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The weight of the world has been lifted off of Cleveland this past week. After 52 futile years we have finally won a National Championship. The Cleveland Cavaliers did the improbable and brought a Championship to a city starved for one like no other. How they did it was even more impressive.

No other team has come back 3 games to 1 and won the Finals. They also beat a team that didn’t lose three games in a row all season. They only lost 2 games at home all year too. In game 7 they held Golden State scoreless for the last 4 minutes and 30 seconds of the game. Amazing. Especially against a team that seems to be able to hit 3 pointers at will.

I’m one of those people that reads obituaries every day. The one thing I read all the time in the local obits is how they were a huge Indians, Browns, and/or Cavs fan. So many Clevelanders have that in their obit. That just shows you how we love our sports here.

The long-suffering fans of Cleveland not only had to wait so long to see a Championship, but they also had to watch as their teams just miss so many times in ignominious fashion. The Drive, The Shot, The Decision, The Fumble…the meltdown with Jose Mesa. Ouch. We even watched our football team get moved out of town in the dark of night when a classless owner chased the money when he couldn’t afford the team instead of selling the team to an owner that would have kept the team in the city. Then we had to watch that team win a Super Bowl. Ouch #2.

There were many ouches. All were presented in historical and emotional stages on a documentary called Believeland shown on ESPN this year. Watching it was like seeing your emotions on TV. Reliving those same hurts was painful, but cathartic. Kind of like talking to a Clevelander that knows what you’ve been through that can empathize with your feelings.


The fans of Cleveland are so passionate. Yet we still supported some very bad teams, even though we sometimes don’t show up to the games to watch our team even when they win. Sometimes we just feel like we don’t want to invest our emotions into a team when they might let us down.

I became involved with Cleveland sports teams in 1976 when I started following the Indians as a youngster (remember Oscar Gamble, Tom Buskey, Fritz Peterson, Dennis Eckersley, Frank Duffy?). I wanted to follow my home team and not some team in some other city that was winning Championships. I quickly became a die-hard fan.

When we did have a great team to watch we were like no other fan. The 455 sold out games at Jacob’s Field was an incredible feat. I remember standing in line for hours at Dillard’s in Euclid Square Mall just to get seats for an Indians game during those spectacular years in the 90’s …even for April games. April! When there is still snow and cold. Rather than beer I was getting hot cocoa. I was excited to get upper deck seats in the corner of the stadium. During those years, your status in Cleveland was charted by which seats you got. “I got row G on the third base line!” “Ooooh!” It was something you would hear all the time.

We had to suffer the embarrassment of watching a home-grown superstar leave us for a warmer, more “palatable” city and team. It was like a knife through your heart. Then we had to watch their team win two Championships. Really. Wasn’t LeBron leaving enough. As passionate of a fan as I was I remember joyfully watching Miami lose the first season he was there. I was happily yelling at every misstep LeBron made. But I kept his shirts. Yes, I saw people burn LeBron shirts, but that I couldn’t do. After all, I did pay good money for the shirt or more likely I got it free during a giveaway day.

I did burn a shirt once. It was a Baltimore Raven shirt while I was tailgating. That was the least I could do to ease my emotions with the Browns move.


Now, let me tell you a prediction I made. This was even before the Cavs knew they got the first pick in the draft when they picked LeBron. I told anyone that would listen to me that the next team to win a Championship in Cleveland was going to be the Cavs. When the Cavs found out they had the first pick which would obviously be LeBron it made sense and I was ecstatic.

That came crashing down when I found out LeBron was leaving for Miami. No matter. I still felt the next team to win a Championship was going to be the Cavs. It was so strong though and I just knew the miracle would happen in time.

A MiraCLE did happen. LeBron came home.


His message back to Cleveland was inspirational and evoked many emotions. Most everyone forgave him after the letter let us heal our wounds. I forgave him. Anyone looking for redemption and forgiveness deserves it. It takes a big person to admit they didn’t do things right and I respect that he did so. More people should be so humble.

When it was an option for LeBron to come back to Cleveland I thought I should put in a bet that they will win the Championship, knowing that there was a slim chance he would leave Miami and come back here. When I was in Vegas once I did get a bet in that they would win, but it didn’t happen that year.

