We recently refinanced our house. Got a 15 year rate of 4.25%. It was at 5.375% for a 30 year rate. We’ll save over $60K over the life of the loan and knock off 7 years. If you have a rate of 6% or higher and plan to stay in your home for the long term, check into refinancing. You may be surprised as to how much you can save.

Rates have crept up and some are saying that 30-year rates may rise to 6% later this year. Rates have hovered around 5% and even below 5% until recently. You could put in an extra payment each year and that will knock off a considerable amount of time on your loan. If you did that each year on a 30-year loan it brings it down to around a 24-year loan. Some scammy banks try to get you to pay bi-weekly and that, in essence adds and extra payment for the year and does the same thing. But the bank charges you extra to do so!

Need to find out what rates are out there? Check Also check your local paper’s listing of current rates.

I have a class open to the public at the Wildwood Center in Mentor . One of a few east-side classes that I have coming up. Learn how to save tons of money! There is a fee of $12 for residents and $15 for nonresidents. The class is on Monday, May 3 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.
Click here to sign up for the class or call the Recreation department at 440-974-5720 to register for the class:

I do classes all across Ohio and I would venture outside of the state if the scheduling works. If you are interested in booking me for a speaking engagement, please contact me at If you want me to come out to a library in your area, please have them contact me. The one I did at Elyria North this week was a record attendance for them. I also do speaking engagements for lunch-n-learns for area companies, PTA’s, Senior Centers , church groups, you name it..
To view the rest of my schedule, please click on the following link:

Over 800,000 people have dropped cable. There are other options to watch affordable movies such as redbox (costs a buck) and (free). Cable rates keep going up. Satellite has some great teaser rates to get you signed up, but then they raise the price from there. Call you cable company up and find out if there are promotional deals that can be offered. Let them know you pay too much and plan to get rid of cable. Prices have gone up way too high. There are deals out there for existing users that can get $50 or more knocked off your bill. They run specials that they don’t advertise at times through the year.

Click here for the story:

Want to find the best free software and apps. Check out PC Magazine’s Top 100 list. I’ve used a handful on the list. Neat stuff. I hope they come out with a way to finagle my computer to clip my nails as I type. It would save me time having to clip them myself.
Click here for the list:,2817,2361876,00.asp

Get a free 32 oz pop when you sign up on their Facebook page. Now thru April 31, 2010. Check their gas prices on their site. Become part of their mystery driver program and earn points for deals. Go to


That cretin Larry King is getting divorced for the 8th time. What peppers my salad is that looking at him I think he did pretty good with what will be his soon-to-be ex-wife. Shows ya what having money and being on TV does for ya. Looks aren’t everything though, but you’d also figure out what ya really want and don’t want after 7 marriages. Maybe she got tired of his Polident oozing into their intimate kisses.

He has two kids with her – one is 9 and the other is 11. Get this – they married in a hospital room shortly before surgery to clear his clogged blood vessel. Divorce is usually ugly …almost as much as Larry himself….ouch. He reminds me of Mr. Burns on the Simpsons…hey, he’s hot to someone out there. Marriage has it ups and downs, but apparently he can’t get the down part working very well.

Need to find a good date? The largest, free online dating site can be found at You’ll get matched up after taking a quiz. Another free dating service site is Not sure about the person you’re dating? Check out or Who know, you may even be Mrs. King #9!

1 week free tanning for new customers. Coupon in Goldclipper magazine. Also find coupons in your area at

hee hee..
Lake County Fairgrounds:
Scrap Tires – 8 AM to 1 PM on April 24th
Computer Collection – 9 AM to 1 PM on May 8th
Hazardous House Waste – 9 AM to 3 PM on June 5th and Oct 2nd.
Scrap Phone Book – At Wickliffe City Hall , Mentor Wal-mart, & Madison Giant Eagle – June 25, July 30, Sept 17, & Oct 22.

Kroger was sued by Excentus Corp, saying its gas rewards’s program technology and methods were being violated including its patents. Excentus reached a settlement with Safeway regarding the same issue. Safeway had discontinued the gas rewards program in 2009 after being sued by Excentus. Kroger offers 10 cents off per gallon for every $100 spent in groceries, not as good as Giant Eagle’s 10 cents off per gallon for every $50 spent in groceries.

Get $5 in extra bucks when you purchase listed Cadbury & Hershey’s candy – use recent coupons to get it all for close to free. Get a free movie ticket with 3 Hershey Kisses purchases. Click here to get movie ticket:
Other extra bucks deals:
CVS Green Bag Tag – free – use and get $1 every 4th visit (must use their CVS green bag)
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Thermacare 1 ct- free
Advil 50 ct – $2.99 – plus use recent $2 coupon

Free after rebate:
U by Kotex – plus use recent $1 coupon

Sea breeze – $1.99 – plus use recent $1 coupon
GE Reveal – 2 for $2 – plus use recent $1 coupon for each
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They have a new Wellness program offering extra coupons, discounts, and deals. Sign up at
Some program details:
Earn one point for every dollar spent on non-prescription purchases.
Earn 25 points for every prescription you purchase.
for every 125 points** earn a one-time 10% off shopping pass.
500 points – get 10% off all non-prescription purchases every day.
500 points free health screenings.
1000 points – 20% off all non-prescription purchases every day.
**for every 125 points up to 375.

Free after register rewards:
Natures Bounty Vitamin D-1000 IU
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Buy one get one free 1 lb or more pre-packed boxes – from 4/18 to 4/24.

50% off any regaular priced coupon in this weeks ad. Or use code NFR114 online too.
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Get the News-Herald for 50 cents at Speedway until 5/15.

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Get home delivery of local and national papers at discounts of up to over 50% or free weeks of delivery! There are 342 different newspapers for sale on the site. Find coupons, deals, and sale advertisements in the paper.
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EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY -$5.99 for 1 year
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Take An Extra 15% Off Most Titles – Code: PXCJ425 Offer Expires April 25, 2010
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Wallpaper Outlet – Willowick
Alvins Jewelers – now 75% to 85% off.
K-Mart – Cleveland (W 65th), Eastlake, Wadsworth – 30% to 60% off – last 3 weeks!

Macedonia Commons – Hobby Lobby & Five Below
Mayfield – Discount Drug Mart (across from Kohls), Five Below (Eastgate)



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