Wednesday 8/22 only: Fresh Filet of Beef – $5.99/lb
Starts 8/22:
Green Peppers – 2 pack – 49 cents
Vine Tomatoes – 79 cents/ 1 lb package
Avocados – 49 cents ($1.47/ 3 pack)
Artesian Lettuce – 4 ct clamshell – 99 cents
Mangos – 49 cents
Seedless Watermelons – $2.99

Best Buy reported their profit in the second quarter dropped 90%! Not a good sign. Their co-founder, that was kicked out of the company, wants to purchase them and turn them private. People who shop at Best Buy are tech savvy so they make most of their purchases online, bypassing Best Buy stores. They need to balance the deals so that some deals can only be found in the stores and not online.

Spiral notebooks – 10 cents

Advil 40-50ct, PM 20ct or Childrens Liquid 0.5 or 4 oz – Profit after $10 mail in rebate and $4 Extrabucks reward with purchase of 2 and three $1 coupons
Gillette Venus Razor or Disposable Razor – Profit after $5 Extrabucks and $4 coupon – can also use BOGO coupon
Dimetapp 4oz or Robitussin 20ct or liquid 4 ozor Advil Congestion Relief 10ct or Cold & Sinus 20ct
– .68 after $10 mail in rebate and $4 Extrabucks with purchase of 2 and three $1 coupons
Super Poligrip .075 oz – Free after coupon
Bic Flame Disc – Free after coupon
Stayfree Pads 14-24ct – Free after $2 coupon
Hersheys Simple Pleasures pouches 5.6 oz – .50 after $1 Extrabucks on purchase of 2 and two $2 coupons
Dawn 9-10.3 oz – .24 after .75 coupon – also use for get $10 gas card with $30 purchase deal
Vicks ZzzQuil LiquiCaps 12ct or liquid 6 oz – .99 after $2 Extrabucks and $2 coupon – limit 2
Caltrate 60ct, Centrum Silver 80ct, Adult 100ct or Kids 80ct Vitamins – $1.32 after $10 rebate and $4 Extrabucks with purchase of 2
Visine – $1.49 after $2 Extrabucks and $2 coupon

Spiral Notebooks – 19 cents
Kids Scissors – 2/$1
Portfolios – 15 cents
Paper Mate pens 10 ct – or mechanical pencils – 2/$1
Bananas – 3 lbs/$1
LA Looks hair gel – BOGO 2/$2.39 – plus use $1 coupon
Jet Puffed marshmallows – 99 cents
Mama Luci meatballs – 12 oz – $1
Duck Brand Easy Liner – Free after $2/2 coupon
Fresh Express Salad bag – $1
Fresh Express Cole Slaw bag – $1
Ekrich Franks – $1

Dollar Tree will begin taking coupons starting Sunday, August 26, 2012!

Here is their coupon policy:
Only original and intact manufacturers’ coupons will be accepted. Retailer-specific coupons will not be accepted.
Coupons are void if copied, scanned, or if they have been altered in any way.
Only two (2) print-at-home Internet coupons may be redeemed per transaction.
We are unable to accept coupons for “Free” items with no purchase requirements or where the amount for the product is blank.
Coupons can only be used in stores and must be presented at time of purchase. Coupons cannot be redeemed for cash at a later time.
Coupons will not be accepted without the purchase of the item specified and are subject to the terms listed (e.g. expiration date, size, limitations, quantity, etc.).
Coupons cannot be redeemed for more than the purchase price of the item.
Only one (1) manufacturer’s coupon will be accepted per item.
Management has the right to refuse any coupon or otherwise limit quantities.

Thanks Lori M for the tip!

Be sure to get your e-offers at before you go shopping. You’re allowed up to 90. The e-coupon will come off automatically at the register when you purchase the one item.

