They double coupons 99 cents and less. So a 75 cent coupon will double to $1.50 off. A 99 cent coupon will double to $1.98 off. A $1 coupon will be face value at $1 off.

Eggs $1 dozen
Starkistuna cans – BOGO (.48 a can) – and use .75/2 coupon on Starkist products
Cheerios – 4 free after .75 coupon (and $4 instant savings) found at: or
Keebler cookies – $3.60/4 after .55 coupon
Dannon yogurt – $5.60/20 after .40/6 coupon
Fruity Pebbles treats – 50 cents after .75 coupon – dollar back catalinas will print with purchases of 3 or more.

Old Orchard fruit juice – 4/$4 after $1 coupon found at (bricks coupons can be printed twice – print more on different computers):

Yopliat Greek yogurt (tastes much better than the Antarctic yogurt) – .80/2 after .60/2 coupon

Pepperidge Farm Cakes/Turnovers/Breads – $1.10 after .55 coupon – earns 15 cents in fuelperks with $20 purchase (note: you can get this deal using shelf price which means if the shelf price is $5 you can buy 4 at the $5 shelf price and get the 15 cents in fuelperks instead of having to buy 10 at the $2 sale price to get the fuelperks – also remember that you can get up to 30 discounted gallons with your fuelperks!)

Weight Watchers Smart Ones – $2 each – buy 7 and get a $5 off your next shopping trip coupon at register – plus use $2/8 coupon at:

Be sure to load up on your Giant Eagle eOffer coupons at before you go shopping!

Irish Spring deodorant/body wash – free after purchase of 2 with $1 coupon and register rewards – get coupon at
Arth Arrest – free after rebate that prints at register
Gatorade – 69 cents
Dial lotion – 99 cents after register rewards and $1 coupon

Check around the store for lots of 75% off deals – I got some of my favorite Haagen Daz ice cream pints for $1.19 and Lean Cuisines for $1.09. Walgreens is redoing their stores so they are getting rid of some slow-moving products.

Tena ultra thins – free after extrabucks – make money after $2.50 found at:
Theraflu daytime trial size – free after extrabucks – make money after $3/2 coupon
Coke 12 packs – 3/$13 – Coke 2 liters – $1 – get $15 worth and get $5 in extrabucks – there were $1.50 coupons on for 12 packs on some displays.
M&Ms – B2G1 free – plus use B2G1 free coupon = 2 free
Crest or Oral-B Pro Health tootpaste/floss/rinse – 99 cents after extrabucks – plus use .75 or $1 coupon
Irish Spring body wash or deodorant – 49 cents after .50 coupon
I found some items 75% off around the store – got a bunch of hair color products for free.

Emerald nuts – BOGO – plus use $1 coupon – get $15 worth and get $5 in UP rewards – also use .75/2 coupon for Blue Diamond almonds for the UP rewards deal too.
Cholorseptic sore throat medication spray/lozenges or Little Remedies – 99 cents after UP rewards
Motrin 40 count – free after UP rewards and $2 coupon
Purex Crystals – 99 cents after $2 coupon and $1 UP reward
$1 items – some are at around 85% savings:
Beyond BodiHeat
Nivea lip care

Check your receipt for a $3 off $15 purchase coupon after doing a survey.

Heads up! Some Rite Aid stores are on strike. The stores are:
• 5795 State Road, Parma
• 2323 Broadview Road, Cleveland
• 180 North State St., Painesville
• 2709 Broadway Ave., Lorain
• 2853 Grove Ave., Lorain
• 13470 Cedar Road, University Heights

For more about the strike go to:

Advanta Spinning Combo fishing rod – $9.98 – save 66%
Triline 330 yard filler spool – 2/$5 after $5 rebate
Berkley Pro Braid 150 yard spool – $7 after $5 rebate
Chattahoochee Chomper cooler pack – $9.98 – save $19.99
Stratus STX Spinning Reel – $29.98 – save $40
Matzuo Hardbait Assortment – 2/$4 – regularly $3.99 each

Great Clips has $5.99 haircuts through Monday, March 14.

