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4/29 Wine Enthusiast 1 Year $4.29
4/30 Cat Fancy 1 Year $8.49
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5/2 Motor Trend 1 Year $4.29

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I organized a parade. Not just any parade. A parade down my street. No reason. It was a spur of the moment thing. I expected everyone to line the streets waiting to see all the hub-bub. It was a quiet day and I wanted to create some excitement.

It had to be big I thought. Nothing rinky-dink. Maybe I could get those Al Koran fez-hatted old men in those mini-cars driving in dizzying figure-eight routes. I also wanted to ride a tank or man a howitzer from the back of a pick-up truck. I figured I could scrounge one up from the front of a city hall. I thought about it some and realized that there was probably some legal mumbo-jumbo that would prevent me from just hauling one off. So I went for a smaller scale parade.

I got out all the bikes and wagons I had. I thought about getting some floats. The best I could do was to heap some old lawn clippings onto a wagon and hoped people would use their imagination as to what it was. To me it looked like a toad with shifty eyes. It smelled bad too like an old leathery shoe that was worn past it’s time. But that was going to be my big to do. I didn’t have much else I could put together. So the smelly toad would have to be my pièce de résistance!

I wore a clown costume because all parades have clowns. I pulled one out that I hadn’t worn since I was a kid. With my newfound weight loss I was able to fit into it better, but I thought I heard a couple rips as I put it on. Boy was I skinny when I was a kid.

Halfway into my plan I realized I didn’t have other people to ride the bikes and pull the wagons. I was going to be super-busy walking in front of the parade greeting well-wishers, so I didn’t have time tooling around with anything else. As I lined up everything I noticed the mailman coming down the street. I also spotted some girl scouts selling their cookies door-to-door. First I flagged down the mailman and asked if he could pull the smelly toad wagon. I told him he would be the Grand Marshall and get the best float…I didn’t tell him it was the only one. He tried to dodge around the task, but when I told him it meant a lot to me he relented.

I then ran after the girl scouts to tell them I had magic bikes for them to ride in my parade. I told them they were magic because I think they wouldn’t have gone for just plain old bikes. They ran screaming down the street. ‘Fraidy cats. So it was just me and the postman.

I then realized I could get my cats in on the parade. They’re like little horses. I could tie them up to the lawn fertilizer cart and put some Grape Nuts in it and set it to spread the Grape Nuts to all the people lined up on the street to watch the parade. People love Grape Nuts and there were enough nuggets for a large crowd. I also had some old Halloween candy that I was going to toss to people. The hard candy was probably gummy now. It could double as bubble gum I thought. It’s easy on the dentures too. Always thinking ahead. I’m smart like that.

There needs to be a band or music in every parade, so I walked down the street with a boom box on my shoulder. Luckily, I had just purchased some fresh D batteries. But I didn’t have enough to replace all of them. So there was going to be one bad battery in with all the fresh ones. I sniffed them to see which one I would mix with the good ones. I figured the one that was the strongest of the ones left over had to smell a little heartier than the rest.

I had to get the neighbors aware of the parade. So I laid on the car horn for about 15 minutes. After enough people came out of their houses I decided to kick off the parade.

The cats ran ahead of me in different directions. Grape Nuts were everywhere. They ran past some people on the side of the road and the spreader fell over and landed on them. I kicked some dirt in an ‘aw schucks’ manner. I didn’t have time to deal with any issues. I just wanted this to go without a hitch. Right about then I noticed some rain clouds. I had to get going with the parade. I flipped on the radio. The song “Una Poloma Blanca” by Bobby Vinton was playing. Good enough I thought.

I marched a high step and started whipping the candy every which way. The mailman was trailing behind me with the smelly toad. Right about then the one neighbor was driving their car down the street. Awesome I thought. The neighbors want to join in. I jumped on their car bumper. He did a real neat zig-zag pattern driving down the road with his car. I cranked up the radio louder with all the excitement. It accidentaly switched to a scratchy AM station, but by then I eyeballed some neighbors that brought out their fiddles to clearly pick up the beat. What looked like sure disaster turned out to be alright. Nothing was gonna rain on my parade.

I’m not crazy about internet coupons because they take more time to process (signing in, remembering passwords, picking & choosing, etc.). If you have an inkjet printer it can cost you around 25 cents a page to print a page of coupons. To figure out how much it costs to print a page divide the cost of the ink cartridges by it’s yield.

Did you also know that when you link up to a site it knows where you are? It uniquely identifies you and should you print fraudulent coupons, it may know that also. I say coupons should all be in the Sunday paper for easy access. And for people who don’t use the coupon – give them to those that can use them or donate them to a coupon exchange or charity group.

Find your IP address at:
Here is a story about coupons and your IP address:

Ohio is reallocating their funding to more popular appliances for their rebate program as some appliances rebates went fast while others didn’t. Click here to get your rebate form for Ohio:

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Stayfree – plus make profit with recent $2 or $1 coupon
Plackers Dental Flossers
Skintimate Shave Cream
Clio Beuatytrim personal hair trimmer

Tone body wash – 99 cents
One gallon milk – $1.99

Get a $25 gift card when you transfer a prescription to Rite Aid coupon in ad this week.
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Reach toothbrush (2) after using BOGO coupon

Located in downtown Willoughby. They let you bring in wine and beer without charging an uncorking fee. Entree prices are reasonable too. When restaurants start charging $30 and more for a bottle of wine I appreciate restaurants like Pranzo that let you have a fine bottle of wine without costing as much as a month’s worth of what I pay for groceries.

Strawberries – 99 cents
Pineapple – $1.49
Head of lettuce – 49 cents
Avocado – 49 cents

20 cents off on GetGo gas with each $50 gift card purchased at Giant Eagle.
Large Eggs – $1
Lunchables – free after $1 coupon

Avenue Supermarket – Reserve Square Apartments – downtown Cleveland – it will be replaced with a convenience store
Seville Hardware
Hollywood Video – Willoughby – 60% to 85% off
K-Mart – 30% to 60% off – last 2 weeks – mostly clothes and toys are left
Alvin’s Jewelers – 75% to 85% off
Sleep Source – Willoughby – 20% to 80% off

Constantino’s – downtown Cleveland

Discount Drug Mart – Mayfield (across from Kohls)
Cruisin 50’s Diner – Mentor

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