When gas hits $10 a gallon…

Look for a $10 off a $10 purchase or more coupon in the mail.

Free any size coffee with coupon in this Wednesday’s PD.

Free maple stir at the Chardon Maple Festival with coupon in this Friday’s PD.

Biore – Get $10 in UP rewards with $20 spent – plus use BOGO coupon
M&Ms – free after UP rewards – limit 2
Check your receipt for a $3 off $15 purchase coupon survey.

Blink Tears – free after extrabucks – plus use $4 coupon found on some packs
Maxwell House – $3.99 after extrabucks – plus use 2/$1 or $1 coupon
Dove Mens deodorant – 99 cents – plus use $1 coupon

Nexcare bandages – free after rebate on pack
Tuf garbage bags (up to 80 count) – $3.99 after in store coupon
Liquid Plummer – 2/$3 after register rewards
409 – 2/$2 after .50 coupon and register rewards
Maxwell House coffee – $3.99 – plus use 2/$1 or $1 coupon
Stayfree – free after register rewards – plus use $1 coupon that was found at

Get 4 x 6 photo prints developed for 9 cents each!
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Get 25% off photo gifts.
Coupon Code: APRIL25
End Date: 04/28/2011
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Cantaloupe – 99 cents
Strawberries – 1 lb pack – $1.49
Mangos – 49 cents each
Avocados – 99 cents each
10″ Hanging flower baskets – price match the ad price at other stores like Lowes or Wal-mart

Look for a coupon in the Sunday sales ads for a free multipurpose scissors with stainless steel blades with any purchase. I found a wet paint sign for 7 cents. Got me some free scissors I can use to cut coupons and a sign I will most likely never use!
Find some other great deals at Harbor Freight for tools at:

Starkist packets – free after .50 coupon found at
Brownberry bread – BOGO – plus use .55 coupon = .89
Fuze – 10/$3 – after 2/$1 coupon
Band-aids – .24 after .50 coupon
Reynolds wrappers – free after .75 coupon
Bertolli pasta sauce – $1 after .75 coupon
French’s mustard dipping sauce – .50 after .75 coupon
San Giorgio pasta – .29 after .55 coupon
Sara Lee pies or cakes – $2.50 after .75 coupon
Glide – .25/2 after .75 coupon and eOffer found at
Orbit gum – found some on clearance for .37 – free after 2/$1 coupon
Lays chips – $1.49 each for two after 2/$1 coupon
Yoplait Trix multipack yogurt – .50 each for two after .75/2 coupon and eOffer
Brut Deodorant – free after $1 coupon

Free Duracell batteries after easy rebate – limit 2

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We donated a bunch of stuff recently with our stash. Some went to a church in Lorain and one in Mentor. We donated 370 pounds of food to the Cleveland Food Back too. Why TLC didn’t want to show this byproduct of extreme couponers is not right. Kroger and any other store that gets rid of double coupons will effect what is donated to charitable organizations, many that are seeing the need at record levels.

Even though most of the people on the show donate their stock, without the show revealing it this column by Jen Lancaster shows how some people think of couponers now:

10) I now find Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days to be hot rather than Joanie.
9) I get excited when I find a Geritol coupon.
8) My barber starts trimming my ear hairs and eyebrows…without asking them to do it.
7) I sense looking forward to matinee movies and early-bird specials.
6) I’m getting grumpy just writing all this.
5) I look out the window to be at the ready to yell at kids stepping on my grass.
4) When I find other people’s dentures lying around I put them in to see what they feel like.
3) I now have pants older than cashiers.
2) I start to tell kids stories about how I used to walk to school in blizzards…and the stories are true.
1) I get a taste for Tab.

Get a 55 cent coupon for International Delight Creamers at
New Almond Joy and Cinnabon flavors. That should be illegal to have those flavors for coffee creamers.

Get a $1 off a small sub or $2 off a large sub coupon here:

Get a $1 off Tidy Cat litter coupon here:

Get a bunch of French’s mustard and Frank’s Red Hot coupons here:

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at Ballpark Franks Coupon

Hey Butler, where art thou? It looks like they are in the kaput heap of upstarts in the sky. There was nary a mention of it anywhere. That’s what happens when their site didn’t generate much anything of substance. They were a site that was about saving you money, but the coupon and discounts they had on the site were miniscule, usually a dollar off or 10% off.

Back some years ago I met with them. I told them they needed to give better discounts like half off and more. They didn’t. For most people it’s not worth the time if the discount wasn’t all that great. I gave them other advice that they didn’t implement. I said I would consult for a charge. They never called back.

Then I saw that they asked for help and they would pay. I knew they weren’t far from going under at that point. Their site just became a place to win prizes by clicking on logos, not something that was going to make people patronize the business. It was almost like gambling. They had promotions and advertised like crazy, even spending millions for Super Bowl ads. But no matter how hard ya advertise a dead product, it gets you nowhere.

Needless to say, they didn’t make any changes. I also told them to advertise on stations that have a good demographic of women like WDOK instead of advertising on WTAM that has a large male demographic of listeners. Reason being, women are more likely to use coupons and not men. They had tunnel vision and went through all their venture capital like a Taco Bell bean burrito in a nervous bird.

They had a chance to do something special. A similar company called Groupon did a better job of reaching consumers and with savings that were more substantial. Groupon also have to be careful since many of their restaurant deals are BOGO, same as deals that you can find in the Our Town or Entertainment book. However, there are hundreds of coupons that are BOGO in those books and it costs you the same for one Groupon as almost the price of a coupon book full of almost 1,000 BOGO coupons.

