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So which stores have the best saving programs this past year? Which have the best deals? What stores offer the best products? How about which ones treat their employees right? I'm passing out grades for the best stores for consumers. The grades are weighted most on which have the best deals.

This past year most stores stayed the same or moved down a grade. Stores are just not offering as many deals as they used to in the past. Ever since the Extreme Couponing show went on the air the stores have tightened up on their deals and rules. Plus the focus on profits eats away at the deals.

You may be surprised that I have listed Giant Eagle with the highest grade. It's a store where I can save 70% and more on a consistent basis, mostly due to double coupons. Many folks think their everyday prices are high. Maybe back some years ago they were, but not so much anymore as they've kept their prices lower when they dropped them the other year. With Giant Eagle's other numerous savings programs that other stores don't have or aren't as good as, it bubbles them up to the top. And just because a store is known to have low prices in the past doesn't mean they are still low. Marc's and Wal-Mart's prices aren't as good as they used to be. But those stores don't have sales per se. Just supposed everyday low prices. They also don't have any loyalty program deals and double coupons like Giant Eagle does.
Huge difference.

Some folks are very loyal to their stores, but if you could get better deals at another store would they go there? We're creatures of habit and probably shop at the same stores that we've shopped at for years and years. I always like to check out stores to see if they've gotten better (or worse). I don't want to miss out on deals! Also, a box of Cheerios is the same at every store, so some items are all the same. Outside of the boxed or packaged items, meats, produce, and deli can make the difference to some consumers. Those consumers most likely put more of an emphasis on quality than cost though. All fine and dandy, but when people have limited income they have to find the store with the best deals.

Back ten years ago the rewards/rebate programs were much different. There were many more rebate programs with lots of great rebates. Back then you were able to get more razors, shampoo, and hair color for free too.

I didn't take into consideration that some of the stores I go to have bat-crazy cashiers, hate couponers, or are just mean and smelly. Sometimes they can be entertaining. Most cashiers are great. My Yvonne at my CVS rocks! I have noticed plenty of new cashiers as the economy gets better. Stores just can't keep their cashiers when the fight for workers has increased as there are many more "now hiring" signs everywhere.

I could also ding plenty of the stores for having cashiers that don't know how the registers or programs work. That's a training issue. It just varies too much across stores depending on their manager. Sometimes I want to have a Sunday gospel chorus behind me sing "Allellulia" when there are no issues scanning coupons. I do love the cashiers that call for back-up right away when the line is long and they have a large order to get through, especially when coupons are involved. Nobody likes those laser stares when you hold up the line or the huffs and puffs of people getting impatient.

So if you haven't been to some of these stores that graded well, give them another chance. You may be surprised that they are cheaper or have better savings programs than the stores you go to now.

Without further adieu here are the grades from best to worst:


Double Coupons up to 99 cents all day, every day.
10 cent Fuelperks with every $50 purchase.
20 cent Fuelperks at times with gift card purchases.
Fuelperk deals when purchasing certain items.
4 cent Fuelperk bonus per $50 spent using Giant Eagle credit card.
Register coupons, some for dollars off your next shopping trip.
They offer tons of eOffers (electronic coupons) that can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon (can't be doubled).
Weekly eAdvantege offer each week - usually a freebie item.
Lower prices.
BOGO deals, including meat
Decent amount of blinkie coupon machines in store.
Beer and wine rebates in store.
Freebies or close to free items most every week with double coupons
$30 worth of Fuel savings with transferred prescription coupons.
Some free prescriptions.
Can redeem coupons if you forgot to give one to a cashier up to seven days after purchase.
Correct price guarantee - get first item free if item rings up with the wrong price
Free babysitting at Eagle's Nest at select stores.
If you forget to use a coupon they will take it up to 10 days after the date on the receipt with a loyalty card.
Free cookie/fruit/snack freebie for kids

High produce prices. Very few go on sale.
Some prices on items still high. Hard for them to get away from the image that their everyday prices were high, but not so much anymore.
Eliminated price-matching.
Not as many sale items.
Fewer super deals combining coupons and sale items.


Awesome produce sales
New organic foods
Super fast cashiers - do they give them free Red Bull?
Decent dairy deals
Great guarantee program
Stores are sized for easy in and out.
Clearance deals.

Stores look low end.
Have to pay for bags.
They don't take coupons.
Limited payment options
Limited variety of stock
Have to pay for cart.
Mostly store brand.


If it wasn't for the ton of Extrabucks freebies over the week of Black Friday, the grade would be lower.
Usually something can be had for savings of 70% off or more every week.
Extra coupons given at the coupon kiosk.
Prescription Extrabuck rewards.
Some decent Extrabucks deals each week.
$X of $X spent coupons given at times.
Earn 2% in Extrabucks rewards on most purchases (given after each quarter).