I was so upset when I found out that LeBron was coming back to Cleveland. Not that he was coming here, but because I didn’t put in the bet because I just never got around to it. Bet or no bet I thought it’s gotta happen that they win the Championship with him back. We got Love, Kyrie, and a good team that has a chance to win it. If I remember right the odds were like 500 to 1 before they found out they were getting LeBron. I thought I would have been rich, but just like us Clevelanders have found out, nothing is given, everything is earned.

After many injuries Cleveland lost a heartbreaker in the Finals. We over-achieved. Delly inspired us. Mozgov stepped it up. LeBron did his best. They lost and we went back to ‘wait until next year’.

This year we had to deal with so many issues with the team. Kyrie was still hurt. Love had to fit in. LeBron was sending cryptic messages. The coach was not connecting. He gets fired even with the best record in the East. Wow! It sent a message. We are in it to win it all.


Fast forward to the playoffs. We win four and out the first two rounds. Then it got wonky. We stumbled playing away in Toronto. We started seeing two different teams playing for the Cavs. The one that wins by 100 points and the one that loses by 100…or at least that is what it felt like.

After winning against Toronto now we have to go against a team that lost only two games ALL SEASON at home. They won a record number of games in the NBA. Oh boy. Our guys are healthy so at least we have that. Yes, there was hope and all of us Clevelanders have that hope year after year after year.

We also had some interesting things happen just before the series. Stipe Miocic, a huge Cleveland homeboy, won the UFC heavyweight Championship in Brazil. The Lake Erie Monsters team won a Championship. Now the Cleveland Crunch won some Championships back in the 90’s for us, but we were still looking for a National title in baseball, football, or basketball. I was at one of the Crunch Championships and as cool as it was the city wanted more.

As the series started we saw the same win by a ton, lost by a ton team. We also saw that stupid-looking mouthpiece binky hanging out of Curry’s mouth the whole damn series. He looked so cocky. Their whole team was cocky and arrogant. Even their fans thought very little of the Cavaliers. The Warriors deserved to lose, especially after Curry said he enjoyed the smell of champagne in Cleveland’s locker room last year. Watch out because the team with the bigger heart can find a way to win.

Then Bogut gets hurt. Green gets suspended. Curry loses it and throws his binky.

With the series tied at 3 we know we have a chance. But we also have this collective weight on our shoulders. We don’t want to trust that we might actually win a Championship. We know all too well that investing whole-heartedly into a team can lead to an emotional deadmans curve wreckage. Along with the pile of hubcaps the ghosts of Championships lost are littered all over our barren souls.


I told my friends that it was going to be a close game. The team will win be 2 or 3, but I knew there was something special with those numbers that I couldn’t figure out. I found out soon enough.

I didn’t want to say they will win even though I was feeling it. I also didn’t want to do anything different that I superstitiously did to make sure we didn’t lose the game like if I put on a shirt that I wore when they lost. People stayed at home or went to a certain bar when they found they consistently won when they watched a game there. You didn’t want to be that person that caused them to lose even if it meant not washing that winning shirt too.

We all had that thought in the back of our mind that we were going to suffer through another loss. But this time it seemed different. It was like we were destined to win. The cards were lining up just right. I could open that door in my soul just a little to actually believe it was going to happen.

I had a friend that texted me through the whole playoffs. He was always pessimistic. The coach needs to do this. LeBron needs to do this and stop doing that. He was just protecting himself from getting hurt and coaching from afar like most of us that were yelling at our TVs. We all have been there and didn’t want the team to miss seeing what we saw that they were doing wrong.

I was lucky to get tics for the watch party at the Q. The mood was pensive. Walking to the game you could feel a palatable sense of unease.

It wasn’t until the fourth quarter when the Cavs went on an 11 to 0 run did the Q start rocking and everyone started to let loose. Then they tied up the game again. It was like watching someone play ping pong with my heart.

Then Kyrie hit the three. Kyrie’s number is 2. #2 hit a 3. Now I know what those numbers meant. I also realized #23 LeBron had to figure in. After watching him fall and grimace in pain after trying to slam dunk the ball we didn’t know how bad he was hurt. He ended up being fine.

