Do I hear $105, $105. Hebida, hebida, how about a bid by ya…

I’m being auctioned off! My shopping skills that is. If you’ve ever wanted to become a super-saver and have a hard time keeping up with how deals work and have run into issues, then bid for my services. I will go shopping with you at agreed upon location(s) and show you how to save 70% and more while grocery and toiletry shopping or other store(s). I’ll teach you how to save more. The minimum bid starts at $100. You could save yourself tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime, so it’s a bargain.

Monies raised from the auction will go to Junior Achievement. It’s a great cause that helps kids learn life skills, many of which aren’t being taught in school. I’ve taught mostly 7th graders Personal Economics for many years. This past year I even heard back via my web-site e-mail from a parent thanking me for teaching their child, so these programs do make a difference. Even the kids have written me thank you cards that are inspiring. I’d also recommend signing up to teach a Junior Achievement class.

It’s an on-line auction. Many other items are being auctioned on the site. Click here to sign up to start bidding:


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