I did most of my Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving. I went to CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens and pretty much made money shopping there by getting the freebie items while using coupons. Some ladies at CVS were just freaking out about all the coupons I have. I have two huges files of coupons. They were impressed, especially after all I bought ended up costing me a couple bucks.

Then on Friday I was asked by WEWS channel 5 to meet them up at Target to film a spot about barcode apps that price out items while you are at the store. All you have to do is scan the item and it will tell you the price of the item at other stores, online and brick and mortar. For instance, I scanned a Monopoly game and it showed Walmart with the lowest price at $10. At Target it was $10.09. It’ll air around Dec. 15th. You can get the app at sites like or from any app store.

While I was at Target I picked up the Tom Tom that was on sale for $79, saving $110. I also got some decent deals on some kitchen appliances. I had to get over $100 in order to get a $10 gift card too. Plus I get 5% off using the Target Red Card credit card.

Their $3 appliances were sold out by the time I got there around 8:00 AM. A couple other items I was interested in; a DVD player just sold out and the 42″ TV was gone first thing as they opened. As much as I like to get deals I don’t like to get up early to wait in long lines. Most of the deals I saw were for half off items which is what I find anytime during the year for the same items.

And just for kicks I ran a few laps around the store as if I was racing to get the last of the items I wanted. I kept yelling out ‘damn alarm clock’.


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