LeBron did his best even though at times he wasn’t at his best. I just didn’t want to see him pull the “my elbow hurts” thing like he did when he was with us when we played Boston in playoffs many moons ago. He didn’t. He inspired the team. He inspired the city of Cleveland. He inspired his nearby hometown of Akron. And we love him for it.

There were around ten seconds left in the game and I started crying. It really was going to happen I thought. The Cavs were up by 4 and it would be tough for Golden State to pull off some miracle of their own. They inbounded and the Cavs swarmed anyone that had the ball. It ate time off the clock. It clicked to 0 seconds. Time was not our friend for 52 years, but this time it was. Cavs 93 Golden State 89. Cleveland wins their first Championship in many Clevelander’s lifetime. Now some people can die in peace knowing they saw Cleveland win a Championship.

Everyone hugged and high-fived. Crying everywhere. We did it. How sweet it was.

Thank you LeBron
Thank you Kyrie
Thank you Kevin
Thank you Richard
Thank you Tristan
Thank you JR
Thank you Imam
Thank you Timofey
Thank you James
Thank you Channing
Thank you Delly
Thank you Dahntay
Thank you Jordan
Thank you Mo
Thank you Sasha
Thank you Tyronn
Thank you Dan
Thank you Griffin and anyone else that helped get us a Championship


Not everyone follows sports, so they may not understand what this did for the city. We are healed. We are also one. I was so impressed with the way everyone had a good time after the win downtown. Everyone was high-fiving everyone. I mean everyone. Hugs were given. People cheered. People got up on poles and trees and some vehicles like a fire truck, but they were just enjoying themselves and not vandalizing them. No fires. Yes, there were dopes that pulled out plants and a police car that got stomped, but everyone overall was good. The cops knew that if that was the only casualty we did good. No reason to over-react. They knew how long this city waited for this. Even everyone was high-fiving cops.

I was there past 12:30 AM just soaking it in. Cars were streaming in with people hanging out of them or even on top of them. They were beeping away. It was great to see the city come alive. I’m looking forward talking about this whole journey and them winning over a beer with my friends. I think us Clevelanders repressed our feelings so good that it will take time for us to actually totally feel the joy of winning it all.


To tell you how ingrained sports is into the the fabric of a Clevelanders soul there were 1.3 million people that showed up to the parade for the Cavs. There is a around 2.1 million people in the Northeast Ohio Metropolitan area so almost everyone showed up for the parade! Stunning. There were a good many people that tried to take buses or transit trains downtown, but there were just too many people taking them, so some people couldn’t even make it downtown. The sale of Cavs merchandise also set records.

Now I don’t want to be greedy, but the Indians and Browns have got some work to do to get their own Championship. Many Clevelanders want to also see that happen in their lifetime. For now I just want to bask in the Cav’s victory and let it marinate some. It feels good. It feels so good. We finally did it!

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Land o’ Frost Deli meat 13 oz – $3.49 after .75 coupon
Eight O Clock Bagged Coffee 11-12 oz – $2.75 after $2.50/2 coupon found at or eOffer
Lays Potato Chips or Fritos or Cheetos 7-9 oz – $1.77 each wyb 3
Nabisco Chips Ahoy Cookies, Good Thins, Triscuit, Wheat Thins or Teddy Grahams 9-15 oz – $1.75 after .75/2 coupon
Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops or Roasts – $2.50/lb
Kraft Shreds, Chunk or Big Slice Cheese 7-8 oz or Individually Wrapped Cheese 10-12 oz. – $1.50 after $1/2 coupon found at
Strawberries 1 lb – $2

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An eOffer won’t work if you use a manufacturer coupon for the same item. In the past an eOffer would work along with a manufacturer coupon. An eOffer will supersede a paper coupon. Click here for dozens of eOffers (electronic coupons that link to you card and trigger when you purchase the item – only works once and doesn’t double):

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Outdoor Survival Kits & Camping Food

