This e-mail will be about wedding, dating, travelling, and the like with Valentine’s Day this week. Remember that a lot of restaurants don’t allow coupons to be used on Valentines day. Call and ask before finding out after you get the check. Just remember, women think it’s hot when a guy uses a coupon on a date or with the wife. I therefore am very hot.

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Now’s the time to dig around for wedding deals. There are some wedding shows coming up (find them at and it’s best to get the deals now rather than the month of your wedding. You’ll have enough to worry about then. And aside from the wedding it’s best to plan ahead for your honeymoon. If you book your honeymoon just before you wedding, you may find that the cost to fly is very high. If you plan months ahead, you can get a good deal and avoid the hassle of last-minute planning. Many of the wedding shows have great giveaways and drawings.

I think planning weddings is lesson #1 on each person in the marriage will get along in stressful situations. And it also brings to the surface how each other deals with money – after all money is the #1 reason people get divorced. If you both don’t know how much debt each has or what your spending money on – you will later – most likely in divorce court.

Honeymoons can sometimes be a last-minute preparation with changes going on until just before the wedding. Plan way ahead. Don’t overspend…same goes for the wedding itself. Don’t start off on the wrong foot and be in debt right from the very start. Save and sacrifice. Don’t spend lots of money on things that aren’t important.

Our honeymoon was very unique. Not so much where we went, but what happened. We got married on September 8th. We left for our honeymoon on September 9th. I had thought about leaving on the 10th to give us a day to recoup from the wedding, but we decided to go on the 9th. Our first destination was San Francisco. The first full day there we did a long hike through Muir Woods and then did Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghiradelli Square.

The next morning we had tickets to Alcatraz. I got up and turned on the TV. There seemed to be some event going on. It became clear that it was something major. Yes, it was 9/11. So here we were in a hotel in San Francisco and the word was that the Transamerica building nearby or the Golden Gate bridge were targets for the terrorists. Hearing that the bridges out of town may be shut down, we decided to see if we could get to our next destination a day early. Our next stop was in Napa. Luckily they had a room available at the hotel we were going to stay at. A quick trip through Chinatown for lunch and ride back on the trolley we were on our way.

We still had stops in Napa, Reno, and Lake Tahoe for our honeymoon with a return visit to San Francisco for our flight back. We wanted to make the best of the honeymoon. It was great to see the patriotism across the U.S. We were riveted to the radio and TV. The mood was aptly somber. Sad to see such divisiveness in the U.S. now when it comes to politics. Everyone loses with an us versus them attitude.

We had a choice to make after we left Lake Tahoe. Either we drive back to San Francisco to catch our flight or we drive back home. Many flights were still being cancelled yet, so there was no guarantee that the flight was a go. They could fly us to the first stop and then we could get stranded at an airport. So as I got to the end of the driveway I asked my wife, “left or right.” Left meant we would drive home from Lake Tahoe. Right meant we go back to San Fran and attempt to fly home. We went left. Car rental companies were waiving one-way fees. Ours gouged us on the rate, but I complained that we already had a car booked, so they refunded us the money.

We stayed a night in Park City, Utah and another in Omaha, Nebraska. We saw a lot of flags and USA written on everything. I enjoyed the drive, although the Plain states that were nothing but corn and cows made me sleepy. I got to see some states I’ve never seen. It helped me in my quest to see all 50 states of which I finished the other year when we went to North and South Dakota.

We stopped at a store in Carson City, Nevada to get some shoe polish and wrote “USA” and “Just Married” and the like on the car windows. I think it saved me a speeding ticket in Iowa. After Omaha we were heading straight home and we were ready to get home. I was buzzing along and as you get out of Nebraska you drive over a hill into Iowa. At the bottom of the hill was a policeman doing radar. I knew I was nailed. I could see him creeping up ready to gun it to get behind me. As I passed by I looked over at him and he looked and I’m sure saw what we wrote on the windows. No ticket. Little did I think that our messages would save us from a speeding ticket.

We missed out on a lot of things we scheduled. I had 50 cent tickets for an Oakland A’s game. It was a businessman’s noon game deal and I was thinking that I would buy a whole section. It was one way I could get my first foul ball. We also had tics for a game in San Francisco too. But the games were cancelled – no refunds which I thought was cheap on MLB’s part. Even a balloon ride in Napa got shut down.

Years later we went back to San Fran and Napa and did some of the things we missed out on. Just like anything, go with the flow. We made the best of it in a time that was crazy. And after all what we went through was nothing with what some others had to deal with at that time.

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When we drove back home from our honeymoon we stayed at Best Westerns. They publish a great booklet on their hotels in each state, so I was able to figure out where to stay using it. Their hotels are very reasonably priced and are of consistent quality. Free breakfasts. One thing about low cost hotels – they are more likely to have free wifi than a more expensive hotel!
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