New competitors coupon policy:

Peaches – 88 cents/lb
Fresh Express Salad – $1
Raspberries – $1.50
Baby Carrots – 1 lb – $1
Mushrooms – 8 oz – $1
Dannon Activa 4 pack – $1 after $1 coupon
Oxi Max Pouches – 2/$1.88 after 2/$2.50 coupon and BOGO sale
Reynolds aluminum wrap – $1.50 after .75 coupon
Arm & Hammer detergent – $1.89 after .75/2 coupon
Arm & Hammer laundry sheets – .89 after .75/2 coupon
Kraft Cheese with Philly – $1.45 after .55/2 coupon

Get 60% off regular priced fabric with coupon in ad or shop online with code SPG243.

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Double $1 manufacturer coupons up to a limit of 5 with a $25 purchase in grocery or household items. Potential $10 off with five $1 coupons. Must have Shop Your Way Rewards card (free loyalty card).

Get a $25 gift card for transferring a prescription to K-Mart. Coupon in ad.

Earn reward discounts at Speedway with grocery, drug, and/or apparel purchase at K-Mart.
Spend $50 – $99.99 – get a coupon for 10 cents off per gallon – up to 15 gallons
Spend $100 – $149.99 – get a coupon for 20 cents off per gallon – up to 15 gallons
Spend $150 or more – get a coupon for 30 cents off per gallon – up to 15 gallons

Powerade – 65 cents
Elmers glue sticks – 2 pack – 49 cents
LA Looks gel – Free after $1 coupon
Bar S Franks – 98 cents
Great Lakes shredded cheese or chunks – 6-8 oz – $1.50
Brocolli – $1.50

Save up to 80% on final clearance markdowns.

Ruler 12″ ring binder – 5 cents – limit 3
Officemax glue – 25 cents – limit 2
Schoolio 3 ring poly binder – 25 cents – limit 2
Wescott Junior blunt or pointed scissors – 50 cents – limit 2
Up to 5 Free notebooks with $5 minimum purchase.
Officemax ream of paper – 1 cent after Maxperks – limit 2
Officemax case of papr – $9.99 after Maxperks – limit 2
Click here for a $5 off a $25 purchase coupon good through 9/1/12:$5.pdf

Crest Pro Health Rinse 473ml -1 liter – Profit after $8 UP reward and Buy 946ml get 500ml Free coupon
Febreze Noticeables Warmer – Free after $3 coupon
Super Poligrip .75oz – Free after coupon
Bic FlameDisk – Free after coupon
Stayfree Maxi Pads 14-24ct – Free after $1 UP reward and $2 coupon – limit 2
Visine Eye Drops 15 ml or larger – .29 after $2 UP reward, $1 in-ad coupon and $2 coupon or $2 coupon
Advil CR 10ct/Childrens 0.5 or 4 oz or tablets 24ct, Dimetap, or Robitussin – .67 after $10 Mail in Rebate on select Pfizer items and $8 UP reward and three $1 coupons on each ($1.67 with Thermacare and $1 coupons with same deal).
Clairol Herbal Essences or Aussie Shampoo or Conditioners 5.7-13.5 oz – .50 after $2 UP reward on purchase of 2 and two $3/2 coupons
Dawn Dish Liquid 9 oz – .24 after .75 coupon
Scope 210ml-1 liter – .79 after $2 UP reward and $1.50 coupon
Polident 102, 108 or 120ct – .99 after $2 coupon and $2 August Video Values coupon found at
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor – $1.99 after $4 UP reward and $4 coupon
Advil Tablets or caplets 100ct, Liquid Gels 80ct or PM 32-40ct – $1.99 after $10 mail in rebate and $8 UP reward with purchase of $25 nad three $1 coupons – limit 2
Schick Hydro Razor – $1.99 after $3 in-ad coupon, $4 coupon and spend $20 get $5 UP rewards
Centrum MultiVitamins assorted Formula Tablets 100ct – $1.66 after $10 rebate and $3 UP reward on purhase of 3 and three $1 coupons and August Video Values coupons found at
Also print $1.75 coupon for Centrum Silver found at

