Did you play the $300+ Mega Millions Lottery recently? Do you play the lottery every week? Every day? Every time there is a big pot? How do you pick your numbers? I get them by asking the age of people in line behind me. And the bonus ball number would be the age of the one that has the worst breath. I’m always sure to let that person know that their age is my bonus ball number because they have the worst breath and I thank them.

Or I write down the first 2 numbers of the license number of the first 6 cars that are in front of me when I first drive in the morning. There have been times I had to drive wherever they were driving because I couldn’t see the numbers quick enough. I follow them around town and tailgated until I got it. So if you see someone tailgating you, it’s probably me and I just need to get my lottery numbers. So slow waaay down so I can get the number.

Or using hand signals, like so many other people have, signal to me the first two numbers of your license plate. Many of you have and for some reason I get a lot of ones or elevens. When people do that I always flash my brights at them to thank them. So if you see me behind you and I have my brights on for a long time, it also means that I am giving you a long thank you. I do that when I’m feeling good about myself and the world. I sometimes have people flash their brights at me too, and it feels good to know they are thanking me too. People are so nice.

Getting back to the lottery. Do you know of anyone that has won it big? Do you treat them the same? I’d knock on the door and tell them I’m collecting what they owe me for their Grit Magazine subscription. On days they were drunk (tip – people who win the lottery like to kick it up a notch in the drinking department) I would deliver a pizza (another tip – drunk people don’t remember if they ordered a pizza, but are happy to get one) and I’d tell them that it cost $241 for the pizza (leave room for them to round up on the tip).

So what are the real odds to win? They are astronomical – about 1 in 10,000,000 for most lotteries. You have a better chance of seeing Leon Bibb at the Improv, or training your cat to say “Momma”, or finding a Cheetos that looks like Abe Lincoln, hat and all. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t get too caught up thinking you will win.

And realize that life might get annoying if you win it all. Divorce, strained relationships with others, depression, unwanted publicity, and isolation may follow. Most people blow all their money in a few years too, so you’ll be back to square one once it goes. If you win, just be ready for the craziness and also be sure to pay your Grit Magazine subscription.
Calculate the odds of winning the lottery here:

Speaking of odds, what are the odds of switching lines at a store because you think that line will be shorter and it acutally is? I did that recently at Aldi’s. This tends to work there. I have a few items and the person in front of me has a ton. They look at you and realize that they would be a heal for not asking you to move ahead of them in line. And sure enough, the guy did. I think part of it is that I don’t have a cart. I just have a handful of items. Some professor figured out that people are less apt to switch lines if there are a lot of people behind you. Reason being, you wouldn’t want to switch back into a line that is now even longer. If you do end up getting through the line quicker, play the lottery.

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K-Mart is doubling coupons this week (until 9/3). Word is they won’t be doubling for the rest of the year, so get your fill this week. Call to make sure your store is doubling as not all K-Marts are participating.
Here are some sites with a breakdown on the deals:
Living Within Limits:
My Frugal Adventure
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