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Learn how to save a ton of money at one of my classes! Learn how to save 70% and more grocery and toiletry shopping. Find out how to save money on restaurants, utility bills, cell phones, travel, gas, prescriptions, and on much more! To view my upcoming class schedule please go to: . Be sure to register for libraries that require registration as some have waiting lists. All classes are free unless otherwise noted. I hope to see you there!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 – 7:00 PM – Kent Free Library – FREE!
Saturday, June 21, 2014 – 11:00 AM – Columbia Library – Register at – FREE!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 – Avon Early Childhood PTA

If you’re interested in booking a class for your organization whether it be a PTA, Senior Center, Business, Church, or Library, please contact me at or 440-227-6223. I’ve done classes all across Ohio and for many businesses including the Cleveland Clinic, Bendix, Lake Hospitals, Hyland Software, and others. I can tailor the topics to your organization.

If you’d like for me to teach a class at your local library, feel free to contact your library and request me. Have them get a hold of me at to book me.

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Get hair colored, get 5 free foils or a free wax at HAIR ANTICS in Willoughby
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With Your Family Handyman & More, LLC get a free estimate
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NetZero has extended their 75% OFF offer for Mobile Broadband Devices with the purchase of either the Plus, Pro or Platinum Plan – for $19.95, $34.95 or $49.95, with a 12 month commitment. This deal will not last forever.

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Guests can visit SeaWorld San Antonio Monday thru Friday for only $40 (save $25!) and experience all the rides, shows, attractions and animals that the park has to offer. Each ticket is valid for one visit to SeaWorld San Antonio during the week on operating days only. Must be purchased by August 10 and redeemed by August 17, 2014.

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With another run at gas at $4 a gallon it’s time to find ways to save on gas. Gas prices are on the way up with summer approaching. World tensions haven’t helped and with the economy getting better there is more demand for gas.

Some simple tips to save some on gas:
1) Keep you car tires properly inflated. Ballons are no fun when they don’t have enough air in them and the same goes for tires.

2) Remove unnecessary weight in your car, especially any plastic totes full of dead rats.

3) Gas mileage decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph. For every 5 mph over 60 mph figure a 7% increase in gas costs, so avoid excessive speeds.

4) Try riding the bus for one day to see it works for you – save on parking and gas plus you can read the paper or take a needed nap while the bus driver drives.

5) Don’t buy a higher octane gas than what your car needs. Kinda like when a kid gets too much sugar after eating cake, it’s just not needed.

6) As cool as it is to do it, don’t jackrabbit start.

7) Don’t drive over 60 mph, especially in your driveway.

8) Don’t idle too long as it wastes gas and annoys all the cars behind you on the freeway.

9) Nothing revolutionary, but ride a bike or walk to your destination. If one is available, try riding a camel.

10) Find the best gas rewards credit card at or

11) Although ethanol costs less than regular gasoline, tests have found ethanol gets fewer miles per gallon than gasoline. A Consumer Reports study found that a Chevrolet Tahoe FFV got 27% fewer miles per gallon on E85 (ethanol) than on gasoline. Many grocery stores that offer gas rewards sell ethanol gas. Ask the gas station if they sell ethanol. It is usually displayed on the gas pumps if they sell ethanol gas.

12) Carpool. Many insurance companies will reduce your auto insurance rates if you consistently carpool. You may even make a new bestie! To find others to carpool with go to,,, (1-800-825-RIDE),, or

13) One thing that doesn’t save you money on gas are additives that Consumer Reports have found no correlation to gas savings. Gas mileage boosting gadgets tested by an EPA consumer group found that of the approximate 100 products they tested since 1971, none worked as promised. See the list on Don’t let PT Barnum wannabees con ya with their snake oil!

See if you can reduce your gas costs by following the steps on this site: Once completing the steps, the site will offer you coupons.

Find the best gas prices around town at It works across Canada and the U.S. Check the site before you get gas as it may be 30 cents cheaper or more at another station. It’s updated by folks that earn points for prizes for updating the prices. Some prices can be reported minutes old and some hours or days. When prices at many gas stations start to jump you will notice that they are minutes old in the highest price section. So if you didn’t get gas make haste to do so before it hits your station.
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At Marcs they sell gift cards for Speedway that will get you 10 cents off per gallon of gas. Also, get the Speedy Rewards card at Speedway to earn points for each dollar you spend there. You will still earn Speedyrewards using the gift card from Marcs too as long as you scan your Speedyrewards card before using the gift card.

