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Now this one isn’t the kind of list you want to be on. There were 2.8 million homes in foreclosure in 2009. These are the top then states ranked in order of the most foreclosures:
1) Nevada – more than 1 in 10 homes received a foreclosure notice in 2009.
2) Arizona
3) Florida
4) California
5) Utah
6) Idaho – for a small state, quite high up the list
7) Georgia
8) Michigan
9) Illinois
10) Colorado

Yay, Ohio wasn’t in the top ten. That being said, the home prices didn’t jump tons like they did in the states listed above, so there wasn’t as much of a drop when they did start going down. Until jobs come back, there will continue to be foreclosure issues.
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After looking at the pictures I’m thinking the squirrel look might do the trick. One guy I know did the “nobody will know I’m bald when I comb over my hair from the left side to the right side look”. When the wind blew it looked like his head was on fire. His swath of hair would unfurl from the crown of his head and just wave around in the wind. I say be happy with whatever hair ya got and don’t try to hide how much is missing. Same goes for the rest of what God gave ya. Otherwise you will look like the head-on-fire guy. Although, having your head on fire without it being on fire does look kinda cool.

We were at the art museum this past weekend for the Gaugin exhibit (I had freebie tickets, of course). By the way, the Art museum is free except for special exhibits. There was a guy there that was carrying his hair. Yes, I said carrying his hair. Unravelled, his hair must have been 8 foot long. It was rolled up and he carried it like a running back would carry a football. I sure hope he isn’t a chef because I wouldn’t want to find one of his hairs in my food.

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Reminds me of some incidences I had with my lunches at some eateries. For the most part I’ve had no issues with the restaurants around town. But there were a couple that really irked me. This one happened many years ago. I had some wonton soup and I wasn’t paying much attention to it because I was reading the paper. Well, after a good many spoonfuls I looked down in my soup and saw a three inch cockroach. Umm, yuck. I went back to the Chinese restaurant I got it from with Wonton soup and drowning victim in tow.

Now here is where it got even more unpleasant. I presented the soup to the lady that ran the restaurant…and get this, she accused me of putting the cockroach in the soup. That’s when I got loud and said I should let the people in the restaurant know what I found. I told her I should get my money back for the meal. The meal was lemon chicken and I loved it. But she said that the soup is free with the meal. Oh, what was I thinking!? I guess if I ever found a pack of cockroaches in my free bread that they hand out at restaurants, I should just eat away since, by golly, it’s free and off limits to complaints. She said they kept all the cups upside down. That should’ve been my clue to dump the remaining wonton soup upside-down onto her head, but I kept my cool and had my say and left it at that. No reasoning with dum-dums. I just let everyone know what happened and hopefully that put a dent in their business.

Another place I went to I found a gnat in my soup. I pointed it out the owner. He says in his thick accent “what can I do. They fly in. They fly out.” It didn’t help that there was a smattering of mouse dung around the window sill area by the register too. They aren’t open anymore. Hunan Gourmet still is. Dang, why did that lemon chicken have to taste so good.

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