Is it just me or are you also mesmerized by those dancing people on the Value City Furniture commercials. I can’t totally put my finger on it, but I think their dancing is so intriguing because they either are dancing without a drop of alcoho or they are all suffering from some type of chronic muscle spasms that looks like dancing. I suspect the latter.

It’s like those people that stand outside the business they work for with sandwich-board signs on them waving around to get your attention. I want to look, but I don’t. And of course, I end up looking…intently. It’s just like a song that gets stuck in your head.

All I can say is they better end those commercials because I can’t concentrate on what I’m doing when it’s on. The gal gyrating next to a recliner looks like she is developing relations with it. Then a guy pops in and it looks like he is doing the chicken dance or possibly putting out a fire. Even the kids that are dancing seem like their are in a zombie voodoo trance while jerking around as if their body was possessed by some illicit being or they are preparing themselves to have a sensational bowel movement.

Remember when they had Abe Lincoln and George Washington dancing in their one commercial during their President’s Day sale? I will never look at them the same now. I don’t want to see my Presidents doing the electric boogaloo. Or dancing around furniture for that matter.

I’d like to see the auditions to be a dancer in their commercials. Ok, send out auditioner #1. Nope, he has too much rhythm. #2. She’s ok, but is better off auditioning for a music video. Hey now. Dancer #3 looks like he either is vigorously looking for a quarter he dropped or we have ourselves our newest dancer. And what do we have here with dancer #4. I’m either going to see someone give birth or we got a fresh new dancer.

Here is a link to some of their commercials:


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