When you sign up at you will get e-mails from them with a coupon for a freebie item each month offering anything from free pop to candy to chips. Every so often Speedway offers 7,000 additional points earned when making 10 paid visits to Speedway.

Check the site to find out the current gas prices at Speedway too. the club!-300x250 banner

Some may say we should drill more or release oil reserves to reduce gas prices. Drilling is at an all-time high, yet the prices are staying high. For the first time in nearly two decades, we produce more oil here in the United States than we buy from the rest of the world. So what other options will help reduce gas prices?

Back during the start of the Great Recession gas prices dove below $2 a gallon. Supply went up because demand went down with the poor economy and the prices reflected it. Now that the economy is back on track the prices have increased to near $4 again.

A study found that drilling in the Arctic reserve in Alaska will reduce prices only pennies a gallon. Yes, pennies.

What about the XL gas pipeline? Will that reduce gas prices? A story in Forbes magazine says it will actually increase prices! Yes, increase! Read the story here:

Releasing oil reserves may temporarily reduce prices a little, but should we have an emergency use for it like a war or major pipeline disruption during that time we can put the country at risk.

It comes down to using less gas. Less demand means lower gas prices. Get a car with great gas mileage. The less we all use the more prices will go down. Also, the new mpg standards the government instituted and finally stuck to implementing should help each year as the standards increase.

Find your next car, truck or SUV on

I use Mappoint to find out the shortest and quickest route to get somewhere. It’s just like Mapquest or any other driving direction map site. What I like about it is that it tells you the quickest way to get somewhere or least amount of miles. Simple. But what is interesting is finding out that the routes I’m taking may not be the quickest whether it be from home to a store or work. You can replot the map by just grabbing a point on the road to so that you can compare it to your actual route. So check out all your normal routes to see if you can save on gas and time and wear and tear on your car.

Don’t be surprised if you find out that half the usual routes you drive are longer than what Mappoint finds. The site allows you to plot the map according to Traffic congestion too.

As a test, try to answer this questions. Is it quicker to drive from Willoughby to Brook Park where the airport is via I-90 and I-71 or I-271and I-480? You might be surprised by the answer. There is a difference of around 3 miles one way. It’s quickest driving I-90/I271.
see for yourself here:

Save Thousands on Auto Repairs

Megabus is a great way to travel on the cheap and avoid having to pay for gas! You can get tickets as low as $1 to Chicago and many other cities! Once those are sold out they increase to $5 and once they are sold out they go to $10 and so on. The $1 tickets are usually available when the schedule opens up for new dates (like Southwest does). They have free wifi too! Find them at

They now pick up and drop off at the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Transit Center next to the Wolstein Center downtown.

Unfortunately, they eliminated service from Cleveland to Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Ann Arbor. Good chance that since they are so close most people just drive there. You can still travel to Cincy, Columbus, Atlanta, Toledo (a stop on the way to Chicago), and New York City.

4th of July BLOWOUT! Get up to $15 Off Flights & Hotels  with Code FREEDOM15

I got a clarification on the Move Over law. If a car is on the side of the road whether there is a police car there or not, the law states that you have to move over a lane if it is open. You can see more about it at:
(Thanks to Lisa C for the update)

Totally Free Ship-to-Store

We went and saw one of our favorite bands the other week, the Stone River Band, and were amused by the people dancing. Some of the people dancing were Dog the Bounty Hunter, Mr. Burns from the Simpsons, and Dr. Oz. Well, they weren’t really them, but people that looks just like them.

Mr Burns was just tearing up the dance floor. Much more ambidextrous than what you see on TV. He commanded the floor and used some karate-type moves to make sure nobody got too close and everyone gave him plenty of room to make sure they didn’t get whacked in the knees or head.

Dr. Oz was very spastic. It seemed like he was moving like as if he just found a spider on his arm…every five seconds.

Dog was kinda normal even though he doesn’t look normal. What was odd is that this group of people all changed partners. Maybe they were from some Fred Astaire school, but I don’t know.

Later on a lady took a dive walking to the dance floor when she didn’t see a step down. She was a mess. Danny DeVito was there to help her up. I think she had one too many adult beverages. She continued on to the dance floor after a few minutes and danced some. I was surprised Dr. Oz wasn’t there right away to help check her vital signs. I think he was distracted from finding another spider on his arm.

