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After shoveling leaves…yes, shoveling leaves that was a mixture of snow and leaves, I was ready for a vacation. So last month we went on a Eastern Caribbean cruise and stayed in Puerto Rico before and after the cruise.

We got a flight through Southwest for $349. I kept checking to see if the price would go down since Southwest will give you a credit to use within a year if you rebook at a lower rate…the best part of it is that there is no charge to rebook the ticket. Most other airlines will charge around $100 to do so.

We kept checking for the best hotel deals. We changed hotels about a month prior to our stay since we found better deals. We ended up finding the best deals on One was at a Best Western with a full balcony facing the ocean with a full kitchen and living room for only $123 and it included breakfast!

It’s best to get to your destination at least a night before your cruise. Old man winter can decide to delay flights or cancel them and it can be very expensive to miss boarding the ship. I’ve actually seen people running to the ship and yelling for it not to leave. Not gonna happen. Bummer.

When booking in Puerto Rico be sure to check if the hotel charges a resort fee. It can be substantial. Read the small print before you reserve a room. Also check to see what they charge for parking. Parking can cost quite a bit too.

On the flight over there was a kid that cried so loud that our flight attendant gave the kid some apple juice with whiskey. That did the trick.

We booked Embassy Suites for the first couple nights. The nice thing about them is that they had a free hot breakfast (even had a chef making omelets). They also had a free reception where they offered free drinks and some snacks…and decent stuff – wine, rum, gin.

I like to check online sites for deals and purchase some before I go on a trip. There are a handful of sites that you can find savings at for restaurants, hotels, and other goodies in Puerto Rico at:

We took a bus to Old San Juan. Only 75 cents! The taxi cost around $10 to $15 which isn’t bad either.

The town is old and has a huge fort wall around it. It was to keep those dang smelly pirates and invading nations from taking over. There were lots of cats around. I mean lots.

I wanted to get an Entertainment book for Puerto Rico, but there wasn’t one for sale. With the Entertainment book going bankrupt earlier this year they cut having books in some cities.

We stopped at a Coach store in town and got some purses for 75% off. I don’t know anything about purse prices, but my wife got a large one with all kinds of pockets for $100 (originally $400). Apparently a Coach purse is a status symbol in the female world. It’s like sneakers in the Hip Hop world. I think Coach purses could’ve been used as barter in the old world had they been around. One could probably get a chuckwagon for one.

One thing I noticed was that the native Puerto Ricans wore jeans..even though the weather was around 85 degrees. I was sweating like a cold pipe on a humid day and they didn’t sweat at all. I sweated just looking at anyone wearing jeans. Then again I see people wear shorts when it’s snowing in Cleveland so I guess to each his own.

Another thing that was unique was a sign that said PARE. I believe it translates to mean when you get to this sign that looks like a stop sign in the U.S., please don’t fully stop and just roll on by. I believe it also means that pedestrians should be ready to take a ride across someone’s front hood.

Unemployment in Puerto Rico is high – over 14%. Only about 40-some percent of the population works as compared to about 64% in the U.S. Jobs are hard to come by. After the 2009 recession the tourist industry there took a hit. It’s still working itself back to the way it was.

In Puerto Rico I stopped at a CVS and Walgreens. I brought my Register Rewards and Extrabucks and lo and behold I was able to use them! I got Register Reward freebies at Walgreens and a bunch of the Extrabuck freebies at CVS. The Walgreens had issues with printing some of the Register Rewards, so they zeroed out the price so that I got the items for free. At CVS my Extrabucks weren’t taking so they had to switch me from the self scanner to a regular register to get it to work.

The next day we made our way to the cruise ship. The cruise charges a ton for transfer fees from the airport or hotel to the ship. It was only $20 (they charge $1 per bag) for the taxi. The taxi driver said they usually have to wait 2 hours before they pick up a passenger since there are so many taxis. I just wonder how they make money.

The Royal Caribbean cruise we booked was originally $619 for a 7 day Eastern Caribbean cruise through Tortola/British Virgin Islands, St Martin, St Kitts, Dominica, and Barbados. Checking to see if the rate went down, I found that it did. They dropped the price for us to $569 AND upgraded us to an Ocean View room when we found the lower rate.

