Red or Green grapes – 69 cents per lb.
Blueberries – 89 cents – pint
Cherries – 99 cents per lb.
Bananas – 39 cents per lb.
Don’t buy produce at stores that have hardly any produce items on sale and by that I also mean a good sale price. Aldi’s always has great produce prices and the quality is good. Same with Marcs. For cheaper produce use lawn clippings for your salad along with acorns from the neighborhood.

Carrots – 89 cents
Corn 10/$2
Mushrooms – 89 cents

Crayons – 1 cent – while supplies last

Sure enough as I posted last week that the register rewards program stinks I encountered another problem. I realized after I left the store last week that they didn’t hand me over the register rewards. I called and they said to come back and they’ll take care of it. Turns out the Manager said that since I already used a manufacturers coupon, that is why they didn’t print out. What!? I used two coupons that were on the Rembrandt toothpaste and got the free after register rewards G2 pens. I also used a $5 register reward from the previous week. He said something about since the price was altered with the manufacturers coupon I wouldn’t get the register rewards. I told him it worked before and that I had gotten them. No dice. And what a crock. I said where does it say that? He said in the ad in small print. I looked and nothing. Needless to say I wanted to take this to a higher court.

At CVS their extra bucks can be used with store coupons and manufacturers coupons on the same item. At Walgreens you can get around it by buying stuff that you don’t match up with a coupon, but that is annoying. For instance, I could’ve bought two more items with the order above and it would print the two register rewards.

I called their customer service number and spoke with a gal about it. She said someone would contact me. I also mentioned how their old rebate program was better. I have a bit of news. They said that there is a new program coming that is supposed to be better, like the rebate program. So maybe this crud register rewards program will go by the wayside. Give us our freebies here and there and don’t make all these complicated rules about what coupons you can use and what you get for them and how many can be used. It’s turned off enough people that they don’t shop there anymore. The reason they cancelled the rebate program is because a new VP wanted to do away with it. Well, he sure put is ugly pawmark on this register rewards program. Because right now it’s more like wALLGREEDs.

80% off extended until 7/31! – get $25 gift certificates for $2 – use code NAPKIN. Check it out if you haven’t before.
Click here:

I knew someone that was a maestro on the flutophone. Not that it’s me, of course. Summer is a great time for parades, so they would look for an opening in the parade procession and join in. They would try not to get behind the horses though. They stink and leave reminders of their meals on the road which make for tricky marching steps. But the moves look real cool since they look improvised. Anyway, sometimes we all feel like we want to be at the front of the parade, but end up being in the back. But the back of the parade is where you might find some candy left by the candy-throwing clowns and politicians. It makes for great candy to give away on Halloween. Just beware of any candy in the horse chocolate.

Just as they were ready to start low-fare service out of Toledo they decided to close up shop. They couldn’t get a berth at the Newark airport and that helped end the startup.

Read this article from the Cleveland Fed that points some myths out about the housing mortgage mess. Also read the comments below the story. Too many people are believing the rhetoric and not the facts.

CVS Free after extrabucks:
CVS tampons – 10 count
Good until Tuesday:
Caliber Composition Book – limit 2
Caliber/CVS erasers or push pins – limit 2
Caliber Index or Pencil Case – limit 2
Pilot Easytouch pen 2 pack – limit 2
Swingline Tot stapler or Claiber sticky notes – limit 2

Look for Autofill coupon booklets at the pharmacy containing dollar off purchase coupons:
Here is a list of what will be in them:
Two $4 off $20 purchase coupons
$4 off $20 Diet or Nutrition products coupon
$4 off $20 Facial Skin products coupon
$3 off $12 Eye Care products coupon
$2 off $10 Vitamin purchase coupon
$2 off $10 Allergy products coupon
$2 off $10 Oral Care products coupon

K-MART Kmart will do Super Super Doubles – doubling coupons of $2 and less – from Sunday, August 16 to Saturday, August 22nd in Ohio & PA with a purchase of $25 or more in grocery and drugstore merchandise. The rules are annoying. The $25 minimum is before tax and coupons. You may only purchase 4 of the same item using double coupons. Excludes Buy One, Get One offers, Kmart Savings coupons and Kmart Store coupons. The KMart savings coupons used to double. Limit 10 coupons per customer per day. Additional coupons will be honored, just not doubled.

Advertise in their classifieds for 9 lines for 9 days at $9.99. Items must total $1,000 or less. Call 1-800-947-2737 or

Grab a cup of coffee and your favorite corncob pipe for this one. It’s a long and winding write-up.

Red Plum/Valassis sued Smart Source/News America for $1.5 billion on some marketing/pricing issues. The verdict came out this week and Red Plum was awarded $300 million. It was appealed, so we’ll see what happens from there. The stock for Valassis was around $1 at the beginning of the year. It was in the $7 range before the verdict and jumped to around $11 something before settling in the $8 range. Depending on how it goes it could have some ramifications on coupons. What is interesting is that I got deposed for this court case. I got involved due to another lawsuit versus those two.

