Due to a ruling from the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy, Ohio will limit the number of times a prescription may be transferred between pharmacies to once a year, beginning Saturday.

Bad ruling I say. Very anti-consumer. It was to stem people from getting the $25 gift cards for transferring prescriptions to make it easier for the pharmacies. That’s worrisome that they have issue with keeping up with people transferring prescriptions. And that’s a potential $300 a year they’re taking our pocketbooks! Some seniors rely on those gift cards each month.
Here’s the story:

I say we let them know this ruling is very anti-consumer. What if your store closes? What if they cut their hours making it inconvenient? What if their service is horrible? What if the pharmacy hikes their prices as compated to other pharmacies in the area?

Here is the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy’s contact info – let them know how you feel! I already did.

77 South High Street, Room 1702
Columbus, OH 43215-6126
Telephone: 614-466-4143
Fax: 614-752-4836


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