Bic select Pencils or Cristal Pens – .49 after $1/2 coupon
Ghirardelli Pouches 4.1-5.32 oz – $1 after $4 Up reward with purchase of $12 and four $1 coupons – limit 2
Pantene Shampoo, Conditioner 12.6 oz or Stylers 5.7-8.5 oz – $1.17 after $5 UP reward with purchase of 6 and three $3/2 coupons – limit 2
Fixodent Denture Cleanser 78ct or Adhesive 2-2.7oz – $1.29 after $2 UP reward and $1 coupon
Hidden Valley Dressing 16 oz – .99 after $4 UP reward with purchase of $12 and found $1 coupons – limit 2

30-70% off Sears Outlet Appliances

I got the $15 gift card for $7 from Saveology and used it with no problem! Amazing deal!
1 cent with $5 minimum purchase:
Staples® #2 yellow pencils 8/pack, each
Staples® slider pencil box, assorted colors
Staples® pink cap erasers

Free after easy rebate and $1 instant savings:
HP everyday 8.5″ x 11″ photo paper – limit 2
Avery® NoteTabs, assorted colors and sizes

BIC® mechanical pencils, 0.7 mm – 50 cents
Staples® steel 1-hole punch – 50 cents
Staples® 8.5″ x 11″ writing pad – white – 50 cents
Sharpie® Accent tank highlighters, 5/pack – Free after easy rebate
BIC® Round Stic Grip ballpoint pens, medium, black – Free after easy rebate

Prices though 8/30:
Pink Lady Apples – 99 cents/lb
Roma Tomatoes – 89 cents/lb
Plums – 99 cents/lb
Carrots – 1 lb bag – 2/$1
Bananas – 35 cents/lb
Homemade Pumpkin roll – 8/25 & 8/26 only

Get these items free with coupons in ad and $10 or more purchase:
Gatorade & Valu Time white bread
Peaches – 88 cents/lb
Plums – 99 cents/lb
Mushrooms – 8 oz – 99 cents
Red Seedless Grapes – 99 cents/lb
Breyers ice cream – $2.33 after .50 coupon found at

Advil Congestion Relief 10 ct, Dimetapp 4 oz, or Robitussin 4 oz or 20 ct – Profit after $5 Register Reward after $15 purchase and $10 rebate and thre $1 coupons
ReNew Life Heartburn Out 1 oz – Free after Register Rewards
Walgreens TrueResult Monitor – Free after rebate in package
Zentrip Motion Sickness Prevention 8 ct – Free after Register Rewards
Super Poligrip .75 oz – Free after coupon
Bic FlameDisk – Free after coupon
Stayfree – Free after $2 coupon
ThermaCare HeatWraps 2-3 ct – Free after $5 Register reward with purchase of $15 and $10 rebate and three $1 coupons
Visine Eye Care .5-1 oz or 30 ct – .50 after BOGO sale and $2 coupon
Crest Pro Health Toothpaste 4-4.1 oz – .49 after $2.50 Register reward and .50 coupon
Centrum ProNutrients 14-100 ct, $4 Off – $1.99 after $5 Register reward with purchase of $15 and $10 rebate and three $1 coupons – coupon can be found at ****
Gillette Venus or Fusion ProGlide Razor – $1.99 after $4 Register Reward and $4 coupon
Advil 80 or 100 ct. – Profit after $5 Register reward with purchase of $15 and $10 rebate and three $1 coupons

40% off Photo Orders
Coupon Code: ALLPHOTO40
End Date: 9/01/2012
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Print Free Coupons

Get these coupons and over 200 more on Get them before they disappear! Coupons will double at stores that double according to their rules and as stated on coupon.
Sunny D – .55/2
Minute Maid Juice Box – 10 pack – .75
Brachs – $1.50/2
Pepsi Next 20 oz – BOGO
Smart Ones Dessert – $1
Shick Shave Gel – $1
TheraGesic – $1
Burts Bees Acne – $2
Clear Eyes – .75
Blink – $1
Caribou Coffee – $1
Debrox ear wax removal – $2
Butterfinger Bites – $1
Total – .75
Yopliat Frozen Smoothie – .75
Cascadian Farms product – .75
Hormel entree – $1
Playtex Binky – $2/2
Brawny 2 Giant – .55

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Weekly deals for annual subscriptions:
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Deal of the Day valid only on date specified through Midnight EST.

