So Forbes rated us the most miserable city… Yes, we do have our warts, but most miserable…c’mon.. I’ve been to all 50 states and to tons of different cities and have seen some of the best and worst in the U.S. Cleveland is a very livable city. It has everything you’d want in a city and is very manageable, especially the traffic. The people are the friendliest around and have a great sense of humor. The list also included Chicago, Memphis, St Louis, and Miami in the top ten miserable cities, so I’d take the list with a grain of salt.

Forbes used some tired old quips about Cleveland. They might as well have thrown in that the glaciers plowing through town are clogging up the migration of dinosaurs.

The city has one of the world’s biggest and best theater districts, best medicial institutions, best cultural district with one of the world’s best orchestras and art museum, best rated parks, best libraries, and so on.

Many new projects are in the works from a new casino, convention center/medical mart, new Flats construction, and great dinner and entertainment venues packed on West 6th and East 4th – right where the hookers used to line up near Prospect many moons ago of all places!

Crab #1: Some people crab about our winter. Yes, it can be too long but it is one of four seasons – unlike some areas that have one season…boring. Ever lived in a town that isn’t prepared for snow like many cities were this past winter down south – it’s like trying to get milk from the teat of a sparrow. It’s not pretty…and it’s dangerous.

Crab #2: Crime is bad. But crime is typically relative. Stay away from the vices that cause crime and it won’t find you. Every big city needs to clean up their crime.

Crab #3: Jobs stink here. It’s much worse elsewhere. The unemployment rate in Cleveland was 8.9%. Even the state wasn’t in the top ten states in unemployment. The worst: Michigan – 14.6%, Nevada – 13%, Rhode Island – 12.9%, South Carolina – 12.6%, California – 12.4%, Florida – 11.8%…

Crab #4: There is tons of corruption in the city. Yep, got me there. But there is tons elsewhere too. Some people don’t like the one-party system in Cleveland dominated by Democrats. Interestingly, the states above with the highest unemployment rate – all but one have Republican governors. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but better checks and balances will help make sure no hanky-panky goes on. I like when the parties share power – one controls the House while the other controls the Senate, etc. Forces them to work together for the better good of the people. Total power corrupts.

Crab#5: Our sports teams stink. We’ve had some lean years and also some great teams that can’t seem to win it all. The Cavs made the finals recently and are on the verge of what looks to be a championship. The Indians had many great runs including some World Series appearances. The Browns had some great runs in the 80s. We just haven’t won the Big Kielbasa. Although, that’s if you don’t count the indoor soccer Crunch teams many championship wins. Makes us crave a winner – we’re passionate – LA can’t even support a football team! What other city has brand new venues like Cleveland – Progressive Field, The Q, and Browns Stadium. One pock on Cleveland – we need to be more positive and appreciate what we have. Positive thoughts bring positive outcomes and breeds confidence. Something we have to work on here… kumbaya everyone…

Crab #6: Many of the people that down Cleveland haven’t even been downtown or to any of the cultural institutions in years. I take vendors from out of town to various restaurants in the area and they all say they want to come back for a vacation to the city with their wives they love it so much.

I can go on and on about how Cleveland is maligned. Sure we have some things we need to fix – the schools, empty and foresclosed homes, etc. but this city has resolve and will see it through. Volunteer to help turn things around. Instead of complaining – do something to fix the issues!

Now for some fun. A contest run by Cleveland+ is offering some great prizes. They want you to tout Cleveland’s many great aspects. To enter go to:

Here’s the story:

Did anyone catch last week’s Dear Abby about the farting wife? Some husband was up in arms about his wife continuously farting no matter who is around. Sound like anyone you know? Dear Abby pretty much said she ought to see a doctor. I say her husband should spike her coffee with beano or even better… ex lax…one fart and she will cut one last fart to remember for a lifetime…


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