Kroger is planning to do away with double and triple coupons starting on April 13th in the Houston market. Bad news as they might target other areas too. There are 104 stores that will be affected. Right now there are no plans to eliminate them elsewhere. The Houston market was said to have only 7% coupon usage. Let’s hope that others won’t follow their lead. However, when Giant Eagle tried to eliminate doubles, a group of us were able to help change their mind. We even started a site called

Kroger plans to offer other new savings programs, but I’m sure they won’t save you as much as doubling and tripling coupons. EOffers also involve a lot of time clicking on coupons online. Some people don’t have PC’s to do eOffers, especially poor folks that use coupons and need the savings the most.

I thought it was odd when Kroger wouldn’t allow me to get filmed for the TLC Extreme Couponging show at their Perrysburg store that doubles $1 and less coupons. The show exposed how couponers can save tons and that might have clinched them deciding to get rid of them. Needless to say, I wasn’t part of the show because they wouldn’t show that I donated. When you put couponers in a bad light as the show did for the most part, Kroger’s decision might be just some of the things that come of it.

However, they are stating the show didn’t have anything to do with their decision. They also changed their eOffers to one per item after the show and said that it had nothing to do with it. Hmmm…

Read more from a web-cast with one of Kroger’s spokespeople at:

Now there will be tons of people even more financially strapped at a time when the jobs are scarce and wages aren’t keeping with expenses. Let’s hope they change their mind. Then again, they will become just like any other grocery store if they do away with doubles, causing people to shop elsewhere.

Stay tuned…

Here’s a clip on the story:


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