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Anyone else find incorrect unit pricing on some of their price tags at the store? At one of my classes I was told they have been finding them often.

Over 800,000 people eliminated cable from their household by the end of 2009. The Convergence Consulting Group also found that 17% of the U.S. TV audience watched at least one or two shows via the internet in a given week in 2009 as compared to 12% in 2008.

Not that surprising since cable costs way too much. The cable price increases have been way too exorbitant. Cable can cost almost as much annually as other needed utilities like electricity and heat. Makes you long for the days of rabbit-ear TVs with free ABC, CBS, NBC, VHF and UHF. Ahh, the days of grainy Supes On.

Paying too much for cable? Eliminate cable or downgrade to basic cable that costs around $10 to $15 per month. The average cable bill in January 2008 was $84.69, meaning an annual cost of over $1,000. Think of what else you could pay with that $1,000. Another way to look at it is surfing over 200 premium channels is time-consuming just to find a show you want to watch. Instead eliminate the premium channels and you may find the remaining channels are good enough.

Call your cable company and request that they lower the cost of your bill. Speak with the retention department. Be ready to eliminate your cable if they can’t and let them know that. Speak to a manager, if they won’t lower your bill and request their assistance to lower the cost. They offer deals that are usually good for 6 months or one year that they can offer, sometimes getting over $50 off per month.

Check satellite cable to see if they offer a better deal and let your current cable provider know what you found, so that it allows them a chance to offer you a better rate. Satellite providers usually offer a great monthly rate good for one year, however, the rate jumps after the first year. The commitment is usually for two years with a hefty penalty for cancelling early. Read the small print before signing up.

And instead of paying for cable, watch various free TV episodes or full-length movies at,, and Find over 600 free full-length documentaries at Find a guide for these sites at

Get cell phones and cell phone supplies at up to 80% off. I got a car power charger and regular power charger for my cell phone for just $4 instead of around $25/$30 that they sell them for at the cell phone stores. Get 10% off with a minimum $10 purchase – use code: MEMOR5. Get 20% off with minimum $25 purchase – use code: MEMOR2. Free shipping with minimum $20 purchase – use code: fship.

Find cell phone & plan deals at LetTalk. Get free AT&T activation. Use code TALK25 to get 5% off on order of $25 or more. Use code LTDEAL to get 25% off on accessories.

Pay as you go cell phone service; perfect for emergency use. Good for people with low usage.

Windows on the River at the Powerhouse on the West bank of the Flats is expanding. They are taking over the spaces now occupied by Rock Bottom Brewery, Improv, and Cyrus restaurant. The Improv will move next to Shooters.

I bumped into Little John at Sara’s restaurant in Gates Mills. I introduced myself to him. Way back in the day I was on the Big Chuck & Little John show. Big Chuck invited us since we graduated from the same school he graduated from. We snuck upstairs into the studio. They see us and they say they were waiting for us to show up, so we get great seats in the front row. Granted there were only two or three rows for the audience.

They have a contest during the show. They asked us to spell the name of the movie which was the Revenge of Fu Manchu. I spelled it correctly. So they brought me up on stage. I was wearing a long winter coat. It was one of those days where it could’ve been 10 degrees or 80 degrees. It jumped to 80 degrees and I was overdressed. Little John of course had to say something about it. I won a free hot dog at Johnny’s hot dog stand as a prize. I think I still have it somewhere. Anyway, I told him about the story and he didn’t remember me. It somehow came up about a deal and I told him I was the Coupon Guy. Sure enough, he showed me his gift certificate that he got for half off. Good man. And of course, I told him about getting the gift certificate I had for $1. Stosh would be proud.

We went to a Bluegrass jamboree in Hamden the other week. I like Bluegrass. Very upbeat soul-stirring music. It’s makes me want to puff on a jug. The building it was in was built in 1860 and the bands played on the second floor. There were three bands.

We took a lady that was visiting with us. She was 70-something and came from Split, Croatia. The mandolin that is part of bluegrass is very similar to Croatian music. She enjoyed it. During intermission, they raffled off a few things. I ended up winning a some car wax and a buffer. After I get my prize a guy yells out “you look like you can use a wax and buffer!” Sigh.

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