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Thu, Aug 23, Subscribe to Diabetic Cooking Magazine, just $4.50/year (69% off) from! Use Promo Code: 7494

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Navy 18-Inch 420D Nylon Duffle Bag: 6-Pack – was $59.94 now $15.99
8 Lbs. of Quality Click and Twist Pens – was $250.00 now $22.99
MIni Notebook Jotter Pad: 24-Pack – was $60.00 now $13.99
Clip On Dog Bone Bag Dispenser with Bags: 12 Pack – was $48.00 now $14.99
Large Scrapbooking Guaranteed Mystery Box: 250 Packages – approx. 5000 pcs (ships tomorrow) was $747.50 now $39.99
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Saveology Elite & iTunes Gift Card

Get these great deals with Saveology. Lots of incredible gift card deals. Yes, they are hard to believe deals. Get them while they last.
$10 For A $25 Gift Certificate From Avis Rental Car Company.
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$5 for a 1 Month Netflix Trial plus a $10 Papa John’s Pizza Gift Card – $17.99 Value!
$12.50 For A $25 Gift Card To Uno Chicago Grill $12.50 For A $25 Pottery Barn Gift Card.
$5 For A $15 Rainforest Cafe Gift Card.

$12.50 For A $25 Spa Wish Gift Certificate.

$3 For A $10 Steak ‘n Shake® Gift Card.
Save up to 72% off Hotel Selection Microfiber Comforters & Pillows in 4 Sizes & 8 Options
$2 for $5 Saveology Dollars PLUS $50 To Use On

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So much for 80% codes anymore on Mostly 50% and 60% off codes now. Still a great deal to get a $25 gift certificate for $10 and even less with the code. Restaurants were balking at the high discount codes and for a time some restaurants wouldn’t allow them. Now they don’t offer them as much and at higher discounts so the restaurants stopped requesting for the code not being allowed.

Some people shy away from because a restaurant decided to stop taking the certificate. I always call ahead of ask before I order to make sure they take it still. Sometimes I’ve found the restaurant was closed for good! Good thing I called.

The certificates don’t expire, so that is an improvement when they used to expire in a year. Groupons and other daily deal certificates tend to expire in a short amount of time, but not the certificates which don’t expire.

You can even reprint old ones that are in your account that don’t show used. You may be surprised as to how many you have. Check your account for credits too. Restaurants that don’t take the certificate including closed location will just be credited to your account. You may just need to go to your account to redeem them. Even those purchased before 2009 can be found on your account on the site.

Click here to find out what you have in your account yet:

Skype uses your broadband connection to make free voice and video calls over the internet. Skype’s free downloadable software allows you to talk, instant message and make video calls to anyone else of Skype for free. You can also call phones and mobiles and send text messages at great rates.

• Skype Credit allows you to call phones & mobiles, send text messages and activate other features like voicemail
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50% off food and drinks at Appetite Deli & Bakery in Lyndhurst – $30 value for $15!
50% off at Fuji Japan Steakhouse in Mentor- $30 value for $15!
50% off great Mexican food at El Rodeo in North Olmsted – $20 value for $10!
75% off a monogrammed 100% Egyptian cotton spa robe from Luxor Linens – $199 value for $49!
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Beautiful Flowers & Gifts starting at $19.99

Do you get daily deals e-mailed to you from a ton of different sources? Do you look at every one of them? Does it make your head spin? Do you kind of ignore them all now? You may even find all the deals I send as too much. Yes, trying to keep up with all the deals can be overwhelming. You get numb to what may really be a deal. Some aren’t even deals, but just like any price you can find in a store or any ordinary sale. Chasing every deal can be exhaustive too. So what to do?

My recommendation is to make sure you have the time for it. Are there other priorities that aren’t being met? Do you need to adjust the amount of time spent deal-shopping so that you can spend more time with family or take care of that broken door knob. But on essentials like food, it pays to save as much as you can. Especially when finances are tight. Not saving as much as you can now can save you a world of trouble later. Fighting about money is the norm in many relationships and it is the #1 reason for divorce. Sometimes spouses or boyfriend/girlfriends don ‘t understand us couponers obsession with deals. That can also lead to rifts. But that may be because the other person never led a thrifty life and had financial issues of their own. There are some that chase every deal and that can put a strain on a relationship too. Just like balance is good for an Olympian on a pommel horse it is good in relationships too. As fun as the pommel horse is sometimes you have to get off of it every so often.