Smart Source/News America sued Red Plum/Valassis for defamation of character due to some postings were tied to Valassis’ server on the site I’m involved with called The site was a grassroots effort to get Red Plum/Valassis to change their mind about mailing coupons to households instead of putting their coupons in the newspaper. Check out the site for more info and for customer feedback. The New York Post almost printed a story about the site.

A VP from Valissis posted on the site. Soon after he contacted me because he felt I was reasonable and he wanted to chat about the issue. And then after that posts with the name Max and Jane with a slant that said our site was financed by News America and other rants which weren’t true were posted. We then found out that those posts were coming from someone sending it from a Valassis server. Hence the lawsuit by News America. News America then wanted me to be a character witness for the $1.5 billion dollar case.

I got subpoenaed. How exciting. I got a visit from the Sheriff. I wasn’t home, so he had to tape the subpoena on my front door. I then had to go to the Sheriff’s office to pick up the paperwork. I expected to be in line with some miscreants, but none were to be found. Miscreants in line with you can be fun because they have interesting stories they tell out loud.

After some annoying back and forth with the date and time of when I could be deposed we met for a deposition at a lawyer’s office downtown. The deposition took 3 hours. At times it was like two kids fighting each other with the way the lawyers attacked each other. I thought I was going to have to be a peacemaker and spray a garden hose on them to calm them down. They had a court reporter there typing every word I said. Now that I think of it I should’ve talked super fast and nonsensically just to see if she could keep up. I think I was more amused by the lawyers that I didn’t have time to think about other things to amuse myself.

I was then set to fly to Detroit for the case. Then the date kept getting pushed back. Finally News America felt that due to the jurors losing focus they decided to hold off on using character witnesses with me being one of them. We already had the flight picked out and all, so all went by the wayside.

However, the defamation case is still live and I’ll have to go to New York for that. I wonder if I should wear a The Coupon Guy uniform to the trial. I’ll attempt to use my special coupon powers for the good of mankind. Maybe I’ll get those two companies to be nice to each other and have them just get us coupons that don’t expire so soon, plenty of them, and put them in the paper so that we have easy access so that we can get extras.

Interestingly, the Valassis VP told me that manufacturers only want consumers using one coupon and we shouldn’t be getting extra sets of coupons. News to me. So in other words if I need to get 18 jars of Smuckers then they only want me using one coupon. I’m sure Jon and Kate and their 8 little ones, the OctoMom, or any other big family would not be too please with that version of couponing.

I told him that we aren’t getting the same amount of coupons that are in other markets. He said that shouldn’t be the case and he’ll look into it. If you look at some of’s recent posts you will see that isn’t true. I’ve noticed it myself plenty of times when I travelled too. So I’m surprised he was ignorant of it.

In the posts they said that companies are going to internet coupons. Problem is they cost people money – up to around 25 cents per page – figure in the cost of paper, ink, electricity, cost of the printer, internet, PC, etc.). Plus it takes a lot of time to peruse through them to find out which ones you want and all. Plus many stores don’t take internet coupons. Some do and then decide that they won’t anymore. Aggravating as an eyelash or charcoal briquette in your eye.

We left it at they will see what the data shows to see if coupon usage goes down or not and go from there. Never did hear back from him even though I called him back. But by then I did get a call from their lawyer instead, but the lawyer said I really need to speak with the VP and not the lawyer for what I wanted.

In the meantime I met and spoke with the U.S. Deputy Postmaster a couple times and he had his people call me back regarding the problems they’ve had with mailing out the Red Plum coupons. There is an issue with the ‘do not mail list’ people getting or not getting the Red Plum coupons. It’s considered junk mail so some people may not get it when they want it.

My suggestion was that they have people opt in to get the coupons mailed to them and that the coupons get put back in the paper. So in other words, people that don’t want to or can’t afford to pay for a paper and still want the coupons will be able to get them mailed to them. Right now Red Plum had people opting in to get the coupons now as it is, so they can do it so that everyone that wants coupons will get them. That will make Red Plum happy. It would save them on postage by not sending coupons to people that don’t want them. By putting the coupons back in the paper we would get the set we want with any other coupons and ads since most couponers get the Sunday paper for the coupons and ads anyway, so we would be happy along with the newspaper companies. Red Plum wouldn’t waste money sending coupons to people that don’t want them, so that would make the Post Office happy since it gets them out of the ‘do not mail list’ dilemma. Environmentally it would be better since coupons wouldn’t get tossed in the garbage too.
One of the problems though is that I know someone that opted in back in March and they still haven’t received the Red Plum coupons. Again, partly the reason for the site.

However everything is still at a stalemate yet. Hopefully in time they will see the benefits to doing so and we will all be winners.

Read more about it here:;col1

So how was the coffee? Corncob pipe good?


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