I hate to see any business go under, but businesses have to adapt and adapt quick to the market. Just look at what happened to Blockbuster, Borders, and many others that didn’t keep up with the changing technology. I just can’t wait until they have coupons that magically appear when I think of them.

Do you use long distance on your landline phone at home? Do you even know if you are being billed for it? Most folks use their cell phone for long distance calls. So have your carrier (AT&T or whomever it is) remove it from your bill. Also request a credit for not having used it if you don’t. You should be able to get two months creditted.

Purchase $5 in Mega Millions and get a free .50 pick 3 straight wager for the next drawing. Now thru 4/30.

Receive a FREE $10 Bonus card when you purchase $50 in Outback Gift Cartds.
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Half price all shakes and drinks weekdays fro 2 to 4 PM and 2 to 4 AM.
$1 any size tea.
4 meals for $3.99 each:
Double Steakburger with Cheese and fries, Single Steakburger with Cheese nad Bacon and fries, Chicken Fingers and fries, or Triple Steakburger and fries.
Coupons with ads in Sunday paper:
99 cents – 3 kids silver dollar pancakes
BOGO M&Ms or Mint Cookies and Cream Milk Shake
BOGO Royal Steakburger
BOGO Regular soft drink ortea
BOGO Regular Specialty Milk Shake
$2.99 any steak frank and fries
$2.99 sausage or bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and hash browns
…and many more coupons. I’m gonna stop here because I’m getting way to hungry typing all this.

Click Here to Compare Credit Cards

Some simple tips to save some on gas (mpg):
Keep you car tires properly inflated.
Remove unnecessary weight in your car.
Don’t buy a higher octane gas than what your car needs.
As cool as it is to do it, don’t jackrabbit start.
Don’t drive over 60 mph, especially in your driveway.
Don’t idle too long.
Nothing revolutionary, but ride a bike or walk to your destination. If one is available, try riding a camel.
Find the best gas rewards credit card at or

One thing that don’t save you on gas are additives that Consumer Reports have found no correlation to gas savings.

Find the best gas prices around town at Works across Canada and the U.S. CHeck the site before you get gas as it may be 30 cents cheaper or more at another station you will pass up. Updated by folks that earn points for prizes. Some prices can be minutes old and some hours or days. When prices at many gas stations start to jump you will notice that they are minutes old in the highest price section. So if you didn’t get gas make haste to do so before it hits your station.
Click here:

Go to Marcs and they will sell you gift cards for Speedway that will get you 10 cents off per gallon of gas. You will still earn Speedyrewards using the gift card too as long as you scan your Speedyrewards card before using it. They had a bonus month this month with 7,000 points earned when making 10 paid visits to Speedway.

Gas prices go up because demand goes up. Right? Wrong. Saudi Arabia said they cut oil output because it lacked buyers. They said they reduced output by 800,000 barrels per day in March from February. The Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi described the market as “oversupplied”.

So what is going on here? It’s the speculators, the Wall Street folks that determine pricing futures. Say for instance, there is a cold snap in Florida and the speculators increase the price of oranges because they know demand will be higher than the supply. That makes sense. But when it’s speculation that gas will go higher because of wars and conflict in the Middle East they can make the assumption that gas prices will go higher, so they bid up pricing for oil on future contracts causing gas prices to go higher.

Some may say we should drill more or release oil reserves. A study found that drilling in Alaska wil reduce prices only pennies a gallon. Releasing oil reserves may temporarily reduce prices a little, but should we have an emergency use for it like a war or major pipeline disruption during that time we can put the country at risk. Plus you can see that Saudi Arabia reducing output because there were no buyers also shows that there is plenty of oil in the market.

This brings me back to speculators. Do you trust these folks on Wall Street that almost collapsed the world economy? If they live by the same greed then it’s not about the market but about ill-obtained profiteering. I hope someone digs into this and puts a stop to it. Obama just formed a committee to do so. A bit late, but at least he’s looking into it.

In the meantime it makes sense to ween ourselves off oil as the current White House is trying to do. I drive a hybrid Prius…of course I love the gas savings, but the car is great too. I saw that the most American built cars driven here according to are the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. As crazy as that seems, it shows that the model doesn’t always equate to where the car is built, where the parts are from, and sales volume. However, the American Automobile Labeling act found that the Ford Explorer was 85% domestic content (includes Canadian though), Dodge Dakota at 84% while the Camry and Accord were at 80%.

I love this site. It’s just like Mapquest or any other driving direction map site. What I like about it is that it tells you the quickest way to get somewhere or least amount of miles. Simple. But what is fun about it is finding out that the routes I’m taking may not be the quickest whether it be from home to a store or work. You can replot the map by just grabbing a point on the road to so that you can compare it to your actual route. So check out all your normal routes to see if you can save on gas and time and wear and tear on your car.
Check it out at:

Weekly Deals:
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Additional 20% Off
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Find coupons in this past News-Herald TGIF magazine for:
Complimentary facial wax with any color service – or – Mother/Daughter special on color service at 20% off when scheduled together.
$10 off prom special (book with Brittany)

Blue Planet coffee – Eastlake
East Coast Original Frozen Custard – Mentor – Grand Reopening
Lizardville Beer Store and Whiskey Bar – Bedford Heights
Yogurt Vi – Legacy Village – got there in time to catch their grand opening on Saturday and got some free frozen yogurt and toppings – they even had lychee nuts for a topping.
Crazy 8 – Legacy Village

Outfitters – Legacy Village – 70% off entire store

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