Strawberries – 99 cents
Green/Red Grapes – 79 cents/lb – 2 lb pack $1.58
Apples – $1.49 – 3 lb bag – (50 cents/lb)
Grapefruit – $1.99 – 4 lb bag

Pledge – 2/$6 – use BOGO coupon – buy 4 and get $4 in extrabucks
Halls – .87 after $1 extrabucks – use .50 coupon – I had a BOGO coupon I used on it to make a profit
Folgers instant coffee – $3.99 after $1 extrabucks – plus use $1 coupon that was at
Colgate – free after $1 coupon and extrabucks
Skintimate – 44 cents after .55 coupon and $2.50 extrabucks – coupon was having issues getting rung up even though it was legit.
3 Musketeers/M&Ms – Buy 2 get 1 free (B2G1) – plus use B2G1 coupon to get 2 free

Walgreen’s stock dropped after same-store sales and gross margin fell short of some analysts’ estimates. Walgreen’s fiscal second-quarter same-store sales rose 4.1%, missing the 4.4% increase estimated by Citigroup. Its non-pharmacy sales and prescription same-store sales both missed expectations as well, while its gross margin contracted slightly versus Citigroup’s expectation for a wider margin.

Walgreens’s stock has gone up and down for the past Does this mean they will tinker with their register rewards? A lot of people got turned off by all the intricacies of the register rewards and the lack of consistently good deals. Not being able to use a manufacturers coupon and an unlimited amount of register rewards on one item is a real turn-off. CVS allows it with their extrabucks and Rite Aid allows it with their UP rewards. Right now my opinion is that Rite Aid has the best deals with their combo rebates and UP rewards deals.

Found some sweatshirts and sweatpants for $1. Lotsa garish colors.
Snicker Egg – 29 cents – use 2/$1 coupon
Skintimate/Edge shaving gel – 45 cents each after .55 coupon and $1 register rewards – my coupon was having issues getting rung up even though it was valid.

Walgreens Diapers are on Sale for $5.99 this week. Buy 5 Packages @ $5.99 = $29.95. Use the $2.00 Infant Care Book Coupon (Will Deduct $10). Submit for the $10 Mail In Rebate which Prints at Checkout. Pay just $1.99 each after Coupon and Rebate! Thanks to Saving with Passion/ for the deal!

Brawny towels – 2/$12 – 6 pack or 8 pack of big rolls – get $3 off you next shopping trip coupon at register with purchase of 2 – plus use .50 coupon – note: 8 pack regular rolls = 320 sq ft, 6 pack big rolls = 308 sq ft – get more paper with the smaller rolls!
Friskies Treats – .25 after $1 coupon
Sargento Cheese – $1.20 after ,.40 coupon – eOffer at for additional .75 (works on just one)
Stouffers Entrees – 5/$10 – plus use $1/2 or $1 coupon
Kool-aid packets -20/$2.50 – plus use buy 10 get 5 free coupon
Uncle Bens rice – free after $1 coupon
Starkist tuna packets – free after .50 coupon that was at
Yoplait Greek Yogurt – .40 after .60/2 coupon – buy 5, get an additional $1 off
Rubbermaid – 50% off assorted items
Chef Michael’s dry dog food – $4.99 after $10 coupon (Thanks Pam W. for the tip!)

I found some dollar items marked down to 25 cents, including steak sauce and Spin-n-Span kitchen items. I found some discounted hair color items that were 75% off – got some free with $2 and 2/$5 coupons (Clairol).
Axe products – 2/$9 – use BOGO coupon – plus get $5 in UP rewards with purchase of 4.
Stayfree – $2.49 – use BOGO coupon – get $1.49 in UP rewards with purchase of 2.

Double coupons up to 99 cents through Saturday, 4/2/11 with Shop Your Way Loyalty Card. No limit.
Burpee seeds – BOGO (buy-one-get-one-free)

Purina Cat Chow – $11.99 – use $1 coupon – buy 2 and get a $5 Target gift card

Levin is closing out their Sealy Posturepedics line. Get some at wholesale costs and at close-out prices. Get 50% off Stearns & Foster mattresses. Free $100 Apple gift card with any Tempur-Pedic bed purchase. Clearance center in Oakwood Village at 80% off everyday.

Sports memorabilia store located at 9107 Mentor Ave. Moving sale. 25% off all store items and 5% off consignment items from March 27th to March 30th.
Get more coupons at:

Look for fertilizer deals at all locations. A $5 off a $25 purchase coupon in the Entertainment book. You can print one off your online account once a year too.
Willoughby Hills Gale’s Deals:
Vegetable & Flower seeds – 40% off – through 4/1.
Earn $1 for every $10 you spend on any purchase up to $200 between April 1 to April 30. Maximum 20 Blooming Bucks. Redeemable 7/1/11 to 8/31/11.

