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They decided to take their ads out of the newspapers. Now you have to call in for the movie times and what fun is that to listen through tons of junk before you find out the information you need, if they even have the info you need on the recording. What a pain. You can go online too, but it’s just so much easier to check the paper. Speaking of movies, make sure you get a discount ticket before you go. Find them in the Entertainment book now 50% off plus free shipping here: Entertainment Book Deal or the Our Town book for $25 at

The government did a good job with tightening up credit card rules. A new law that went into effect on 2/22/10 adds rules to help consumers. It helps rein in fees and other credit card issues. Credit card bills will now show how long it will take to pay your bill when you pay the minimum.

Be sure to check for any changes to your current credit cards. Make sure you aren’t getting charged a super-high interest rate and an annual fee. Some credit card companies made changes before the law went into effect.
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Dannon settled a $45 million class action lawsuit about false advertising on the Activia, DanActive products that they said helped regulate the digestive system. Apparently they don’t do anything different to your digestive system. You can get $15 to $30 with no receipts or $30 to $100 if you have the receipts by filling out this form: Call 888-418-6122 if you have any questions. The deadline to apply is October 1.

Under the terms of the settlement, Dannon must agree to remove the words “clinically” and “scientifically proven” from labels and ads of Activa yogurt. The word “immunity” must be removed. They must also note that Activa and DanActive yogurts are food, not treatments or cures for any medical disorder or disease. If you ask me, I think if you need help with your digestion and colon cleansing – two words – Taco Bell.

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Dave’s Supermarket is buying the Zagara’s Marketplace store in Richmond Heights. That will leave Zagara’s with one store and Dave’s with fourteen. Apparently the final straw was the newly-opened Aldi’s store on Mayfield Road that hurt their business to much so they decided to sell. The store will shut down on March 13th and reopen as Dave’s on March 20th.

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