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Plus you get to see what inane things and puns little Billy and the crew from Family Circus come up with every day in the Comics section. For instance, the comic I read today was little Billy crabbing about how Dolly was humming Christmas songs before Thanksgiving. It was more about social commentary and less about being funny with Billy’s inability to deal with the nuances in life because they don’t fit his highly-structured rigid lifestyle. When he gets older my guess is Billy is going to be a thrice-divorced accountant that throws rocks at wayward children when they happen to accidentally walk on his lush-green highly-manicured lawn.

The many experiences of ones life, good and bad, mold us to who we are now today. Some we’d like to do over. Some we’d like to forget. Some we’d like to remember again. Some build our character. Some, well, are full of character. My life experiences are varied like a snowflake. Enjoy some tidbits from my past…

Back in the day my clothes mainly came from Uncle Bills, Zayres, and Gold Circle. Throw in a outfit or two from Woolworths and Sears and I was styling. I think polyester back then was bullet-proof and water-proof. It also repelled friends and dating. I remember some of the shirts I wore for school pics. One had a zipper ring in the front. I’m sure I was thinking it was for the throng of girls that would want to pull it down and see my bare chest. I believe that was my third grade picture shirt.

In fourth grade I had a busted lip. I tried to suck it in so that it wouldn’t be noticeable in the school picture. Didn’t work. Now the reason I got a busted lip is not what you are thinking. No fights or baseball bats to the noggin. The reason I got a busted lip was because I tried jumping rope with my corduroys. I was using the corduroys as the jump rope while in the classroom.

Yes, yes. Go ahead and laugh. But it sucked. Ok, you can stop laughing now. I landed face first, teeth into lip. I think I could roll up a newspaper and pass it through the cut. Nowadays people would just put some type of earring in it. I’m just happy I wasn’t trying to double-dutch my much more durable and not-so-easy-to-jump-rope with Sears Toughskins. That would’ve been disastrous.

Now that I think about it some of you are wondering what I was doing jumping rope using my corduroys. My pants were off because we were dressed for gym and I was holding my regular school clothes. I did have shorts on. Why I was jumping rope with my corduroys was probably out of boredom. Maybe I had watched a show where some kids were double-dutching and I wanted to try it. I think back in those days people double-dutched frequently. So maybe I was trying to fit in. Boy, did that go sour. I don’t think my self-esteem recovered until the sixth grade.

I then lost some self-esteem in 7th grade when I leaned over to the side of my desk to pick up a book and out flared a fart that woke up Bunky, who was sleeping a row over from me. After he laughed about it I found that farting was a sure-fire way to get people to laugh. And to this day I make sure I make people laugh frequently using my vocal digestive system. So when I let it out I thought it was bad, but it was comic genius. And to anyone who has to put up with my farting, you can thank Bunky.

Not like I tried to be obnoxious and gross. But there was another time when it accidentally came out. I was taking a test and was deep into thought about the questions. Out of the blue I let out this long high-pitched fart that sounded as if it came from someone a couple rows back. The teacher, seeing that this was a learning opportunity, stated that gas was made up of methane and some other gases that I forget what he said. Mr Ely was a science teacher so I applaud him for running with it.

The rest of the class was then pointing fingers at everyone but me as to who did it. I ventriloquized that fart like a pro. Beth Dunbar who sat next to me didn’t even think I did it. I believe it was a non-smelling fart too, so all the more mysterious as to who dealt it. Yes, these are some of my finer moments in life that made me who I am. I wonder if I still have that zipper shirt. It was hot.

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