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Please contact your local or state politician to let them know that the budget cuts will force many libraries to close or strip much of what they offer at a time when people are using their resources more than ever.
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Extra bucks deal this week: get four delightfully small and cardboardy Soy Joy bars for $4 and then get $4 in extra bucks – makes them free! I use them to stabilize a wobbly dining room table.
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CVS was hit with a verdict in California that they have to give $2 for each visit in which a customer finds an expired product on the shelf. It’s only in effect in California. They were also hit with $975,000 in civil penalties, attorney fees and costs. The investigation also found that five CVS Pharmacies had improperly discarded more than 500 documents and prescription bottles containing confidential medical information in dumpsters outside of its stores.

I find expired or nearly expired merchandise at many stores in the area, not just CVS. It’s great if you want to add some years to a 20 year Scotch, but it doesn’t work well with milk. I did notice that some CVS stores discounted items that were expiring soon. So maybe we will see more deals on nearly expired items.

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Milk – one gallon – $1.77
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The Federal Reserve reported that Americans’ net worth dropped $1.3 trillion in the first quarter 2009 down to $50.38 trillion

The city of Cuyahoga Falls is offering free movies every Thursday night at Falls River Square. Ends August 20th. Begins at 8 PM with activities and then the movie at 9 PM.

Eddie Bauer

A barrel of gas has dropped from the low $70’s range to around $67, so you should see gasoline prices go down some. Fill up before the July 4th weekend though. Prices always spike just before a holiday. Check for the best gas prices in town at

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How many of you are tired of stores constantly deciding to not take internet coupons after saying they will take them? Ok, raise your hand. Very good. Me too. You can put your hand down now. It costs consumers upwards of 25 cents a page to print their own coupons, so I don’t recommend using them. They can you save you money if you use the coupons you print, but if stores don’t take them then it’s all a hassle and a waste of money. Just put the coupons in the newspapers where they belong. Here is a story that mentions how another store has decided to stop taking internet coupons, mostly because of fraud:

Some stores still take internet coupons – Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, K-Mart, and Heinens to name a few, but that can change at any moment and vary from store to store. K-Mart decided not to double internet coupons the other week when they doubled manufacturer coupons.
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I was driving in to work and noticed a license plate that spelled out MOMSTXI. It wasn’t laugh out loud moment for me, but I pictured someone else laughing out real loud about it. Ya know, someone that likes sight gags like the Marx Brothers used to do or the Three Stooges or someone that visualizes knock knock jokes real well. Some people’s depth of humor is right on the surface and not very complex.

I like the Family Guy so I don’t know what that says about me. Well, I do know what it says about me and let’s keep it at that. There is some depth to the banter between Stewie and Brian. And Peter’s childlike idiocy makes you appreciate that he is not you. The lessons they teach might not seem obvious too, but they are there like face lift scars.

The more predictable the comedy to me the less funny it is. Sort of like the contrived Family Circus comics. Wow, they just shock me into how little thought is put into the humor. One pun and it’s a wrap. My cats tell me funnier jokes than those comic schiesters. They sure didn’t graduate humor college with honors. I think that if you wanted to rehabilitate someone from a life of crime then you should torture them with Little Billy one liners. A full day of those and they’ll be angels in no time. Or I could see Little Billy deciding to do stand-up comedy. I’d pay to see that Zepplin take a dive.

Some comedians use the “the louder I get the funnier they will think I am” approach. I need a Tylenol when they’re performing. For me to stick in my ears… Although I’m sure as I get older I will appreciate them because I will be able to hear them. I won’t need a shoehorn to hear them. Speaking of shoehorns, I know some people that can use one. I might be able to fashion one out of a dried gourd, but if you know where I can pick one up, please let me know.

As far as newspaper comics, my feeling is they should list the comics by how funny they are each day according to a panel of grouchy people…you know, those people that always seem to be around that are always complaining. A room full of them ought to be a comic in itself. Anyway, it will create a more efficient system of comics. I would be then able to skip over the nonsensical ones.
And also the many that are just the same old same old like Hagar pillaging a village for the umpteenth time or some kind of drama going on with Mary Worth. Does anyone actually turn to the comics to read Mary Worth? Or is it there as a fill-in or balancer of all that is not funny? If they put the same Mary Worth comic panel in every day I wouldn’t notice a difference.

The ones I liked are Calvin & Hobbes, the Far Side, Dilbert, and some of those single panel comics. I don’t even know their names, but they can be amusing every so often. Not a whole lot to read and I like that when I’m reading a comic. Let me skim it and bam I can move on to the next one. The more words the less funny it is, even if it is funny. I don’t have time to read a novel. By the time they get to the funny part in the long-winded ones I’m just all put out. Sort of like all these paragraphs of what I’m writing here. Bless your soul if you’ve read down this far.

I tout internet banks in order to get better interest on your savings. You can find rates that are double or triple the rates you may have at your current bank…even better than CD rates! Here is a story that investigated the best rates:
Check out ING Directs site for their rates: ING Direct – Earn high APY on your bank savings – FDIC insured
Warehouse clubs are also a costly way to shop. They force you to buy in bulk most of the time and you have to pay to shop there. Plus most don’t take coupons. BJ’s does, and they also let you use multiple coupons for a bulk package (8 Bounty coupons for a Bounty 8 pack). Here is a story comparing the deals. Problem is they used regular pricing at supermarket stores so the story is bogus. The supermarket prices are nothing near what I would pay for the same items. Any smart shopper knows not to pay full price and to wait for an item to go on sale.


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