Gale’s Brunswick Deals:
Get a 20% off coupon on one item. Click here:

Regular price $32.99 Sale price $14.00

Regular price $4.99 Close-out price $1.00

Regular price $7.99 Close-out $3.00

Regular price $29.99 Sale price $14.99

Original price $19.99 Blow-out $6.00

Prices range from $.25 to $1.00

Gale’s Maple Heights Deals:
Thursday is Golden Buckeye Day. Seniors: Present your Golden Buckeye card
and save 10% on any regular priced items.
Look for a Groupon posted Early April, 2011!

Gale’s Westlake Deals:
20% off Burpee seeds
20% off Gales grass seed

On April 14 look for a next lot of gift certificates going on sale every quarter at Some second quarter certificates remain through the end of March. Check out their special $10.40 deals beginning April 15 and running through May 15. Appetizers, entrees and desserts at special prices. Click and enter to win $1040 in Cleveland Independents’ gift cards available on April 8th.

Print FREE Grocery Coupons at Home

Get almost 200 coupons at before some aren’t available after the end of the month. New ones will be available on Friday, April 1st.
Click here:

Get 100% back in Staples Rewards with the purchase of a 20/Pack Duracell CopperTop AA or AAA Alkaline batteries. Use .75 coupon on each. Limit 2.

Snapfish Employee & Friends Discount: Two Mugs for $10! Promo Code: SNPFSHEMPL.
Get 50 free 4X6 film prints with first upload. 150 Prints for $15 with code PRINT150. Exp: 3/31. Click here:

Did you see the story about the CFL light bulbs being sent by First Energy again. It’s such a rip-off. They are charging customers for these bulbs even though nobody requested them. I get the same bulbs free after rebate all the time at Rite Aid. I’m all for energy efficiency, but this isn’t the way to do it. The bulbs have been sitting in storage since former Gov Strickland kiboshed the plan two years ago. Now a new governor is in office and it looks like they want to try the same scheme again.

The average residential consumer would pay an additional $1.50 a month in electricity delivery charges over the next 36 months, which includes 30 cents for the light bulbs. Comes out to about $54. They are 23 watt bulbs that give the light of a regular 100 watt bulb. They say you will save $49 annually by using all six bulbs.

This is from the same company that got themselves in trouble for issues at the Davis Besse nuclear reactor in Avon. The U.S. Justice Department investigated and penalized First Energy over safety and reporting violations related to the incident. The NRC determined that this incident was the fifth most dangerous nuclear incident in the United States since 1979. They were fined $23.7 million, with an additional $4.3 million to be contributed to various groups. Two former employees and one former contractor were indicted for statements made in multiple documents and one videotape, over several years, for hiding evidence that the reactor pressure vessel was being corroded by boric acid. I wonder how things would be run if the same people making these decisions if they had to live next door to the plant with their families.

If you want to entertain yourself for a few minutes do yourself a favor and call their CFL order line at 1-888-846-2235 and ask them questions about the program. One gal just kept reading the exact scripted answer as I posed various questions trying to make sense out of the program. She had no idea what it was about, but I got a kick out her not being able to answer on her own, so I kept asking the question because I wanted her to read it all over again. After the fourth time saying the exact same line word for word and saying something about ‘Icon Journal’ I figured out she was trying to say Akron Beacon Journal. They must have had a misspelling in the script. She eventually hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor because it was obvious she had no clue about the program.

I called back and got someone else that didn’t know much so I asked her for a supervisor. I told them I didn’t want to pay for the bulb and to un-enroll me from the program. She said they could unenroll me. I asked if I would still pay $1.50 a month if I un-enrolled. She said I would still be charged the $1.50 a month. So I told her I didn’t want to un-enroll if I still got charged. That conversation went in circles for some time too. I plan to call back again because I want to get my $1.50 worth of entertainment if I can’t get them to stop charging me.

If I do get the bulbs I plan to plant them. I want to get my money’s worth. I’ll watch them grow to 200 watts or more and produce little lower wattage bulbs that you can pick when they bloom this early summer. I’ll pick the fruit from them and put them on my morning cereal or yogurt. I’m sure the toxic mercury in them will taste something great.

