Find some great deals on cruises at We’ve used them to get a great deal on cruises to Hawaii (7 night balcony on Norwegian for $1,000 – originally $5,000) and Alaska (7 night on Royal Caribbean for $1,100). Check out the one below that goes from Lisbon, Portugal to Brazil. Only $399 for 14 days! That’s cheaper than renting an apartment!
Their Top tens deals:
1) Caribbean, 7 nights on Carnival, departs Miami Oct 4, starting at $379, save 77%, FastDeal # 16308
2) Transatlantic, 14 nights on Royal Caribbean, departs Lisbon Dec 1, starting at $399, FastDeal # 25692 (Royal Caribbean does not provide brochure rates for this cruise, so we are unable to show a savings percentage.)
3) Caribbean, 7 nights on Holland America, departs Tampa Nov 15, starting at $449, save 67%, FastDeal # 10953
4) Mexico, 7 nights on Royal Caribbean, departs Los Angeles Dec 13, starting at $423, FastDeal # 24638 (Royal Caribbean does not provide brochure rates for this cruise, so we are unable to show a savings percentage.)
5) Bermuda, 7 nights on Norwegian, departs Philadelphia Oct 10, starting at $449, save 69%, FastDeal # 25863
6) Caribbean, 7 nights on Princess, departs San Juan Dec 13, starting at $499, save 57%, FastDeal # 17591
7) Bahamas, 7 nights on Carnival, departs Baltimore Oct 18, starting at $499, save 72%, FastDeal # 13555
8) Canada/New England, 11 nights on Costa Cruises, departs Quebec City Oct 3, starting at $599, save 68%, FastDeal # 22879
9) Caribbean, 10 nights on MSC Cruises, departs Fort Lauderdale Nov 30, starting at $649, save 57%, FastDeal # 11424
10) Mediterranean, 7 nights on Windstar, departs Barcelona Oct 11, oceanview starting at $1499, save 63%, FastDeal # 12792 (Windstar will not allow this rate to be shown on the Internet — please call us at the number below for information or reservations.)

Top eleven things to ask the person behind you in line at the store.

11) You can go ahead of me. I’m trying to beat the Guiness World record for letting people ahead of me.
10) So watcha got in your cart?
9) I heard lane number three is giving out free samples of Fresca.
8.5) (in your best Foster Brooks voice – whippersnappers may have to google his name) This line better move faster or we’ll all be sorry (start dry heaving). Do you have a bucket in your cart? (best to put your arms around the shoulder of the person for this one)
8) I heard Potsie Weber shops at this store.
7) You might want to light your lighter. I’m gassy today.
6) You really don’t need to be eating all that ice cream. How about I put it back for your own good.
5) Your shoes look so nice. Do you mind if I try them on for size. (Smell them first and then tell them no thanks)
4) I have tons of expired coupons that don’t even match up with what I bought.
3) This is my first time in grocery store line. Can you hold my hand?
2) Can I borrow $8. I’ll pay you back next time I see you.
1) I sure hope the cashier is still giving out hugs if my order is over $50.

There is also supposed to be a limit of 10 coupons doubled – it used to be unlimited. Not all stores are following that rule and not all K-Marts are participating.

Find the double deals here:

I got rear-ended this past weekend. I was stopped waiting for a car to turn that was a couple cars ahead of me when I got blasted. Good thing I was wearing a seat belt. And good thing I wasn’t eating chili or an ice cream cone or drinking coffee. But if I was eating peanut butter and had a chocolate bar in the other hand it may have led to a great discovery.

The guy said his anti-lock brakes locked up and he skidded into me. The roads were wet, but I think he was also not paying that close of attention. His car hood was buckled and there was a big dent in the hood.

Speaking of car troubles, if you’ve ever taken your car to a repair shop to find out what the check engine light codes mean, they most likely charge around $90 to have them get the codes and diagnose the problem. If you go to AutoZone or Murray’s/O’Reillys they will let you use the gadget that reads the codes for free. From there you can call a repair shop to find out what needs to be done or you can google the codes for sites that will tell you what they mean and what needs to be done.

To find deals on cars or helpful info before you buy a car, go to Edmunds. Go to the site and find out what rebate and financing deals there are out there. Click here:

Get new tires on the cheap at Tirerack for your car this winter. Don’t want to rear-end anyone! Click here to get tires much cheaper than you can get at any tire shop – have them shipped to you.
Click here:

Here’s a story about maybe not following your GPS without maybe questioning it some:


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