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The weather was great this past weekend. We decided to take a bike ride. We rode past the usual assortment of road kill. Opposum, squirrel, snakes, chipmunks, deer, and something that looked like an artichoke.

I just wonder what happens to all the acorns the squirrels bury after they’ve been hit by a car. My guess is that there is a lazy squirrel that hangs around the neighborhood just watching where all the other squirrels bury their acorns, just knowing that they will end up as road kill. I bet it keeps a diary of buried acorns using a mapping system. If I find one of these diaries I’m gonna mess with the lazy squirrel by erasing the acorns locations and instead mark a spot with an acorn under the road.

During our bike ride we passed a lot of people walking, on bikes, motorcycles, and cars. I noticed that there is a unwritten rule that I must wave or or make a gesture to other bike riders. I wasn’t sure if that also meant people on motorcycles. I’m on a 10 speed and they are on a Harley. If I wave I might have break a rule that bike riders can’t wave or acknowledge people in cars or motorcycles. I believe there must be police hiding waiting to write out misdemeanors for people that mix up the wave system. I wasn’t sure if I should wave so to test it I did one of those waves like a first grader does after their Mom leaves after dropping them off at school. The guy acknowledged me back with a wave.

Another person on a ten speed passed by and I readied a wave. This time I tipped my cap. They just kept riding by. How rude I thought. I respectfully gestured hello and they just kept going. I turned around and caught up with them. I then lectured them on the rules of fellow bike rider acknowledging. There must be a wave structure and it must never be messed with.

As I turned the corner I noticed a squirrel waving at me. I decided I must give it a less enthusiastic wave since it wasn’t on any mode of transportation as I was. Before I got around to waving, I saw it looking at a diary. I ran it over.

Target – Bedford store
Waldenbooks & Borders Express – they will be closing 200 of their stores. Borders Express stores in Parmatown mall, Soutpark, Chapel Hill, North Olmsted, and Stow are closing. Waldenbooks at Great Northern is closing.
B Dalton – closing the rest of their 50 stores by January
Diamond Video – Mentor

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