Wanna complain about the decision? Call the PUCO (Public Utilities Commission Office) at:

800)-686-7826 (voice)
(800)-686-1570 (TDD)

Or write them at:
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
180 E. Broad St.
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3793

If your car gets 20 miles a gallon, how much would it cost to make a quick trip to the store that is 5 miles away? That makes it 10 miles roundtrip, so it would cost $1.75 in gas if gas is $3.50 a gallon. Sometimes we couponers love a deal so much we will go out and get that one thing that is a deal. But if it’s free there is still taxes to be paid on the item and there is wear and tear on your car that turns into maintenance costs too. You also have to figure in the cost of car insurance, the cost of the car, etc. And that is partly why I don’t post deals unless they are at substantial savings and enough of them. Anything less than half off isn’t much of a deal.

If you rode your bike or walked to each shopping destination then the cost is free and as a bonus you would probably turn into skinny Kirstie Alley too.

I also like to do all my shopping in one day. That way I can go to all of the stores in succession. There is a round-trip route I take that hits all the stores I need to get to and it’s about 20 miles total. I usually go to Rite Aid, CVS, Walgrees, Giant Eagle, and Aldi’s every week. I stop at other stores depending on how good their deals are.

Not sure how many miles you drive? Type the address of the store that you go to and your address and it will tell you the amount of miles and minutes it takes to get there on From there you can also grab the highlighted outline of the route and move it to other roads to see the difference in miles and minutes by changing your route. A green dot will appear on the highlighted route when you click on it. What is neat about that feature is you can see the difference other routes are by just moving the dot by clicking on it and dragging it on the map. You’re able to jog the route and add exactly the route you take so that you can see the differences. You can do that by added new route legs with each green dot added. You may be surprised to find out that you’ve been driving the more miles and/or minutes to your destination and you’ve been doing it your whole life!

If I have to make another trip to the store during the week I usually do it on the way home from work when I’m already passing by the store. That way I’m not making a special trip just to go to the store and I’m not wasting gas.

Here’s something that many people don’t get right. Is it quicker and less miles to go from Willoughby, OH to the airport in BrookPark via 271/480 or 90/71? The answer is 90/71. And by almost 4 miles! It takes 31.5 miles and 36 minutes going 90/71 and 35.4 miles and 41 minutes going 271/480. If you drove the longer route thinking it was shorter you would drive an extra 76,800 miles (8 extra miles a day roundtrip) over 40 years figuring you drove that route 48 weeks of the year for 5 days a week. That’s almost a new cars worth of miles! It’s also and extra 160 hours worth of driving over that time too. That’s like driving from New York to Los Angeles four times!

Hi, please don’t attack my impenetrable snow fort or I shalt release a barrage of pointed unkind words that will shake your core.

Back when I was a kid I built a snow fort. It was big and solid. I had openings in the wall so I could see people going by. I saw a local hooligan approaching and I had a feeling I would catch him trying to bust my fort. I like that…not often I can use the words bust my fort.

I waited patiently as I saw him start to walk towards my fort. Sure enough, he started to kick at it. I let him chip away at it like a woodpecker on a rotten log. I waited some to make sure he got his fill of kicking it before I surprised him. He was older than me by a good many years and a known burnout and I was an innocent small scrawny kid at that time, but I had a wild streak in me. I had to play it safe some and I didn’t want him snuffing a cigarette in my forehead or anything like that. At just the right time when he walked away some I jumped up and yelled, “Hey, what are doing!” – as if those strong words would startle him into apologizing. I verbally lashed out at him some more. He said something like he didn’t do it. I tried to reason with him as if that made sense. I could have upped the ante by throwing a snowball or telling him he didn’t look cool smoking Virginia Slims or something more biting, but I knew my boundaries. Then again, I was in my protective fort and he knew it. I patched up my fort and hunched down waiting for my next sucka…this time I hid behind the bushes with some water balloons filled with saurkraut juice, hot sauce, honey, and part of my scab collection.

L.L. Bean is waiving shipping fees all the time, with no minimum order. Might cause other companies to match the deal!

