickinson) is hanging up her pen as did Dear Abby some time ago. This time a man will take her place. The new column will be Ask Eric. Might be interesting to get a different viewpoint on advice. I don’t think the advice will be much different unless Eric is rough around the edges and likes to drink a case of beer before answering the questions.

Back some years ago Dear Abby, also known as Pauline Esther “Popo” Philips wrote the gold standard of advice columns. After awhile I started to notice how she kept giving bad advice and giving herself “noodle lashing” for getting it wrong. After seeing way too many columns with her giving bad initial advice I decided to write her and gently told her it was time to retire. She even wrote me back. It must have struck a chord because she did retire shortly thereafter.

I do find it odd that some people that give advice in their field don’t have a background that lends to them being qualified to give advice. Sure some things are out of their control, but when their decisions take them down the path of failure I don’t know if I want to get advice from them on what exactly they failed at doing.

For instance, would you take financial or business advice from someone that went bankrupt? Or would you go to a marriage counselor that was divorced multiple times? How about go to a doctor whose patients came out worse after their diagnosis from that doctor? Yeah, no. I’d rather take advice from successful people that knew the right avenue to take.

Even Dear Abby didn’t get along with her sister. A few months after Eppie Lederer took over as Ann Landers, her twin sister Pauline Phillips introduced her competing Dear Abby column, using the pseudonym “Abigail Van Buren”, which produced a lengthy estrangement between the two sisters. Dear Abby wrote her column until retiring in 2002, at which time her daughter, Jeanne Phillips, took over.

You’d think that someone whose job is to give out relationship advice would have all the answers to life and know how to solve problems. Ask Amy and her daughter Jeanne were divorced and they would give out marital advice. It all makes you wonder what makes anyone qualified to give life advice. Does a person that makes mistakes in life and learns from them make them qualified? Usually Mom and Dad were left to guide us as kids. Sometimes teachers, a sibling, pastors or a trusted relative or coach would take that role. We all can look back and know someone whose advice was sound. Sometimes these same people fail us, but that’s what life is all about. We all fail along with others around us and we have to come to some type of realization as to why we failed and to assist we read advice columns to figure out what happened and how to solve it. Some people blame others when they should look at themselves more deeply. …what am I doing here? Yeah, it seems like I am trying to audition for the next Dear Abby. Maybe after Eric. Stay tuned.

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