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Monday, August 31st, 2009

K-Mart is doubling coupons this week (until 9/3). Word is they won’t be doubling for the rest of the year, so get your fill this week.
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Deals o’ the Week, Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

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I visited family in England and Croatia recently. Lotsa planes, trains, and automobiles on the trip. No lost passports like the last trip, so all was good.

I had a free ticket with my US Air miles. We booked the other flights via We used for hotels too, but mostly used via their site to book rooms. I like checking to get a read on how good the hotel is too. Always interesting to see what people find in their rooms.

One thing that was odd about hotel rooms in Europe is that there were no alarm clocks. It’s a European thing. Plus air conditioning isn’t always in each room. Maybe they figure you’ll be awake sweating your arse off so you won’t need an alarm clock. Clever and it saves them money.

We went to a cousin’s wedding in England. They live in Carlisle which is near Scotland. At the end of the ceremony they have the couple and the best man and maid of honor sign a book to register the union. Nothing like getting the paperwork done right away.

I think we introduced a new tradition there. We started clanging our glasses, expecting the bride and groom to know they were supposed to kiss. Not so. They didn’t know anything about that tradition, so we told them to kiss and they did. Eventually the people there started to do it on their own.

After the wedding was a lunch reception for close friends and family. At night we went to a different location where they had a band play while they served finger food. No toss of the wedding garter.

And even though they spoke English, I had a very hard time understanding some of them. Really thick British accents. In Croatia I knew the language some, but most people spoke English there. A great site to translate other languages is

We took trains, planes, boats, and cars to get to where we needed to go. If you go to England, get your train tickets in advance at Much cheaper that way.

We ate a variety of food. I found out I really like to eat Bounty. No silly, not the paper towel, but a chocolate-coated coconut candy bar like Mounds. The coconut was thicker than Mounds.

The prices for everything in Croatia were good. Recently the US dollar weakened so the exchange rate wasn’t as good. I still had some Euros left from a trip to England and Paris earlier this year and the rate was better at that time, so I used them to get some deals at the Duty Free Shop. Speaking of duty free, I had to pay for the bathroom in Split, Croatia. It was 1 Kuna to use the urinal and 4 Kuna for #2. There was a lady in-between the men’s and lady’s room and she would let you in and out after you did your thing. If I were her I’d make sure everyone washed their hands before handing over any coins.

A Kuna, the currency in Croatia, was exchanging at around 5 Kunas per dollar. In the early 2000’s you could exchange 9 Kuna for a dollar. In England, I was getting around 60 cents per dollar. A Euro was going for 70 cents per dollar.

I got a Capital One credit card through because they don’t charge a foreign currency conversion fee. Most credit cards charge 2% to 3%.

In Croatia we did a lot of travelling. We went to Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, and Rab. We stayed in Lun on the island of Otok Pag. It’s like an old village from the turn of the century. You’d almost expect to see Fred Flintstone ride by in his stone-wheeled car. I was last there in 1986. More houses and there is a paved road to town now. They have city water instead of well water too. More tourists now.

I rented a car through Kollandar Travel. They do a lot of European travel bookings. Most of the car rental sites forced you into renting a stick shift and I wanted an automatic. I didn’t want to run into any issues too. Sometimes it pays to go through a service that knows what to do, especially in a foreign country. Otherwise the issues you may incur will cost you more than in the end.

We got a large 3 topping pizza for $10 in Lun. The funny thing is restaurant workers don’t really expect much of a tip. Even 10% was too much. We had a pizza delivered to us at the airport in Zagreb and it was $13 for a 4 topping humongous pizza. It was bigger than the size of a tire. The front desk ordered the pizza and it was delivered. They called and we wanted to give the driver a tip but she already paid for it and the driver was gone.

The biggest rip-off on all of Europe is the price for Pepsi or Coke at a restaurant. You get one of those tiny bottles (.25 liter) for around $2.50 or $3.00. And no refills! Beer was cheaper. And they don’t call it Diet Coke. They call it Coke Light. Water wasn’t free either. You had to buy bottled water and it was about the same price as Coke. Best bet was to go to a local grocery store and get a 2 liter for around $2.50.