6 FREE Products for Tax Season!

This site gives you lots of freebies, some for just the cost of shipping. FREE Business Cards (Qty. 250) FREE Rubber Stamp (Qty. 1) FREE Business Card Magnets (Qty. 25) FREE Postcards (Qty. 100) FREE T-Shirt (Qty. 1) FREE Invitations & Announcements (Qty. 10) FREE Return Address Labels (Qty. 140) FREE Website (1 Month)
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Additional 20% Off
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Daily Deals:
3/28 – Taste of Home 1 Year – $5.49
3/29 – Yoga Journal 1 Year – $4.39
3/30 – Sporting News 1 Year – $4.39
3/31 – Sister 2 Sister 1 Year – $7.49
4/1 – Muscle & Fitness 1 Year – $4.39
4/2 – Wine Enthusiast 1 Year – $4.39
4/3 – Woman’s Day 1 Year – $4.39

Take An Extra 15% Off Most Titles
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250+ Magazines under $10 with this coupon!
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Click here to order:

Look for coupons for Bakers Square in the JB Dollar Stretcher magazine. Coupon for $7.99 for fruit pies and $5 off a $20 purchase coupons are in the ad.
Wednesdays – free slice of pie with any menu item purchase.
Also find a coupon for $5 off with the purchase of two entrees and two beverages (or $2.50 off with one entree and beverage purchase). Another is for a free slice of pie with adult entree purchase.
Click here:

Now open at the former Cabanas location at 8500 Station Street in Mentor.
Happy Hour – Mon to Fri – 4 to 7 PM – $5 Martinis, $1 off glass of wine, $2 domestic beers, $3 craft beers & imports
Ladies Night – Thursdays – Happy Hour all night
Half Price Bottle of wine night – Mondays

Mondays – $3 off pasta dinners
Tuesdays – $2 beers and $2 off an appetizer or sandwich
Wednesdays – $2.25 margarita
Thursdays – $3 spiked ice teas – 7 to 9 PM – AYCE Fish Fry after 4 PM
Happy Hour – Mon – Fri. 3 to 6 PM – $2.00 Beer & Drink specials
Located in Mentor at 9055 Mentor Ave (where The Avenue was located) and in Chardon at 12719 Mayfield Road (where the 19th Hole was located).
Add your name to their mailing list to receive coupons:

Located in Lakewood.
2 for 1 burgers on Mondays
15 cent mussels on Thursdays
Dinners for $5 on Wednesdays
Look for $5 off $20 coupon in Friday, 3/25 PD

Get free coupon templates for your business at:

Fill in the form below to get your FREE Bausch and Lomb SoftLens daily disposable trial lens certificate. Print a copy and bring it with you next time you visit your eye care professional.

Brown Derby – Medina (where the Roadhouse used to be)
Sweet Moses Soda Fountain & Treat Shop – Gordon Arts District (near West side) Cleveland
Rue21 – Great Lakes Mall – Mentor (teen retailer)
Arthur Treachers – Brunswick (Thanks Terry T for the tip!)
Spectators – Willowick (used to be Cleats)

Casa Italian American Restaurant (Casa D’Angelo’s) – last day March 31st – will miss their chicken marsala.
Arthur Treachers – Parma Heights (Thanks Terry T for the tip!)

Learn how to save a ton of money at one of my classes! Learn how to save 70% and more grocery shopping and over 90% toiletry shopping. Also find out how to save money on restaurants, utility bills, cell phones, vacations, gas, and tons more! To view my upcoming class schedule please go to:

If you’re interested in booking a class for your organization, please contact me at

Monday, April 4 – 6:30 P.M. – Tuscarawas County Public Library – New Philadelphia – Call them at (330) 364-4474 to register.
Tuesday, April 5 – 7:00 P.M. – Aurora Community Education – Savvy Shopper Class – Register at or call 330-562-4333. Fee.
Friday-Sunday, April 7 – evening, 8th – evening, 9th – 10 AM to 1 PM – Big Red Wagon – Cleveland Expo Center – Euclid
Tuesday, April 12 – 6:00 – Mothers of Preschoolers – Trinity Baptist Church – Mentor
Wednesday, April 13 – 12:30 PM – Herb Guild – Westlake Porter Library
Saturday, April 16 – 11:00 AM – Maple Heights Library
Thursday, April 21 – 7:00 PM – Port Clinton Library
Tuesday, April 26 – 7:00 PM – Perry Library

Thursday, May 5 – 7:00 P.M. – Silversneakers Seniors Program – Painesville YMCA
Saturday, May 7 – 10:00 A.M. – Garfield Heights Library
Thursday, May 12 – 7:00 P.M. – Kenston Community Education – $20 fee – register at or call 440-543-2552
Tuesday, May 17 – 7:00 P.M. – Lorain Public Library
Wednesday, May 18 – 7:00 P.M. – Brook Park Library

Wednesday, June 15 – 6:30 P.M. – North Canton Library
Saturday, June 18 – 10:30 A.M. – Zagara’s Marketplace – 75th Anniversary – Cleveland Heights
Wednesday, June 29 – 7:00 P.M. – Akron – Firestone Library

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