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Did you ever do something and were surprised with the outcome? For instance, when you scream at someone you don’t expect them to scream at you. And when you rob a bank you don’t expect to be caught. When you shoot someone you don’t expect to get caught too. And when you hang with a bad crowd you don’t expect to do anything bad. And when you kill someone you don’t expect to get the death sentence. Those are all extreme examples, but conclusions to actions are usually an after-thought of which apologizes may be a follow-up band-aid.

I did think when I ran real fast one day I thought I could go back in time to the day before. I saw it in a cartoon and thought it would work. My expectations were proven faulty. And once I thought about floating real hard to the point I thought I’d float. I also played the lottery figuring I would win. I prayed real hard to increase my chances, but I’ve now come to the conclusion that there isn’t a department in heaven that answers lottery prayers. I still pray though, but it’s for other things like praying that the runny ooze won’t come out of ketchup bottles before the real ketchup comes out.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I always get the shopping cart with the produces a loud, ear-drum piercing screech. As I was trolling around the store with it I noticed a lady cover up her ears as I went by. I just know one of these days the high frequency noise from the cart everything in the store will crack and dogs will come streaming into the store. Ears will bleed and car alarms will go off. It’s embarrassing. I usually just leave my cart in one place and then walk around the store to get what I need. If I exchange carts I’ll just get another noisy cart – the only difference will be that the screeches will be in D minor instead of E sharp. I try tilting the cart or lifting it up to see if I can keep the cart from emitting the high-pitched decibels.

Seems like the CVS carts are the worst. I usually skip when I go through the store, so the sound is like a rhythmic pulse. With the unique beat I’ve seen people dance to the shrieks of the cart. I think some people have hooked up that way. They find a partner to dance with and a marriage proposal soon follows. So maybe I should just deal with the noise.

Speaking of marriage, the number one reason people get divorced is because of money. With the increasing unemployment rate, skyrocketing foreclosures, and other money woes, the financial stress levels in marriages are surely on the upswing. Some spouses don’t even reveal their “hidden” debt and spending. Spouses can sense it and then trust issues become evident. Honesty is the best policy and working as a team will help solve some of these issues. Screaming at each other about it and fighting will be great for a reality show, but not for the kids or neighbors or each other. Talking about it over the phone at work can be uncomfortable too. Getting calls from debt collectors ain’t fun either.

Make the inevitable cutbacks and that should help with getting some footing in the relationship. Making tough decisions such as selling the high priced house and then down-sizing should always be on the table as an option. First to get cut should be habits or hobbies that are costly…the nonessentials. And once you get on good financial ground don’t let up on the savings. The time to save is during good times so that when bad times hit you will have a cushion. So using a Flowbee to cut your hair, using a squeaky cart to get deals at local stores, and pan-frying roadkill don’t sound all that bad and may save a marriage!
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