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Did you fill out your Census? Some states may lose a representative or two in Congress because their population did a poor job sending in their Census forms, meaning they could lose clout and federal dollars. Some talking heads scared people into believing the boogeyman government would use the data maliciously. Yes, yes, they will know that you have two adults and two children in your house so that umm, let’s see, so that umm, they will send more junk mail, yes, that is what they will do and that is scary. I mean, it scares the bejeebers out of me knowing that they know that and I will get more Fingerhut catalogs.

Now these talking heads are back-tracking because it will cause issues partly with re-districting. If they use fear and not data to scare you then they are full of hot air. Fear = higher ratings. Sometimes… Don’t believe the hype! The data is nothing more than what most people can find out on the internet about you anyway. I wonder if these same people afraid to send in the Census have huge profiles about themselves visible on Facebook and MySpace!?

Does your street remind you of what it would be like to drive on the moon? Can you climb down potholes on your street with a ladder? The PD is offering a $250 prize if they pick your entry for the worst street. Entry deadline is May 16th. To enter go to
The News-Herald is doing a similar program, but including unsightly crumbling buildings and overgrown grass. ..but without a contest reward. Report them at or SeeClickFix on

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Romper, bomper, stomper, boo. Tell me, tell me, tell me do. Magic Mirror, tell me today. Did all my friends have fun with me today? The lady that said that creepily-said creepy saying on the show croaked the other week. May she rest in peace, bomper, stomper, boo.

Hawaii , North Carolina , and New York delayed tax refunds this year due to issues with finding funding for them. Other states have had the same issue. Did you get yours promptly?

They pay their workers, on average, $19 an hour. Their lowest starting wage in the U.S. is $11. Full-time employees hit the top of the scale at the end of their fifth year. As compared to Sam’s Club/Wal-Mart they also offer more generous benefits. The result: lower turnover. And they are profitable. Good to see that a company is more concerned about paying their workers a livable wage than squeezing every dollar out of them.

But I don’t care much for warehouse clubs because they charge you to shop there. Plus they sell a lot of bulk items and buying in bulk isn’t always cheaper. You have a better chance of throwing out bulk items you don’t use. Plus most don’t let you use coupons. BJ’s does. But I’ll give Costco a shiney star sticker for treating their workers right.

Ever wonder if that coupon you received via e-mail is counterfeit. There are even rewards of up to $2,500 to catch a counterfeiter. Check out this link to view counterfeit coupons:

I was on NPR on WCPN 90.3 FM this past Monday. The show was called Reading , Writing, and Interest Rates and it featured the topic of teens and finances. Sheryl Harris from the PD hosts the show. She tried to get me in studio, but they were full. So I called in as just an average caller. I’ve done classes for teens through Junior Achievement called Economics for Success and Personal Economics. I also taught a class for teens at Lakeland . Most parents don’t teach their kids how to handle their finances. And if they do, they may not be the best to be teaching them since they may have poor spending habits, are in huge debt, or declared bankruptcy. Home Economics hasn’t been a requirement in Ohio schools and most other states for years and years and that is where many students learned about finances. It will become a requirement again for Ohio students.
Listen to the segment here:

I decided I wanted to be able to start purring when I wanted to. I know it’s possible because back when I was in Boy Scouts there was a couple brothers in the troop that would purr when they ate. I can still remember one eating cereal and I could hear him making a purring noise. True stuff. Their last name were the Jerays and they lived on Parkwood.

I didn’t make much of it. That was their thing. I think I should’ve asked them about it since maybe they didn’t realize it. It wasn’t annoying like a nose whistle or open-mouth eating sounds. I can’t stand gum cracking and noisy nail-biting myself. On the other hand, purring is soothing. I was more intrigued by it. Perhaps their esophagus and windpipe were vibrating from enjoyment when they scarffed down tablespoons of Lucky Charms, their favorite.

Is there anyone else out there that has heard people purr? Or maybe another neat habit? There are plenty of bad ones out there, but how many are intriguing. My next collaboration with my body will be to grow a tail. I know back in the day us humans had some kind of tail and that is why we have tailbones. I think if I concentrate enough on that spot I can pop one out. I just better not strain too much. I might end up finding that nickel I swallowed back in 4th grade.

I get asked a lot of questions of where to find the best deals for a variety of items. As I get them I’ll add a new portion of my blog to these questions. If you have a question, comment, or whatnot, please feel free to send me a message at

Q: Hello, I was just wondering if there are deals on dry cleaning expenses. I have king size comforters that kill me to get cleaned. Thanks

A: There are a few places to find some deals on dry cleaning. The Our Town and Entertainment book both have dry cleaning coupons You can purchase them on my site in the links section

Try and or other coupon mailers sites, if not the coupons they mail themselves.

Check the companies web-site such as Sign up to their frequent customer cards to earn discounts. Ask the stores about when they run comforter specials and how to find out about them and what savings they normally are.

Check into purchasing a new washer and dryer too that can delicately handle large comforters. That’s what we do. Frontloaders will save on energy costs – your water bill may drop in half. Owning one may pay for itself over a relatively short time. The Ohio appliance rebate program may help pay for one. Looks for display models and request more off.

Taking a step back, are there pets maybe soiling them more often than if they weren’t allowed on the bed? Time to get them their own sleep bed. Or maybe is the boogeyman under your bed dripping blood and tar on the comforter. Tell him to shower up before it’s night-time escapades.

Get one Discover Scuba class at Just Add Water for $12. Normally $30.
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Each Cold Stone Creamery location is individually owned, so you’ll need to call your local store to find out how they are specifically giving away this Sunday. Some are giving a free ‘Creation’ sundae or in some markets, a free ice cream when they buy a kid’s cone, or just for having their kid with them.
Free frozen yogurt in a cup or cone.
Moms who dine at Carrabba’s on Mother’s Day will receive a “special surprise.”
Mothers dining at a Fleming’s location on May 9 will go home with a free $25 gift card to use on a future visit. In addition to the free gift cards, they’ll be serving up a special brunch buffet from 11:30 am until 3:00 pm.
Free $20 Gift Card at Roy ’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine. May 7-9 moms dining in the restaurant will get a $20 ‘bonus card.’

New coupons loaded for the month of May. Get over 100 coupons at: COUPONS.COM

Strawberries – 1lb – 99 cents
Eggs – 85 cents
Tomatoes on the Vine – 99 cents/pack

Blackberries – 99 cents/pack

Brookpark Golf Range – A vets hospital purchased the property

Style Furniture – North Randall

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