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Top Ten Offers of the Week
• 6/26-7/2 – Picks for the summer! Girls Basic Tops, Shorts and more starting at $5
• 6/26-7/2 – Online Only! Up to 30% off featured Tablets, Headphones & Portable Electronics
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Sale through Tuesday.
Yopliat Greek Yogurt – .77
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Dole Salad bags – .99
Tomatoes on the Vine – .89/lb
Cherries – $1.89/lb
Right Guard Sport Deodorant – BOGO – $1.99

Sale through Saturday:
Office Depot Multipurpose Paper ream – $1 after $5 back in rewards
Boise X-9 Paper 10 ream case – $12.99 after $20 back in rewards

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Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets 50 ct – $1.37 wyb 2 and two $1 coupons
Crest 3D White 3.5 oz , Crest Complete 4-4.6 oz or Liquid Gel toothpaste – $1 after $3 Plenti Points Reward wyb 2 and two .50 coupons found at
M&Ms Candy 9.9-11.4 oz – $1 after $1 Plenti Points Reward wyb 2 and two $1 coupons and Checkout 51 Offer
Revlon Nail Enamel – $1.50 wyb 2 and two $3 coupons
Zest Bar Soap 3 pack or Body Wash – .74 after $1 coupon and Ibotta offer
Mars Miniatures 7.94-12 oz – $1.13 after $1 Plenti Points Reward wyb 2 and $1.50/w coupon found at and Checkout 51 offer
Caltrate 60 ct or Bites 50 ct – $2.99 after $4 coupon
Degree Deodorant 2.6-2.7 oz – $1.50 after $2 Plenti Points Reward wyb 2 and two $1.50 coupons
Centrum Vitamints 60 ct or Gummies 70 ct – $2.99 after $4 coupon
Banana Boat 6 oz – $3.25 wyb 2 and two $4 coupons
Kelloggs Cereal select – $1.25 after $3 Plenti Points Reward wyb 4 and two $1/2 coupons
Sparkling Ice 17 oz – .55 wyb 2 and two .50 coupons
Degree Invisible Solid Deodorant select – $1.50 after $2 Plenti Points Reward wyb 2
Wet Ones 40 ct – $1.15 after $1/2 coupon wyb 2
Solarcaine Sun Care – $4 wyb 2 and after $3 Plenti Points Reward and two $2 coupons found at
Hersheys Chocolate Bars 6 pack – $2 after $3 Plenti Points Reward wyb 2 and two $1 coupons
Kashi Chips select – $1.50 wyb 2 and two $1 coupons

Plenti Points is a new points program replacing the UP Rewards program. Earn Plenti points from Plenti partners in-store and online. Partners inlude Macy’s, Hulu, AT&T, Mobil, Nationwide, Direct Energy, and Exxon. Visit to learn more about how Plenti works with each partner.
Not much different than Walgreen’s Balance Rewards program. Read more about the program at
•You will still earn wellness+ points at Rite Aid on purchases and prescriptions towards savings of up to 20% OFF almost the whole Rite Aid store for a year.
•Now you can also earn Plenti points on things you buy every day at Plenti partners, including Rite Aid, valid for at least two years instead of two weeks
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Earn one point for every dollar you spend on non-prescriptions.
Earn 25 points for every prescription you purchase.

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Load, manage and redeem coupons with Load2Card.
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24/7 exclusive access to a pharmacist at 1-800-RITE-AID or
Upromise® Participation.
10% off Rite Aid Brand every day for a year and a 10% off shopping pass with Bronze status.
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Free health and wellness reward at 500 points with Silver status.
20% off the entire store for a year with Gold status.
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FREE Summer Tote with purchase of 3 One ‘n Only Argan Oil Hair Color
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SallyBeauty Clearance Center

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Staples Clearance Deals

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Located next to Gale’s Garden Center in Willoughby Hills.
Bananas – 39 cents/lb
Cherries – $1.99/lb
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Photo Deals:
$20 OFF Photo Orders $50+ w/ code PICDEALJUN
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Colgate Toothpaste select varieties 4.6 or 6 oz – FREE after $3 Register Rewards and $1 coupon found at
Crest Pro Health Mouthwash 16.9 oz – FREE after $5 Register reward wyb 3 and three $1 coupons found at
Dulcolax 25 ct – .14 after 10,000 Balance Points reward wyb 7 and seven $3 coupons found at
Bic Twin Select or Silky Touch Razors 10 ct – .81 wyb 6 and 3,000 Balance Points reward and six $2 coupons
Crest Toothpaste select varieties 3.5-6 oz – .46 after $5 Register reward wyb 3 and three .50 coupons found at