I hear people complain about how much time it takes to coupon, etc. Studies have shown that for every hour couponing you save $100. That’s plenty more than any job will pay someone per hour, so it can be worth the effort. Better to have a cushion of cash in these uncertain economic times. So chase the best deals and remember to take a breather here and there.

Buy great toys directly from!

Expired coupons, the bane of couponing. Registers will let you know if you’ve used an expired coupon by beeping. All that is needed is a spotlight, blaring horns, and security behind you to feel like you have done something wrong. Most everyone has accidentally used an expired coupon. When they make the print so small and when you are in a rush you don’t always check; it can happen.

What it comes down to is coupons expire too quick nowadays. Back in the day, many coupons didn’t expire or expired in half a year. Now, you’re lucky if it doesn’t expire in less than three months. The average expiration date in the first half of 2012 according to Kanta Media was 7.5 weeks, down 9.2 percent versus a year ago. So yes, it wasn’t your imagination, the expiration dates have been steadily getting worse. Get this, in 1990, coupons, on average, expired in 4.9 months. No wonder some people get turned off to couponing when they get frustrated with short expiration dates. Even electronic coupons and some daily deal site certificates expire quickly. It takes time to clean our expired coupons, especially if you’re an extreme couponer. When will they reverse the trend and start increasing the expiration date? There are powerful advocates for retailers and manufacturers that need to start siding with the consumer. They need to make it a win win proposition.

Once the economy starts to run on all cylinders I can foresee manufacturers taking a hit because people won’t buy their product anymore because people will turn away from couponing and just buy what is on sale or what they really want. To entice people to use coupons they may need to lengthen the expiration dates. Some manufacturers decided to shorten dates to stop extreme couponers from purchasing multiple coupons through clipping services in time to use them for a sale…no thanks to the Extreme Couponing show that didn’t show couponers in the best light.

Coupons entice people to buy a product they normally wouldn’t over one they might prefer. For someone on a tight budget that is the only way to shop. Longer expiration dates will help cashiers and stores not have to deal with so many expireds too. Plus more products with better expiration date coupons will allow manufacturers to sell more of their product creating higher volume sales which will lower their costs too. Again, make it win win.

One store that did make it a win win was Tops back in the day. They actually accepted expired coupons as their policy. That lasted a year and half until they moved out of the Cleveland market. Most people weren’t aware of the policy though. They even doubled and sometimes tripled coupons too.

Nothing is annoying as not finding an item on sale in stock. It makes me want to spin in circles on the floor like Shemp from the Three Stooges when I can’t find the item I want in stock. Recently I sent a message to Walgreens since the store by me always seems to be out of something and even though I’m there around noon on Sundays on the day the items first go on sale. I get the “come back when the truck comes on Thursday” reply when they don’t have something in stock. I’ve never seen this magic truck. After stopping back at the store on Thursday a handful of times and finding that the item wasn’t on the truck I just stopped making the second trip.

Stores know what items will be hot sellers since they are free after register rewards or on a super deal and can order accordingly. They have a history of how it would sell too. Sometimes the managers do well at certain stores that follow that protocol. I’ve even thought to stop in at midnight to get the items. I’ve done that a handful of times, but then I find myself wanting to curl up in the bread section and take a snooze. The rye seeds from the rye bread don’t make for comfortable sleeping either. Somebody also tried to buy me thinking I was on the shelf to be sold. That was not a pretty scene. While the store was trying to figure out if I was a taxable item I made a run for it.

There is a law that stores need to provide a raincheck if they advertise the item and it doesn’t state that there are limited quantities. Stores sometimes limit the amount purchased and that helps, but when there are only a case of two of the product on the truck then that item will sell out quickly. Stores just need to manage inventory better and their systems are equipped to do so. Store managers should know how to handle hot sellers too. I’ve requested like items at times to replace the sale item with success. The problem is that getting rainchecks and requesting replacements take time and that is not always convenient and can be annoying.