Not as many Extrabucks freebies as in years past.
Not as many $4 off $20 purchase kind of coupons as in years past.
No additional coupons printing on receipt
No new extra coupons after initial coupons printed on coupon kiosk
Extrabucks expire too quick.
They have stopped taking expired Extrabucks.
The regular price on some items are over-priced.


Plenti Points program offers numerous deals each week.
Plenti Points expire in 2 years and not 2 weeks.
I like that you can get more than one offer on most of the deals.
Enough deals to keep you coming back each week on a good variety of items.
Electronic coupons can be loaded to your card from their site.
Some gift card deals with their Plenti Points program.
Additional discounts with each reward level reached
New Your Year program offers additional savings.

Very few freebie deals with Plenti Points.
Not a ton of freebies each week.
The regular price on some items are over-priced.
Old UP reward and rebate program offered more and better deals.
Restrictive coupon rules.


Double Coupons up to 99 cents all day, every day.
Good quality, similar to Heinens.
Rewards program offering points for purchases that can get redeemed for rewards.
Fuel rewards with Speedway where available.

Everyday prices are high.


Double Coupons up to 99 cents all day, every day.
Stores are sized for easy in and out.
Buy $100 in gift cards, get $10 Dave's gift card.
Locally owned.

Everyday prices can be high.
Minimal savings rewards programs.


Ok everyday low prices (used to be better).
Ok produce prices (used to be better).
Gift card deals like the 10 cents off a gallon of Speedway gas.
Good closeout deals.
Locally owned.
Discounted newspapers.

No super deals like you can get at Giant Eagle on a consistent basis.
No real weekly sales, just everyday prices.
Limited payment options - no credit cards except for Discover.
No Rewards program.


Most all now take coupons.
Clearance items can be very low priced.
They have $5 off $25 (or other amounts) coupons at times.
Some offer rewards savings.
Some discount newspapers.
Can find a store everywhere.

Items can be cheap, but also cheaply made.
Limited selection.


Decent dollar sales
If you want to feel elite, this is the store.
New downtown store!
Locally owned.

Everyday prices are high.
Limited deals.
No gas rewards.
They are all about quality, but a box of Cheerios is the same at Marcs, Giant Eagle, Dollar Stores, etc.
Aside from the bakery, prepared foods, and meats the rest of what they sell for the most part is just like any other store.
But if you did a blind taste test on even those items, could you figure out which store they came from?


Shop Your Way Rewards program offers various savings.
At times KMart offers super double coupons with up to $2 coupons doubling (but there is a limit of 5 double coupons with a $25 purchase).
They have a decent amount of $10 off $50 coupons or the like for certain category items (lawn, clothing, etc.) that can be loaded onto your card online.
Electronic coupons can be loaded online.
At times they have Friends and Family private sales for Shop Your Way Rewards members.
Ok clearance sales.

You only get 5 doubles.
Not as many stores means you have to spend more on gas to get to their stores.
They don't send an ad to my house anymore because...they closed one close to me.
Stock can be lacking.
Rewards have to be loaded all the time and many of them are for high amount purchases such as a $50 purchase or more.


Decent Quality.
Lots of freebie food stations.
Costco treats their employees right.
Good deals on non-grocery items like tires and some on travel and other items.
Some offer store coupons (BJ's does - Costco, Sam's Club don't).

You have to pay to shop there.
You have to buy in humongous bulk sizes.
Many of which may get thrown out because it spoils before getting used.
Most don't take coupons.


Their Register Rewards offers freebies or decent deals at times.
They have a Balance Points Rewards program that offers some savings.
Bonus Balance Points rewards with a specific amount purchased offered at times.

Great deals this past year have withered away a lot this past year.
Very few Register Rewards deals, especially for items of no use (no, I don't need any more menopause medication).
New Balance Rewards program stinks - savings usually minimal and you usually have to buy more than one item.
Can only use one manufacturer coupon per item (Register Reward is considered a manufacturer coupon).
Very few Register Rewards.
Nothing offered like they have in the past with Thanksgiving week/Black Friday deals.
Their new scanners have a hard time reading any coupons including their own Register Rewards.
Register Rewards expire too quick.
The regular price on items are over-priced.


Maxperks program offers deals through the year, especially school season.
Allow multiple limits on Maxperk deals.
Have $10 off $40 coupons or the like every so often.
Store personel are always asking if I need help.
Online additional discounts given such as $X of $X deals
MaxPerks members get 5% back in rewards on their purchases.
Some online coupons.

Maxperks deals were mostly just for paper.
Very few Maxperks deals, especially from a couple years ago.
Mostly just paper items.
The Maxperks value gets adjusted if coupons or additional discounts are used.
No deals over Black Friday like there were in the past.


