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true story…
Back when Pauline Phillips wrote Dear Abby I noticed that her answers were increasingly off-the-mark. She was wet-noodle lashing herself almost every other day because she kept retracting her answers after readers pointed out the errors in her answers. At the end of 1999 I decided to write Dear Abby a letter and let her know that she should consider hanging up her advice column along with her sister that wrote Ask Ann Landers who was also consistently retracting her answers. After all, when there is discourse in the world, I seek to correct it. Dear Abby wrote me back. Not too long after I got a reply letter back from her, she decided to retire and hand the Dear Abby baton to her daughter. Whether my letter spurred her on to consider retiring I don’t know. I’m sure she chewed on it for awhile just re-reading my letter while smoking a cigar or whatever she did when she wrote her column.

I pictured Dear Abby hunched over due to all the noodle-lashing with her back all scabbed up tippy-tappying on her typewriter. But what ticked me off is that people listen to her advice and were taking to heart what she said when she was giving bad advice. Should someone miss her “noodle lashing” retraction it would lead them astray.

As an example, say there was a letter about how a mother-in-law was coming over her daughter-in-laws house and complaining that her cooking was not good enough for her son. Dear Abby would say something like the daughter-in-law should win the mother over by telling the mother-in-law that she needed to bleach her mustache. That would make them even in her book and all would be good. Not quite good advice in my book. I could see her answering that they should get matching tattoos to create a bond, but not trade one insult for another.

In the letter she wrote back to me she really didn’t address her poor advice. I was disappointed, but sometimes people have a hard time dealing with reality. Nowadays you hear some people in the media say how wrong the other person is, but yet they show a pattern of being wrong themselves. Notice how nobody stepped forward to fess their part about their decision to unregulate banks or whatever reason you want to believe helped cause the financial crisis. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see people fess up when they are wrong. People appreciate honesty. Notice how Tiger Woods wasn’t honest, while David Letterman was and Letterman looked like the good guy just because he was honest even though he did something despicable. After all, how can something be fixed if the people responsible don’t acknowledge their part in it. The truth will set you free they say.

Sometimes people need gentle reminders. Or a seed needs to be planted in their mind. It’s just like an athlete that keeps playing when they are way past their prime. Sometimes ya gotta know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. Ya gotta know when to walk away and when to run. And never count your money when it’s sitting on the table. That has nothing to do with this moral of the story, but people don’t like it when you count money you’ve won from them in front of them. Bonus moral-of-the-story day.

I wonder if there was someone in her life that told her like it is. Too many people go about life without friends or family giving them honest feedback that is for their own good. Do you have someone that will tell you when you have a booger flitting out your nose – those people are your true friends. Let people know they are special to you by telling them you can see stuff on their person where it shouldn’t be.

Do people think that they aren’t going to make mistakes their whole life – and who do you think will tell them when they are going down the wrong path? Last I checked the Wrong Police didn’t send me a message or arrest me when I was wrong and needed to come to terms with it. Remember how Fonzie didn’t look cool when he couldn’t say wrong.

Eventually these same folks need to see a psychologist to straighten things out. Or otherwise they become one of those people that write diatribes on their houses or cars. How fun is that! All my grievances about how I was treated in life for all to see…the writings on the wall as they say. I say a good counselor might be a better option.

Some people that don’t have enough social contacts or close family spurn any feedback as if that person was being mean-spirited by telling them the truth. There is a difference. The gentle truth can help people grow. For instance, it’s like if I see someone in the store and tell them they need to pluck their hairs that are growing from their enormous bulbous mole, I mean it in a nice way. Sometimes I will get out my monocle so I can better see the mess and I offer to tweeze them right then and there – nice deed #2. It’s usually met with some gruff remark.

Everyone has a wall up when they are initially approached about correcting a behavior. I’m sure later when they calm down they will realize they should’ve just accepted it as a something necessary that they have to come to terms with and let me do it. There is a lady cashier at one of the Walgreens I go to that is overly due for a full face plucking. She’s next on my list. Some of her facial hair is so long that it can be used for guitar strings. I’m guessing she uses them to floss too.

Dear Abby’s daughter now writes the column. I still read it every day and her daughter doesn’t make anywhere near the amount of initial bad advice as her Mom did. I later found out that Dear Abby had Alzheimer’s disease which sadly may explain some of her answers. She was diagnosed with it in the early 1990’s.

Interestingly, I found out that Dear Abby had a falling out with her twin sister who wrote the Ask Ann Landers column. How can an advice columnist not get along with her own sister!? And a twin at that! That’s like your right hand getting mad at your left hand because it gets all the attention.

Apparently way back in the day Dear Abby decided to undercut Ask Ann Landers so that she would get her column in the paper. Ann Landers also got divorced which is odd since she wrote relationship advice (she died in 2002). Dear Abby mentioned her sisters divorce in the letter. Some might say that a divorced person may have better insight into a relationship after going through a divorce. But then again, why do over 70% of second marriages end up in divorce if that person knows better after going through one. But then again, some psychologists get divorced and they thoroughly understand human behavior and can read relationship red flags. Some people become psychologists to better understand themselves and perhaps that means they are the ones with the red flags. Just because someone wears a swimsuit doesn’t mean they’re a swimmer.

There are a lot of other hypocritical oddities in this world – some may shock you and are disgusting. For instance:
Dr. Laura Schlessinger gives relationship advice…yet she had an affair with a married man and is divorced. Besides her sister, she also didn’t speak for around 20 years to her mother, of whom they found dead, undiscovered for two months.
Rush Limbaugh rallied against drug use…yet he was caught fraudulently obtaining prescription drugs and was put on probation.
Rep Foley was caught texting sexual messages to a young male intern…yet he proposed toughening child sexual predator laws.
Rev Ted Haggard rallied against gays…yet even though he was married he was caught in a relationship with a male prostitute…not to mention he did drugs too.
Barney Rubble married a brunette…yet he preferred blondes.
Glenn Beck tells the world how to be…yet he was an alcoholic drug user in the past and called a rival station’s wife and mocked her miscarriage when he was a radio DJ.
Our last few Presidents used drugs, some heavily…yet they are fighting a war on drugs.
Bill Clinton loved women…yet he married one woman that some might say was manly.
Popeye loved spinach…yet he chose a vegetable over Olive Oyl of whom had a mystery child that didn’t look like Brutus or Wimpy.
Bill O’Reilly spouts his moral values…yet while married he settled a sexual harassment lawsuit.
Kirstie Alley wrote diet books…yet she looks like she ate all her books with all the fixins.
George Washington didn’t belong to any political party and didn’t want any to be formed…yet now many people are ruled by their party and not by the people…ahhh the good ol’ days.

Why would people do the opposite of what they preach? Sometimes people tend to swing the other way when they mess up in life. In other words, if someone rallies against something it’s probably because they are feeling guilt for doing it or something just as sinful in their past. It happens to the best of us. I learn from all the mistakes I’ve made. Moderation is key. And whenever I’m in a bind, I think I’ll write Dear Abby a letter. Me and her are tight.


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