I caught that dropped the inside cabin to $399, but we couldn’t switch to them since it was already within 90 days of the cruise. We had to book with Royal Caribbean since we had points to use with them.

Cruising is a great way to save money as it really is a five-in-one saver. You get meals, transportation, entertainment, a fitness center, and lodging all for one price. And best yet, you can eat to your hearts delight. The dining room meals allowed you to get multiple appetizers, dinners, and desserts. No extra charges! Most all cruise lines work that way. I gained 7 pounds. Our waiter thought something was wrong when I only ordered two appetizers or two dinners.


Doesn’t everyone wear robes and towels when they go to dinner?

On the cruise ship there was a couple that was not right. They wore their white robes and white towel on their head on ‘wear your white’ night. They wore the get-up at one of the shows later on. They said they were from Ecuador and were married for one year. They were probably in their late 50s. Another night they wore 70’s funkadelic clothes. It was something every night. I think they should’ve dropped them off in Jamaica and left them there in their element.

We bought a wine package with the cruise. It was 7 bottles (one for every dinner) for $210. Not that bad of a deal considering the list included wine that cost up to $59. We also brought wine with us. Good thing, as the cheapest bottle they had cost just under $30.

Wi-fi on the ship was very expensive. For 60 minutes it cost $35. It tiered up from there up to $150 for 500 minutes. The best way to get wi-fi was to find free wi-fi off the ship at a local restaurant or somewhere near the port. I chose not to use it much at all. They had a wi-fi “happy hour”. It cost 14 cents a minute to use it on the cruise ship from 7 to 9 am and noon to 2 pm. It was very slow so I just checked real quick to see if there were anything that needed immediate attention.

This trip we decided to take a taxi instead of booking excursions. I’m a snorkeling fool, so we would just go to the beaches that had the best snorkeling. We brought along our own snorkels that I got at CVS for super cheap at the end of summer – usually $2.50 or less. Using the snorkels that the excursions supply is kinda gross. I just know I would’ve gotten a smell of the previous users mouth stink.


Hello Squid gang! Please don’t eat me…

In St Kitts when I was snorkeling I saw a barracuda, a huge stingray, squid/cuttlefish (they seemed to be intrigued by me too), a huge puffer fish, a poisonous lionfish, turtles, and huge schools of fish, like thousands of fish.
We took taxi rides that were as cheap as $4 one way (St Kitts). The highest was in Dominica at $25 per person. In Puerto Rico it ranged from $10 to $18 one way per person. We didn’t get a rental car so it was a great deal just doing taxis as we would have also had to pay a lot for parking at the hotel and anywhere in town.

Excursions were very expensive. It was usually cheaper to find the type of excursion you wanted outside of booking through the ship. The only problem that if you book outside the cruise ship and you don’t get back to the ship in time, then you have to find a way to get back on.

If you want to save a buck try the a la carte method by getting a taxi and renting equipment like jet skis. I was able to bargain for jet skis. I usually asked someone from the tourist area or taxi person about what I should expect to pay and then I would bargain from there. I got a 40 minute jet ski rental for $50 in St Martin. One guy was charging $60 for 30 minutes and that was discounted from the Euro price. Still too much.

Shopping for souveniers paid off. T-shirts were 3 for $10 at some shops while they were $14 each at others. Some of the sellers tried to get you to buy a shirt by asking you what size you wear. Magnets were $5 each at some shops while we found the same ones for $2 at other shops.

I was able to get some great deals on booze. The duty free pricing means no taxes are paid so it already comes at a discount. On the first night before boarding the boat we sampled some frozen drinks. I picked up a flyer at the stand. It came in handy. On the sales flyer was a deal I didn’t notice until we got to the room. It was for Bicardi rum. Buy 3 one liter bottles get one free! And they were priced $10.95 each. I used it at the boat duty free shop since they price matched at the shop.

The first night they were giving out samples and if you bought something your receipt got put in a raffle. I showed the manager the flyer with the Buy 3 get 1 deal and asked them to price match it. They gave some bologna about it being a promotion so they couldn’t price match it. He did relent some by telling us he could do two bottles for $19.90. So I got them. Later that night at the raffle they picked the first ticket for the winner. The winner had to be present, but they weren’t so they picked another ticket….and another…and another. All weren’t there. They had me pick a ticket. I picked my ticket! So I won the two bottles I bought. They would’ve paid up to $50 worth, but at least I won.