I always recommend complaining to management. Try the ‘Contact Us’ section on their web-site so there is a hard copy that goes to their upper management. They seem to react better when an issue is being noticed by higher ups. Or just don’t shop there anymore. Sales go down, then the store needs to figure out why and might put two and two together to notice all the complaints as to why shoppers have decided not to shop there anymore.

Last chance this summer to save up to 35% plus get up to $100 gas card! – Expires 8/31/12

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$12 for two towels that fit in your pocket. I think it’s worth it just to see if they do. for two towels that fit in your pocket

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Pay $15 for two tickets to the “Youth and Beauty: Art of the American Twenties” exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art (regularly $30).

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Pay $129 for a 45-minute dating consultation, a personal profile, relationship coaching, as well as four prearranged dates that include background verification (a $495 value).

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At Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort get a two-night stay for two in a Cowboy Cabin ($103) or Cabin Suite ($196), nestled just outside gorgeous Zion National Park in Utah. Not too far from Las Vegas. Check out Bryce Canyon while you are out there. Spectacular.

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Check out Gotye at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica on September 16 at 7:30 p.m with tickets starting at $20 (Up to 62% Off). Two Seating Options Available.

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Do your toes look like Gargoyles ready for flight? Please get them taken care of at Ripepi on the west side.
$199 for laser nail-fungus removal for up to 5 toes on one foot (up to a $695 value)
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$19 for Sharper Image Motion-Activated Pet Bowl ($39.99 List Price).

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Enjoy dinner at the Mad Greek in Cleveland Heights with this deal:
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$70 for a four-course Greek fusion dinner for four (up to a $159 total value)

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Check out the fall leaves changing in the Northeast with this deal at Christmas Farm Inn & Spa in Jackson, New Hampshire.

One-night stay for two with wine, valid for check-in Sunday–Thursday
Travel window: August 19–September 21
Option 1: $109 for a main-inn or salt-box room (up to a $219 value)
Option 2: $154 for a carriage-house suite or barn-loft room (up to $309 value)
Option 3: $194 for cottage room (up to a $389 value)
Travel Window: October 14–December 21
Option 4: $109 for a main-inn or salt-box room (up to a $219 value)
Option 5: $154 for a carriage-house suite or barn-loft room (up to a $309 value)
Option 6: $194 for a cottage room (up to a $389 value)
Book by: 9/21/12 (Options 1–3) or 10/15/12 (Options 4–6)

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50 cent soft serve ice cream cones.

$15.49 for the Deck (52 coupons for Cleveland area restaurants). Normally $29.95. Sale only on Wednesday, August 29th. Most cards are $10 off of $30.
Go to

Click here for a BOGO Creation coupon:

Click here for a $10 off $33 or more bottle of wine coupon good Sun to Thurs at Grovewood:

Get 50% off with this deal for Joey’s in Solon:
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Get 50% off with this deal for Luchitas in Jefferson:
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Get 20% off with this coupon from T.G.I. Friday’s. It’s good through 8/29.

Get a BOGO pork slider with this coupon:

Hot Head Burrito – Mayfield on SOM Center Road
FroYo Twist Frozen Yogurt – 38233 Glenn Ave in downtown Willoughby
Royal Havana Cigars – 38448 Lake Shore Blvd in Willoughby
Tony Saccos Coal Oven Pizza – Great Lakes Mall – Mentor
Penn Station – Steelyard Commons in Cleveland

Vintage Resale Shop – Chardon
Cadillac Ranch – downtown
Dredgers Unions – the clothing store on East 4th was unique, but not enough retail there to keep it going.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012 – 12:30 PM – Community Partnership on Aging in South Euclid/Highland Heights/Lyndhurst/Mayfield Heights
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 – 7:00 PM – Euclid Library

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 – 7:00 PM – Galion Library
Tuesday, October 9, 2012 – 6:30 PM – Mentor Library

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 – 6:30 PM – North Canton Library

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