Win “Free Haircuts For A Year”! For the month of March, they’ll be giving away a $100 gift card from Great Clips daily. Enter your cell phone for a 2nd chance to win!
Click here to sign up:

Free midnight dazzler ice cream:

Get a free rental with good grades. I’m going to study extra hard now so that I get an A in gym class. As long as I can do twenty-five squat thrusts and run in place for five minutes I should be able to get it.
Click here:

Weekly Deal:
Additional 70% Off
$7.20 for 1 year
Coupon Code: READER

Daily Deals:
3/14 – Shape 1 Year – $4.39
3/15 – Fresh Home 1 Year – $4.39
3/16 – Ultimate Motorcycling 1 Year – $4.39
3/17 – Garden & Gun 1 Year – $4.39
3/18 – Consumer Reports 1 Year – $25.95
3/19 – Harper’s Bazaar 1 Year – $4.39
3/20 – Good Housekeeping 2 Years – $15

Take An Extra 15% Off Most Titles
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250+ Magazines under $10 with this coupon!
80+ Popular Magazines – Just $3.99 with this coupon!
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Be rewarded with the Web's Premiere Rewards Site

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Save up to 50% today on fresh spring tulips, starting at just $19.99. Expires March 31st. While supplies last.

$20 Discount Coupon

Get a $20 discount on ALL transactions of $250 or more! Use gift card ID: paddytix. Expires March 18.
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Lady Gaga tickets

Sell you tickets for events on this site. They get a 15% commission for selling your tickets. I have some extra Lady Gaga tickets I need to sell. Tickets for her show are selling for about double what I got them for! Almost as much as her tasty steak outfit.
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Get 99 cent ebooks here:

Save on select TV on DVDs with an incredible 52% off at! This offer is valid through 5/31/11. Save Up to 52% Off Select TV on DVDs at!
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Upgrade to Borders Rewards Plus and Receive $10 Bonus Borders Bucks Redeemable 4/10 – 4/23! Valid through 3/26/11.
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Funny how things happen in life. I mentioned the other week how I said no to the Extreme Couponing show. On Monday I got an e-mail from another producer about being on a show about… get this.. donating. I chatted with her, so we’ll see what happens from here. They do shows like Secret Millionaire.

Save Up to 50% All Inclusive packages on Book It

Save up to 70% on spring travel. Find all-inclusive deals.
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NEW! Get 10% off with! Use MARCHDEALS10 at checkout. Expires 3/31/11.
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Vegas Casino Sale: Free Nights & More! Expires 4/1/11.
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Buy A New Car At Internet Pricing At

Get a quote for a car from local dealerships on Great way to save you time finding the best deals or compare against an existing quote. Always get at least 3 quotes when you go shopping for a new car. You may be surprised to see how much you can save at other dealerships.
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St Patricks Day Print Promo – 100 prints for $5 – Shipped!
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The Indians have a deal on their season tickets. They have $9 Season Tickets in the Bleachers or BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Season Tickets in both the Lower Bowl and Upper Deck (View Box) seating areas. Worth over $5,000 in value, you can get Two Full-Season Bleacher tickets for only $1,458. Two Infield Lower Box seats cost a total of $2,592; two View Box seats cost a total of $2,106.

All Full Season Ticket packages include:
• Seat(s) for all 81 home games
• FREE Terrace Club membership
• Complimentary Suite for one game
• Complimentary Club Seat for one game
• 67 Exchange Dates
• Access to Exclusive Season Ticket Holder Events
• Loaded merchandise or food value per ticket
(Excluding Bleachers and Upper Reserved)

I’m a huge Indians fan, but maybe they should also throw in some Pepto Bismol and aspirin. As the team has growing pains I know my brain will let my tummy know that I’m putting it through some unnecessary torture. I’m sure it will build character. My heart is made of leather now going through all these seasons supporting Cleveland teams. But ya know, just like a lot of Cleveland sports fans, they are my teams and I don’t jump to winning teams in other cities just because they win it all and mine don’t. LeBron supported the Cowboys and Yankees and that was just one of the signs he showed that his loyalty wasn’t with the city he grew up around. I actually like supporting an underdog. As Yoda would say, glutton for punishment I am.

Click here for the season ticket deal:

I had to use my $40 Groupon for Ken Stewarts before it expired so we went this past weekend. Beautiful place with a wood cabin motiff that I like. Prices are real high. The cheapest bottle of wine was $36. The entrees were around $30. Then we got lucky.

We were already seated and eating our salads when the manager came over. He said he had to ask us something. He wanted to know if we could move to the booth next to us. He offered us drinks and dessert if we would. Apparently he forgot to save the exact table we were at for another couple that got engaged at that table and were there to celebrate their anniversary. Free drinks! Free dessert! At an expensive restaurant! No brainer for me. I was practically already seated at the other booth before we even said yes. We had to “upgrade” our drinks of course. And just before the manager asked us I was crabbing about not making it there in time for the happy hour deals.

A dozen bagels for $6.49 on Wednesdays for a limited time. Savings over $2!