Later that week I saw a different cashier and asked if he could honor the buy 3 get 1 deal. He said he had to ask the manager. The manager said yes this time (it was a different manager). So I got four bottles of Bicardi rum (assorted flavors and Select) for $32.85. These will make great gifts.

We didn’t have any Kaluhua so I needed to get a bottle of it. The duty free shop on the ship and elsewhere didn’t have it all that cheap. At St Martin I searched around for the best deal. I found a shop that sold a 1 liter bottle for $11.95. Great deal. I thought I might find it cheaper there so I kept looking. The shop sales people were pretty aggressive and when I told them I could get a bottle for $11.95 they said they could price match it. I said that wasn’t a better deal and walked away. One gal said she could do two for $24. I said that a dime more and an extra bottle. I told her it’s a good deal for her and not for me. She couldn’t answer back with that. The store that had the best price deserved the sale and not a shop that price-matched it so I ended up getting the $11.95 deal.

We wanted to tour the Mount Gay rum distillery in Barbados, but they were closed. I found a special at one of the duty free shops on the island for $9 for a one liter bottle of their rum…but they were sold out. I kept searching and found a deal for the gold and silver version of it in 750 ml bottles for $13.60! Can’t beat that price for two bottles.

Not that we need any more booze after buying all the rum, but we have parties and many of the guests like Vodka. At the airport on the way home we found Absolut Vodka 1 liter bottles two for $30. Great deal as they are usually that much for one bottle. Plus they gave us a cool sack with the purchase.

Speaking of booze, there was a festival one night in Condado where we stayed in Puerto Rico. I noticed a guy holding onto a fence a bit too tightly. Every few minutes he would take a step and hold onto the fence like he was hugging Santa Claus. Yes, he was drunk. He finally let go of the fence and plodded down the sidewalk sideswiping someone. He grabbed onto a ledge by a restaurant and then sat down at the restaurant. The fool wanted another drink. I could see how the waitress couldn’t understand a thing he was saying. As people would walk by he would yell “Raaay!”. Maybe he thought they were all his friend Ray. Eventually someone else came over from the restaurant and you could tell that they told he they weren’t serving him. But that didn’t stop him. After they left he walks into the restaurant and sits down with three ladies at their table. You could tell they weren’t happy with him. Then the restaurant called over the Police. He seemed to sober up quickly and gave them some sort of story as they told him to leave.


Save A Lot in the Dominica and their high prices (Eastern Caribbean Dollars).

The grocery prices were very high at most every island. I found a Sav-a-Lot in Dominca. They use Eastern Caribbean currency, so I had to convert the price at $1 for every $2.70 in Eastern Caribbean money.

Most of the grocery shops were small. Most carried tons of American products.

Sadly, none of the newspapers had coupons of any sort on any of the islands. I asked about coupons and was told there weren’t any. Be glad you are in the U.S. where there are tons.

There were happy hour deals most everywhere. Some places sold beer (usually Carib beer) for cheap. It was only $1 at one place in Phillipsburg, St Martin.

For dinners we sat with a couple that was orginally from China. Very nice couple. Sometimes you make a good connection with the people you eat dinner with (you get assigned the same table with the same people there each night). We plan to keep in touch with them. We had a good time making fun of the white towel people.

I tan real easy, but I didn’t want to burn on the first day and not be able to snorkel so I did the tanning booths with a one month unlimited deal at TNT tanning. I needed that month because I was as white as Cool Whip. It was for $35 PLUS I got a free bottle of tanning lotion. The bottle cost $25 on its own. Our exchange student was very tan when she got here and now that her tan faded she didn’t want to be lighter than me. She yelled “Nooo!” when she saw how tan I was. Yep, Dad was now as dark as a Cocoa Puffs.

As we were on the plane leaving Puerto Rico with a stop in Baltimore the captain announced that the temperature was 28 degrees in both places. He said one was in Fahrenheit while the other was in Celsius. Funny guy.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014 (Date Changed) – 7:00 PM – Kirtland Library – FREE!
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American Airlines and US Airways

Listen at 7:18 AM on Wednesdays to WELW 1330 AM as I go over the deals of the week on the Wake Up Lake County Show. Go to to listen to old podcasts or to listen live.

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