Many people in Croatia make the minimum wage which is around $400 a month which explains the low prices.

As I’m typing this on the plane it’s apparent that the guy next to me needs to go to the bathroom. I have my shirt over my nose to mute the stink. And behind me wide-opened-mouth Mr. Snores-a-lot apparently needs a mint too.

Lun is known for its 1,000 to 1,500 year old olive trees. Also its Paski Sir cheese. It’s sheep cheese, but has a distinct flavor from the grazing habits of the sheep. They eat the rosemary plants and salt-coated vegetation there. Add some of the olive oil made there and it has a great taste and texture. Pricey. Many fig trees grow there along with pomegranates, lemons, limes, and grapes. No Pop-Tarts for me in the morning. Just good whole food.

There was no fast food joints in Croatia that I saw. A good many roasting spits with lamb, pork, and chickens getting a circle ride around the fire.

We made friends with some waitresses that spoke English real well. They said that only about 10 Americans visit Lun each year. I was surprised. Lots of Germans and Italians there.

We made a stop in Medjugorja, Bosnia-Hercogovina, a site where the Virgin Mary apparently appeared to some children from the town many years ago.

The War was bad in Bosnia, but I didn’t see much that showed remnants from it. Dubrovnik was shelled and they showed a video of the destruction there at a Memorial. You could see where some areas were fixed. We went to Buz-A-Bar which outside the walls of the city overlooking the Adriatic. Beautiful view.

I ate too much the whole trip. My appetite was quelled on the plane though. I was asked if I wanted a pizza with fish. The other choice was vegetarian so I went with the pizza. The guy sitting next to me asked me if she said pizza with fish. I quizzically said yes, that is what I thought she said too. What I got was a sandwich pocket stuffed with a tuna mishmash. She might was well have told me it was a baked vomit bag from the last flight because that is what it tasted like. The neat thing on an international flight was that drinks were on the house. I got all the wine and beer I wanted. So I washed down the vomit bag with the fine spirits.

I got a nice George Hamilton tan. Snorkeled a lot. I think I grew some gills. Maybe I can visit Aquaman and Sponge Bob at some reef for some chicken wings or something. Saw some scorpions.

It was hot. Only rain we got was on one morning. It was too hot to wear a shirt. And so much for no shirt, no shoes, no service. Most people shopped dressed like they are at the beach. And most of the beaches were “European”. Let’s just say you could save a few bucks buying just bottoms there. I do remember last time I was there in ‘86 there were more people au naturale. Not always a good thing because Grandmas sometimes like to go to the beach.

A lady gave me a coupon for 10% off at a wine bar. I must have had a “I’m suffering from not having a coupon withdrawal” look. They had a 50% off when you take out a bottle deal. Outside of that there wasn’t much as far as coupons. I did see a lot of sales – 70% off and less usually. Stores do advertise sale prices. But they don’t have a Sunday paper full of ads.

Seeing family also brought to attention the many issues families have. Every family has issues, but when it comes to family, remember to keep family first.

Communication is a major family issue. Too many people don’t talk things out with the person they’re having issues with or the person with issues doesn’t know how to communicate them out. The issues festers, assumptions are made, and then bad decisions ensue. All I can say is be honest and appreciate honesty. For instance, if your sister has a big nasty looking hairy mole on her chin that has been bothering you your whole life, lovingly tell her what’s her pet’s name that is sleeping on her chin. The conversation will flourish from there and break down barriers. Harmony will ensue like an Alvin and the Chipmunks tune. Ok, well I was joshing. Just be cool with each other.

I’ve heard of too many people expect inheritances too. AARP reported in 2004 that only 20% of Americans reported receiving an inheritance. The median inheritance was $29,000 according to Moody’s web-site. Today’s numbers are probably much worse with the dire economy.

A co-worker told me recently how some family members were already in line expecting some inheritance from him. They were inferring that he not spend all his money. I told him that he should spend all his money now that he is retiring. I know times are tough, but he earned his money working hard and deserved to spend it all. Nobody should expect a penny from a family member after they pass. If anything, more people are in debt when they leave this earth, so again expect nothing and if you do get something, it’s a blessing.