Click here for $1 of coupon for Wendys Premium fish filet sandwich:

I can’t wait. Pretty soon we will get to hear the McDonalds ‘get your filet o’ fish’ commercials from McDonalds! I’m ready to be mesmerized by it’s haunting lyrics and creepy visuals. Damn that McDonalds! They get into my head and into my stomach too.

Kids specials. Come in every Tuesday from 4PM-8PM for something different each week:
March 15th – Sundae Bar
March 22nd – Toy Giveaway
March 29th – Apple Sauce Eating Contest – I am so there again.

Get an all day lift ticket for $37 for adults and $27 for juniors.

When surplus labor dries up and hikes in wages, prices and inflation ensue it’s called the Lewis Turning Point, named after a Nobel prize-winning economist. China is close to hitting that “point”. Wages are increasing while the labor supply dwindles. Wouldn’t it be nice to see some manufacturing come back to the U.S. when that happens! We need better paying jobs here that manufacturing offered. Many of the newest jobs are in lower-wage industries like retail and food preparation which accounted for 49% of new jobs gained over the last year even though they were 23% of the jobs lost during the recession. Higher-wage industries, by contrast, accounted for 40% of the jobs lost, but just 14% of the jobs gained.

Another concern is that a recent Wall Street Journal analysis found that even though productivity rose 5.2% from mid 2009 to the end of 2010, wages increased by just 0.3%. This time around, far more of the gains went to shareholders, in the form of profits, which are at record levels. The economy is getting better so hopefully everyone will share in the rewards this time around.

Time Warner came out with a new trial called “TV Essentials” that offers a package of cable channels for $29.99 per month available in northeast Ohio. It’s available in New York for $39.99 per month, After 12 months the price will jump to $49.99. It’ll be available in other markets eventually. The networks being offered are: A&E, AMC, Animal Planet, BET, Biography, Boomerang, Bravo, CNN, Cartoon, Centric, Cooking Channel, Discovery, Disney, ESPNews, FX, FitTV, G4, GAC, GSN, Gospel Music, HGTV, HLN, HSN, Hallmark, History, Jewelry TV, Lifetime, MTV, Military Channel, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, QVC, Shop NBC, TBS, TV Guide, TV One, Teen Nick, USA and, VH1.

Time Warner lost 155,000 customers in the third quarter last year, so they need to stem the losses by offering better deals. The pricing is inbetween their Broadcast Basic package, which is around $15, and its Expanded Basic Package, which costs around $60.

These channels aren’t part of the package: CNBC, Comedy Central, E!, ESPN, ESPN2, Food Network, MSNBC, MSG, SNY, SportsTime Ohio, SyFy, TLC, TNT, YES Network, and the Weather Channel. ESPN adds around $4 to cable costs so that is why it isn’t being included. By comparison, Lifetime, which will be included in the cheaper package, costs 28 cents a month per subscriber. Then again I think they can take a good handful of the channels offered off the package since they will only grow dust on my remote. I would love to see an a-lacarte offering. Pay for what you watch!

Call Time Warner for the deal at 1-877-7722

$2 off anything coupon in Sun Messenger.

HH GREGG – Chapel Hill

Joann Fabrics – on Detroit – closing on 4/11 – everything 30 to 50% off – (thanks Jennifer A for the tip!)
Borders – Mentor & Medina locally – best deal is 50% off magazines – great for getting Roto/Fantasy baseball mags for cheap – those things are now around $10 so getting them half off is great. Most everything else is 30% to 40% off which isn’t that great of a deal.
Flower Factory – 50% to 70% off – stores closing in Brooklyn, Ontario, & Aurora

Find out how to get the best travel deals. Want to go from Cleveland to Chicago for $2 roundtrip? Want to find out how to get cruises for 80% off? The class is Tuesday, March 22, 2011 from 7:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. in Aurora at the Aurora Community Education building. Register at or call (330) 562-4333. Fee.

Learn how to save 70% and more consistently on a number of topics! The class is on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 from 7:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. at Lorain Community College – Center for Learning – Call 440-366-4148. Fee.

Learn how to save 70% and more consistently on a number of topics! The class is on Monday, April 4, 2011 from 6:30 P.M. – 7:45 P.M. Tuscarawas County Public Library – New Philadelphia. Call them at (330) 364-4474 to register. Free!

Learn how to save 70% and more consistently on a number of topics! The class is on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 7:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. in Aurora in the Aurora Community Education building. Register at or call (330) 562-4333. Fee.

**** If you have any deal tips, openings, closings, or other savings info please feel free to forward them to me at I’ll do my best to post them in my blog. And thanks in advance for your help!


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