Oscar Mayer bacon – BOGO – use .75 that doubles and get it for around $1.50.
Ortega – seasoning packets – 78 cents – use 2/.75 coupon – 3 cents each after doubling
Betty Crocker potatoes – $1 – use .35 coupon that doubles = 30 cents
Colgate Toothpaste/Toothbrush – $1.50 – use .75 coupon = free
Kraft Melts – free after $1 coupon
Dole Fruit Crisp Bowls – 50 cents after .75 coupon

Amazingly, I get people asking me when Giant Eagle doubles. They’ve been doubling coupons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since about 2000 on any coupons of 99 cents or less. In some of their markets they have doubled coupons of $1 and less at times.

I recommend shopping at Giant Eagle over a store that has everyday low prices. Why? Because I get groceries for 70% and more consistently there, something that can’t be done at Wal-Mart or Marcs. Yes, Giant Eagle has high everyday prices on items that aren’t on sale. But when they go on sale, you can’t beat the price when it’s paired with a coupon. Just don’t buy the full price items. Wait until they go on sale, usually once every six week cycle. If you mix the sale items with items that aren’t on sale, you’ll save around 20% at the most. Wait for the items to go on sale, particularly when they are 50% off and paired with a coupon you can save 70% or more.


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