Rolaids 60-96 ct – .87 after 10,000 Balance Points reward wyb 8 and found $3/2 coupons
Oral B Floss Picks 75 ct or Floss – .54 after $5 Register reward wyb 3 and three .75 coupons found at
Benadryl Stick – .60 wyb 2 and two $2 coupons
Oral B Toothbrush select varieties – .62 after $5 Register reward wyb 3 and $1.50/2 and .50 coupons found at
Alka Seltzer 24-36 ct – $1.14 after 10,0000 Balance Point Reward wyb 7 and seven $2 coupons
Revlon Nail Cosmetics – .96 after $3 coupon
Schick Disposable Razors 3-12 ct – $1.36 after 5,000 Balance Points reward wyb 4 and four $3 coupons
Blue Diamond Almonds 6 oz – .97 wyb 2 and after two $1.50 coupons found at
Brut or Sure Deodorant 2-2.7 oz – .49 after $1 coupon
Tums 32-150 ct – $1.64 after 10,000 Balance Points reward wyb 7 and seven $1.50 coupons
Kotex U Pads 22-44 ct – .98 wyb 6 and six $1 coupons and after 3,000 Balance Points reward
Twizzlers Candy 11-17 oz – .85 after 1,,000 Balance Points reward wyb 2 and two $1 coupons
Skintimate or Edge Shave Gel 6-7 oz – $1.06 after 5,000 Balance Points reward wyb 7 and seven $1 coupons
Hersheys Caramels – $1.38 after 1,000 Balance Points rewards wyb 2 and two $1 coupons
Hefty Storage Bags 15 or 20 ct 0 $1.33 wyb 6 and after two $2/3 coupons
Lays Chips 9-10 oz – $1.49 after Saving Star reward at and Ibotta offer
Right Guard Deodorant 2.6-4 oz – $1.56 wyb 4 and after 3,000 Balance Points reward and four $1 coupons
Nabisco Triscuits 9 oz or Wheat Thins – $1.13 after .75/2 coupon and Checkout 51 Offer
Trident or Dentyne Gum single pk – .46 after $1/3 coupon

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• Get 500 points for every prescription and immunization
• Redeem instantly with as few as 5,000 points

Points System
5,000 – earn $5
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Get coupons just like the ones in the Red Plum inserts.

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SPAM® products – Save $1.50
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Get ecoupons on Saving Star! Just enter in your loyalty card accounts then click on the coupons you want and you’ll get the savings once the item is purchased. Accumulate the savings and then send it to your PayPal account or other account. There is even a produce discount given with their Healthy offer of the week! Get a Freebie item when you have redeemed an eligible number of purchases per month. Get an item for free once you activate the item online and purchase it at a linked loyalty card store. Giant Eagle, CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens are just some of the stores that are part of the program.

Save 50¢ when you buy TWO (2) BAGS any 3.7 OZ. OR LARGER Chex Mix, Chex Mix Muddy Buddies, Chex Mix Popped, Chex Mix Xtreme, Bugles Corn Snacks, OR Gardetto’s Snack Mix.
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Save $2.00 On any ONE (1) SheaMoisture Haircare, Bath or Body Product (excludes barsoaps and trial & travel items). (Only at Walmart)

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Every Wednesday Half Off Bottled Wine at Bravo for bottles $75 and under. Limited time offer. Not valid in VA, IL, IN, OK, TN, or NC.

Aldi – 6521 N. Ridge Road in Madison

Common Thread Resale Shop – 22049 Lorain Road in Fairview Park


Which Wich – Solon and Twinsburg – Thanks Stacy M for the info!


Listen at 7:18 AM on Wednesdays to WINT 1330 AM as I go over the deals of the week on the Wake Up Lake County Show. Go to to listen to old podcasts or to listen live.

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