One thing I want to mention is to try your best to see family while they are still here. Some people expect to travel when they retire, however they don’t because of poor health, money issues, or family is gone. It was a tough moment watching my Mom and her brother say their goodbyes. Neither are in the best of health and they knew it.

Anyway, enough of that. It was amazing to see family I hadn’t seen in 23 years and some for the first time. And sadly, there may be some I won’t see again. I hope that not to be the case. But the memories I have from the trip will last for a lifetime. We had a great time. I now need a vacation from the vacation now. I feel like a zombie from the jet lag. I don’t have a penchant for walking with my arms straight forward or wanting to eat brains, so it’s just a travel zombie feeling. And that’s the way it is…



Friday, August 21st, 2009

Get your money’s worth out of the Entertainment book and buy the 2010 book now. Book expires in Nov. 2011 – some coupons expire 12/31/2011. Hopefully this year’s book will be better. I like to read the book while I’m eating pudding or waiting for a bus. They make for great conversation at the bus stop since many people will ask what I am doing since they’re bored waiting for the bus and because I laugh out loud when I’m reading it and perusing the pages. I also curse the book with vigor when I notice a coupon amount has gone down. Damn thee buy one get one free meal coupon I proclaim…whenst shall I need two full meals. I like to glue sparkles in the Entertainment book coupons too…that is why they call it the Entertainment book I believe…
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Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

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Monday, August 3rd, 2009

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Did you ever do something and were surprised with the outcome? For instance, when you scream at someone you don’t expect them to scream at you. And when you rob a bank you don’t expect to be caught. When you shoot someone you don’t expect to get caught too. And when you hang with a bad crowd you don’t expect to do anything bad. And when you kill someone you don’t expect to get the death sentence. Those are all extreme examples, but conclusions to actions are usually an after-thought of which apologizes may be a follow-up band-aid.

I did think when I ran real fast one day I thought I could go back in time to the day before. I saw it in a cartoon and thought it would work. My expectations were proven faulty. And once I thought about floating real hard to the point I thought I’d float. I also played the lottery figuring I would win. I prayed real hard to increase my chances, but I’ve now come to the conclusion that there isn’t a department in heaven that answers lottery prayers. I still pray though, but it’s for other things like praying that the runny ooze won’t come out of ketchup bottles before the real ketchup comes out.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I always get the shopping cart with the produces a loud, ear-drum piercing screech. As I was trolling around the store with it I noticed a lady cover up her ears as I went by. I just know one of these days the high frequency noise from the cart everything in the store will crack and dogs will come streaming into the store. Ears will bleed and car alarms will go off. It’s embarrassing. I usually just leave my cart in one place and then walk around the store to get what I need. If I exchange carts I’ll just get another noisy cart – the only difference will be that the screeches will be in D minor instead of E sharp. I try tilting the cart or lifting it up to see if I can keep the cart from emitting the high-pitched decibels.

Seems like the CVS carts are the worst. I usually skip when I go through the store, so the sound is like a rhythmic pulse. With the unique beat I’ve seen people dance to the shrieks of the cart. I think some people have hooked up that way. They find a partner to dance with and a marriage proposal soon follows. So maybe I should just deal with the noise.

Speaking of marriage, the number one reason people get divorced is because of money. With the increasing unemployment rate, skyrocketing foreclosures, and other money woes, the financial stress levels in marriages are surely on the upswing. Some spouses don’t even reveal their “hidden” debt and spending. Spouses can sense it and then trust issues become evident. Honesty is the best policy and working as a team will help solve some of these issues. Screaming at each other about it and fighting will be great for a reality show, but not for the kids or neighbors or each other. Talking about it over the phone at work can be uncomfortable too. Getting calls from debt collectors ain’t fun either.

Make the inevitable cutbacks and that should help with getting some footing in the relationship. Making tough decisions such as selling the high priced house and then down-sizing should always be on the table as an option. First to get cut should be habits or hobbies that are costly…the nonessentials. And once you get on good financial ground don’t let up on the savings. The time to save is during good times so that when bad times hit you will have a cushion. So using a Flowbee to cut your hair, using a squeaky cart to get deals at local stores, and pan-frying roadkill don’t sound all that bad and may save a marriage!
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