School deals were ok.
Some good Staples Rewards (Easy Rebates) deals, mostly for paper.
Easy to fill out the rebates online (Easy Rebates).
Always freebie photo paper and low-priced paper deals.
Online coupons.

A lot less deals this past year, especially over Black Friday

Walmart placed last among department and discount stores in the American Customer Satisfaction Index again last year, the seventh year in a row they have taken last place or tied for last. So it's no wonder customers are upset about shelves not being stocked and not enough cashiers at Wal-mart.
On the plus side they did give large raises to everyone so I'd expect the score to improve when the ratings come out again next month.

Coupon can earn overage (credit).
They price match.
New Savings Catcher app will find the best price of items.
Gave workers well-deserved raises.

No real weekly sales, just everyday prices.
Everyday low prices not as good as it used to be.
Very high produce prices.
They don't double coupons.
Their fuel program isn't very good.
No reward programs.
Shelves are usually not fully stocked.
Not enough employees at registers, etc.
Behemoth stores are way too big - if you forget something you have to take a commuter plane just to get to the other side of the store
Too much of what they sell is from China when it used to be mostly U.S. products.

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It would be great to win the billion dollar Power Ball drawing, wouldn't it? Yes and no. Wha, wha wha! Who wouldn't want to win a billion dollars! Most people think of all the great things they could do with the money. The fact is many lottery winners end up foolishly spending their winnings and end up back to the life they had. Many regret they ever won.

Get this. A study by the National Endowment for Financial Education found that 70% of people who win a lottery or get a big windfall actually end up broke within three to four years. Yes, 70%.

How can that be? It turns out well-intentioned people that win decide they will give away lots of their money to friends and family and charities. The constant pressure of requests for money and the sense of having all kinds of money ends up causing lottery winners to blow their money more quickly than they realize. People may not know how to wisely spend their money because they never had so much. Most people will say they will be smarter than the 70%, but most people don't realize how much it changes their lives and how people will treat you differently. It's a lot about willpower.

Lottery winners lose the privacy they had. Some over-indulge. Some become alcoholics as they have no control and every day becomes a good time. Some decide that they don't want to remain in the relationship they are in and figure they can "upgrade" even though there is a good chance they person they upgrade to is really in it for the money.

Some poor people spend so much on the lottery that they don't realize how much they are hurting themselves financially. They always think they are the next to win it big. Gamblers rarely come out ahead in the long term. And the odds are better to get hit with an asteroid than win the Power Ball lottery. No kidding.

Would your personality change for the better or worse or would you remain the same if you won big? Many couponers said they would still coupon. They would have more time to do it if they were able to quit their job! Couponing does get ingrained.

So think about it before you spend your money on the lottery. Put the money into stocks or some interest-bearing account. Stocks are like gambling as it is, so you can get your gambling fix there. Or those simple, dollar-winner scratch-off tickets seem just a little more appealing.

Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada and Utah don't participate in the Powerball lottery. They don't even have their own state lottery.
About 95% of the Powerball tickets were computer-generated numbers.
Chance of winning Powerball: 1 in 292.2 million
The odds of being a movie star: 1 in 1,505,000
It's much more you'll die getting struck by lightning: 1 in 134,906
Odds of becoming a U.S. president: 1 in 10 million
Odds of getting attacked by a shark: 1 in 11.5 million
Odds of making a hole in one on a par 3 hole: 1 in 12,500.

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It's that time of the year when underperforming stores are closed and this year is no different. Walmart is closing lots of stores. Oddly enough, they are opening many too.

McDonald's - Southpark Mall in Strongsville

Walmart - They are closing 154 locations in the US, 102 of which are the company's smallest stores, called Walmart Express, which have been in pilot since 2011, 23 Neighborhood Markets, 12 Supercenters, 7 stores in Puerto Rico, 6 discount centers, and 4 Sam's Clubs. One of the closures will be the Bedford Supercenter. Most of the closures are in the South. Of the affected stores, 90% in the U.S. are within 10 miles of another of its stores, and they plan to let employees transfer to other stores.
For a list of locations go to :

Walmart is closing the stores to shift resources to Walmart's Supercenters and smaller-format Neighborhood Market stores.

They are still planning to open more than 100 US stores in the next year, including 50 to 60 Supercenters, 85 to 95 Neighborhood Markets, and seven to 10 Sam's Club locations. Internationally, Walmart plans to open 200 to 240 stores within the next year.

JC Penney - closing stores in, Vallco Shopping Mall, Cupertino, CA, Owings Mills Mall, Owings Mills, MD, Shopping Town Mall, DeWitt, NY, Cranberry Mall, Cranberry, PA, College Square Mall, Morristown, TN, Price, UT, White Mountain Mall, Rock Springs WY

Finish Line - they will close 150 stores


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