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Speaking of bankruptcies, there were a 1.4 million bankruptcies in 2009, up 32% from 2008. Arizona had the biggest jump at 77% with Wyoming second at 60%.

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With the savings rate recently at 6.9% it meant that nearly 700 billion isn’t being pumped into the economy. But overall it’s a good thing since people are now giving themselves a cushion when times are tough, something that should be done before a recession hits. Not too long ago the savings rate dipped as low as MINUS 1%! Feed your piggy banks! With people being unemployed on average 27 weeks, it makes sense to save at least six months worth of savings. But those of you that have enough dough, it’s needed to get the economy rolling again. I think we need manufacturing to come back to this country though before we can get back on our feet. It’s good for security reasons for the country and for its people.

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“ We have sort of become a nation of whiners… You’ve heard of mental depression; this is a mental recession. ”
— Former Senator Phil Gramm

The new year means focusing on new resolutions. Out with the bad habits and things that are taking me down the wrong path and in with the good stuff. To encourage me to make the changes I’ll give myself a reward each month that I keep my resolution. The reward will be a Mentos that I’ll wash down with some pop.

My first resolution will be to stop rotating like a helicopter with my arms extended and my hands clenched into a fist when I walk down supermarket aisles. I usually do it when people clog up the aisles or when I’m honing in on a clearance section and I want to disperse shoppers from what I might buy. But the problem lately is that I get nauseous doing it. It’s a similar spin that Wonder Woman did in the cartoons when she would change from her regular clothes into her costume. I worked on trying to change my clothes while spinning like she did, but I always seemed to trip over my pants and ended up a heap on the floor squirming around which seemed to draw more people over to me. Instead, my resolution is to pass gas to get the same desired effect of dispersing the shoppers.

The next resolution would be to pick up any change I see, including pennies. As I get older it gets harder to lose weight, so I need to force me to do more fitness activities. Bending down to pick up a penny counts as one crunch, arm curl, and squat thrust. It also counts as running because as soon as I spot a coin I’d sprint towards it like a gazelle. I’d run circles around it like a buzzard to let people know it’s mine. I’d then camp around it for awhile like a lion would with its prey and I’d lick it and then play with it some before I’d put it in my pocket. It also counts as weight lifting since a coin is metal and I have to expend the strength to put it into my pocket.

My last resolution would be to pick up hitchhikers. It’s always been my rule not to because I think they would stink up my car. But I can’t let my assumptions ruin what would be a nice deed. I plan to have some shortbread cookies for me to hand out to them because hitchhikers are usually hungry. For the guys I will have warm shaving cream, water, and a razor for them because they always look like they could use a shave. I’d give the female hitchhikers a pair of scissors so they could cut their hair. Little do they realize that if they cleaned up some they wouldn’t have to wait as long for someone to pick them up. And I’ll give them a baseball bat because I just know nobody has given them a gift in awhile. I sure hope I can stick to my resolutions.


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