Have you noticed that their register rewards program stinks. Yes it does, Suzie is saying. And I agree with Suzie. It does stink. Not as good as the EasySaver Rewards program that they ended. Suzie, you can put your hand down. I can’t take any questions while I’m typing up my e-mail. I know you have something you want to say, but save it for later. Right now it’s all about me. So where was I before Suzie rudely interrupted me. Oh yes, Walgreens stinks now. Those register rewards expire too soon and there are not enough deals every week to keep me going there. CVS has a similar program with the EasyBucks program, but they usually have much better deals and more of them every week. I liked the Walgreens gift cards that we were able to get with the EasySaver program and the extra 10% you got with them. Maybe they will see sales go down and decide to bring it back. I gave them a chance on the register rewards, but it doesn’t look good. Ok Suzie I’m ready for your question. Oh, you have to go to the bathroom. That’s fine. You can go.

They had some deals on school supplies this week, but nothing free. They used to do many free items, but maybe that will come in the next few weeks. If not, then one less store for me to shop at.

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Most Giant Eagles have an Eagles Nest, a place where you can drop off your kids while you shop. One of them by me closed up theirs, probably because with the movie theater nearby parents would drop off the kids and go to the movies. What a bonanza this free babysitting service would be for that Jon & Kate family that has 8 kids. Or is there a limit on kids you can stuff into the Eagle’s Nest? I bet there is a hidden door where a tunnel takes the kids into the back of the store where they get them to unload trucks and replenish the warehouse and do other menial tasks. One of these days I’m waiting for the kids to go through some turbo training where they are now cashiers where they will ring out their parents, much to their astonishment.

I like to stay at Best Westerns because they are a good value. You know you are getting a decent room and usually a free breakfast. Would you believe we stayed at one in Paris and London earlier this year. Again good values for the money. Click on this link to book a room:

Free pasty from opening until 10:30 AM on 7/21 with a beverage purchase. Click here for coupon:

I’ve come across some restaurants that don’t list the price of their wine and sometimes their other beverages in their menu like Damon’s and Texas Roadhouse does. They just list the brands. So if I ask for a bottle of Merlot I might get a $15 bottle or a $40 bottle. Yes, yes, that is what I like. Surprises. Will I get a deal or ripped off? I get so excited not knowing what I will see on the bill. Why would I want to burden the wait staff with asking them for a price and embarrass myself by asking for it when the restaurant will surprise me. Better yet they should just not list the price of everything on their menu. After all, anyone that goes to a restaurant is loaded with money. I usually see people with dollar bills coming out of their suit pockets. And why ask them if they charge for a salad. I like seeing an extra $7 for a side salad on my bill. I especially like the way they slyly ask if you want a salad with your meal. We are all supposed to know they will charge when they do that. And don’t ask for a price since that again would be embarrassing. I want to make sure people around me know that I’m loaded with money and don’t need to know what I will pay.

As you can tell I was being sarcastic. What I actually do is I make a point of asking the price of every single bottle and glass of wine when they don’t list the price. I wear tattered clothes and meekly ask how much it will cost. I make sure I load my changepurse with moths and when they tell me how much it costs I check my changepurse to see if I have enough. The moths flutter out of my changepurse and I cough as I say I will order just one side dish and a water because I am low on funds. I ask for a lemon for my water since that will keep me from getting scurvy since I can’t afford eating fruit. Although sometimes when I go to the park I will eat berries that I find growing on a shrub or two. I think they’re berries, but they taste like poison. Eating the berries make me see vivid movies in my head before I come to. I save money on a movie that way.

Would you believe they got an Emmy nomination. Not since 1961 when the Flinestones received one has an animated cartoon received an Emmy nomination. The acting the characters on Family Guy perform is just amazing. It’s a wonder that they all didn’t get nods for best actress and actor Emmys. I’m sure they go through a lot of rehearsals before they get it right like the “who can puke first by drinking Ipecac contest.” Splendid!

I knew someone that was a maestro on the flutophone. Not that it’s me, of course. Summer is a great time for parades, so they would look for an opening in the parade procession and join in. They would try not to get behind the horses though. They stink and leave reminders of their meals on the road which make for tricky marching steps. But the moves look real cool since they look improvised. Anyway, sometimes we all feel like we want to be at the front of the parade, but end up being in the back. But the back of the parade is where you might find some candy left by the candy-throwing clowns and politicians….hmmm, I just now made a coorelation. And it makes for great candy to give away on Halloween.

Free after extrabucks:
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Zebra Pencils
Zebra pens
Pentel Highlighters

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Sambucol Immune System Booster
Compound W
Citre Shine
L’Oreal nail polish
Ayr Nasal Gel/Mist
Lysine Cold Sore Treatment
Legatrin PM
Edge/Skintimate shave gel

Get a $25 gift card when you transfer your prescription there – coupon in the ad this week.

Back a few years ago the U.S. savings rate was around MINUS 1%. It now stands over 6%. People are saving their money in preparation for tough times ahead. But now is the time for people to spend their money so that it spurs the economy. Had people saved in the past then we wouldn’t have people scrambling to save their money. It would’ve eased out the highs and lows of the economy. I would think that inventories have been cleared out and we might see an uptick in the economy with inventories being replenished. Gotta get companies to start hiring again too. Here’s good info on the historical savings rate:

The country first got into debt to help pay for the Revolutionary War. The debt is now $11.5 trillion. Interest payments on the debt alone cost $452 billion last year which is the largest federal spending category after Medicare-Medicaid, Social Security and defense.

The United States went into the red the first time in 1790 when it assumed $75 million in the war debts of the Continental Congress. Since then, the nation has only been free of debt once, in 1834-1835. We gotta cut spending carefully. It should especially be done when times are good. Spending for wars were thought to get the U.S. out of recessions because the government pumped so much money into the economy. Even WWII was thought to get the U.S. out of the Great Depression. Here the national debt clock:
Good info on the debt:
More good debt info:

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