Cleveland to Raleigh Durham or Trenton/Princeton starting from $49. Buy by June 9th, fly by Nov 19, 2014.

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The Our Town coupon book has around 1,000 coupons for Northeast Ohio area restaurants, fast food, drug stores, movies, golf courses, pizza, dry cleaning, wineries, entertainment and more! The Best coupon book available in the area! It’s like getting 1,000 Groupons, but all for only $28! Some restaurant coupons are good for up to $32 off! The book can pay for itself with just one coupon!

* RESTAURANTS – Restaurant coupons include the Wood & Wine, Stubby’s, Dervish Grill, Plaza Agave, Oriole Cafe, Peppermill Pub & Grill, Hooley House, Cabanas, Barley House, Chocolate Martini Bar, West Park Station, Your Truly, Harry Buffalo, Shula’s, Melting Pot, Scrambler Marie’s, Quaker Steak & Lube, Frankie’s Italian Cuisine, Stancato’s, Tavern of Richfield, Joey’s, Bongiorno’s, Mahle’s, Dino’s Willoughby Brewing, and over 120 more!

* SAVE – The book will pay for itself after 1 or 2 coupons. It’s like finding a gift card on every page! Save thousands of dollars!

* FINE DINING – 136 Fine Dining Restaurants with savings of $10 or more. Most offer half off dinners for those dining alone! Some are valued up to $30 off!

* ENTERTAINMENT – Coupons for museums, tickets for local attractions, sport-related attractions, comedy clubs, and much more!

* LITTLE ITALY – this year is our “On the Hill”, a section of Little Italy restaurants such as La Dolce Vita, Maxi’s, Trattoria, Il Baccio, Guarino’s, and Primo Vino.

* WEST SIDE MARKET – 63 offers for businesses at the iconic West Side Market.

* BIRTHDAY COUPONS – FREE dinners on your birthday coupons.

* FAST FOOD/PIZZA/LOCAL RESTAURANTS – Over 400 “two for one” or “50% off” offers at fast food restaurants, pizza restaurants, and neighborhood favorites. Find coupons for Qdoba, Buffalo Wild Wings, IHOP, Amy Joy, Burger King, Menchie’s, Mr Hero, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and tons more!

* WINERIES – 31 coupons for wineries from across Northern Ohio including Ferrante, Paper Moon, M Cellars, and Debonne.

* GOLF – Coupons for 70 green fees & driving ranges.

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Virgin Wine Club

Sale through Tuesday.
Peaches, Nectarines, & Plums – 29 cents each
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Sale through Saturday. Scan you CVS loyalty card before you shop at the CVS coupon kiosk inside stores near the entrance to get coupons.

Ban Refreshing Cooling Body Cloth 10 ct – PROFIT after $4 Extra Bucks Reward with purchase of 2 and two $2 coupons
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AutoTrader:Sell Your Car Yourself & Make More Mone

Sale through Wednesday. Located next to Gale’s in Willoughby Hills.
Jumbo Seedless Watermelon Only $ 2.99!
Sweet Apricots $ 1.99 lb
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99-cent kids’ meals are back at Eat’n Park and they’re available all day, every day, now through Monday, June 30!

Located in Concord.
Mondays – half off bottles of wine
Tuesdays – happy hour all night at the bar
Wednesdays – half off martinis
Thursdays – half off glasses of wine

Save 50 - 70% at Half Off Depot.

Sammy’s Beach Bar and Grill – Cleveland Hopkins Airport
BIN 216 – Playhouse Square – wine bar
Ligalis Bistro – Tremont – has a certificate
Catalina – formerly SB Eighty One
Piccadilly Artisan Creamery – 11607 Euclid Ave
Zoup – Avon Commons
Grove Hill – formerly Raintree in Chagrin Falls opening soon
Ninja City restaurant – University Circle opening soon
Bacchanalia Gourmet Market – Lakewood opening soon
Trentia – University Circle opening soon
Mason Creamery – Ohio City opening soon
Barrio – East 5th/Prospect – where Indigo Indian Bistro was located
Brick & Barrel – 1844 Columbus Rd in the Flats opening soon
Jukebox bar – Ohio City opening soon
Arcadian – bistro will be opening soon on Gordon Square where City Grill was located

Pastas and Pastry – Ohio City

Listen at 7:18 AM on Wednesdays to WINT 1330 AM as I go over the deals of the week on the Wake Up Lake County Show. Go to to listen to old podcasts or to listen live.

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